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Hi there,   Somehow I can't PM you but I'm interested in that faux fur DB Irish tweed topcoat you have listed. Could you send me a PM and maybe I'll have better luck being able to respond? Thanks a lot.
2 items for the experts on here:   1) Burberry London Herringbone Wool Topcoat - can't find an example of a single breasted 3 button Burberry London topcoat anywhere, so was just wondering           2) Giorgio Armani Le Collezioni 100% Wool Topcoat - can't find anything similar to this one either, but I am assuming this one is pretty old if real       Thanks in advance.
even though no one responded, i guess i'll just update if anyone else is looking to find saphir products online. i ended up ordering from this site and there were no problems at all. got a few other items as well (NATO band and a kent comb) aside from the renovateur.
  fyi for the chicago people
i believe their pants can be taken out an inch. don't know if that is enough for your situation. on a separate note, pants always need to be tailored in some aspect when you buy a suit.
i can't find any info for this coat anywhere. anyone know more about it? it doesn't look like anything schott nyc has out currently, but i like it, and for <$150 right now... seems like a steal.
thanks for posting this. i've been looking for an excuse to buy the pensive flute ps.
OP did you not read anything from the forum or do a quick google search before posting? throwing out the most obvious suggestion - suitsupply (outlet <$300, regular store ~$500 for a suit)
Anyone ever use this site? I can't find any info on it here, through google, or on askandy. But they stock Saphir Renovateur with free to little shipping cost. The owner of the site posts on here, but not actively it seems.
quick question i couldn't find an answer to on here or through google - anyone know either a cobbler or brick and mortar store in chicago that sells saphir renovateur?
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