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Selling an almost never worn SuitSupply yellow/khaki-color double-breasted peak lapel unlined jacket. $60 or best offer + basic shipping costs. Will only ship within US. Normal SF rules, i.e., no returns. Paypal payment.   This is 100% Pure Cotton and a EUR size 44 / UK size 35 (per tag). Patch pockets. Not otherwise tailored at all. Please see pictures below.   Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
[CORRECTION ON MATERIAL BELOW -- WOOL AND KID MOHAIR BLEND; THICK AS THIEVES SITE NOT CLEAR ON % AND SUIT HAS NO TAG INSIDE]   Selling a lightly worn light gray two-button suit MTM by Thick As Thieves! Great quality suitmaker. When my local tailor did a couple of tweaks on it, he commented on the high quality of the craftsmanship, particularly for the price (I got it for $480). It is full canvas and summer weight wool. Will ship within US and shipping is included in...
Responded in PM. Thanks!
Responded to PM :)
[NOTE: ONLY LIGHT BLUE LINEN MAX JACKET LEFT UNSOLD]   Selling two lightly worn light blue (part linen mix) and navy (actually never wore the navy) peak lapel MTM sport coats. $100/ea or best offer + basic shipping costs. Will only ship within US. Normal SF rules, i.e., no returns. Paypal payment.   My body requires the unicorn size of 36S suits/sport coats, so my measurements on these MTMs will generally match up to 36S. I am on the slimmer side. For example, Brooks...
Could not find this easily in search function, probably due to the term being more of a free-floating one, but lately I've seen some people talk about "hybrid" half-canvassed suits and how they are bad as they involve fusing still, unlike x other type of half canvas which is free floating?   Not sure if I am even using all the correct terms here. I generally get what a fused suit is and what a fully canvassed one is, and up until recently, thought I knew what a...
Price quote please for a Strand in their Merlot/burgundy color in 7E or 7.5D (either is fine). Thanks!
Hello all,   Asking the collective knowledge of SF -- any idea where I can get a good pair of oxford dress shoes that are an oxblood or burgundy-like color?   Was thinking of purchasing new, and always keeping my eyes open to the SF marketplace (for those size 7.5 US! haha), but was wondering if there is a good option out there that I should look at?   Hoping to spend <$300. Thanks!
I recently had two MTM suits made for me and just started wearing one. Noticed something that is quite odd, and to showcase my lack of sartorial knowledge, I have no idea if the suit is messed up or if I have just never experienced this before! So looking toward SF for guidance.   All my belt loops are there except the "last" one, near the zipper on the right side. There's just not one there. There is instead a loop UNDER the part above my zipper where I button the...
Not the exact same model, but looks very similar. For reference:   http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/hickey-freeman-navy-wool-blazer/3093119   Mine is a Lindsey, so half canvassed. The above linked one probably is as well (at that retail $795 price).
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