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Hi all,   Does anyone know anything about the Workshop line? If I recall correctly, it was Yohji's very first line, even before Y's - although I cannot find any information to support this. But for some reason I have a memory of reading this somewhere.   I've seen 2 different types of tags, 1 being "W O R K S H O P" in plain text and the other being this one :     + From a while ago :     I've become interested in many other designers in the last few years...
Re: Fashion Channel Youtube becoming unavailable, it's happened before for a couple weeks or so until it went back up again.   Good news is that they have a dailymotion channel with all the same videos :
 Where did you find these? Funny pic of serious cat pinned to the wall in last pic lol
Have some Y's For Men pieces up for grabs, wardrobe organization for the upcoming seasons.   - 2 Button Wool suit jacket     - Cotton Work Jacket     - Wool Coat     More photos (including fit pics) & detailed sizing info on my grailed page :   Have a nice day all
 Lovely collection, great to see that Yohji's still got it after all these years. It's felt like there has been a bit of a deviation (in the purest sense of the word, not to imply a turn for the worse) in his menswear post - bankrupcy, starting around the 2012 seasons, and while I have thoroughly enjoyed this new chapter of his work I missed his older (early - mid 2000s) collections and FW15 has gone back to revisit that feeling / look while still keeping it new and...
SS15 Preorders up on Antonioli
  SS14 Wide sleeve jacket, Paul Harnden Shirt, Y's For Men Red Label pants. More or less my uniform for the past few months.   Seems like it's slowed down a bit lately around here. SS15 Womens is in about 8 and a half hours, very excited for it and the discussion here that will follow :)
I went to see the exhibition on my second last day in Tokyo but the installations were scattered among many floors across 2 buildings and I didn't even know there was a mens section :(   Saw Mr. Sasada and he showed me the new canvas tote with his illustrations of the runway looks on it
SS14 Clearance sales started in Japan for all stores (Thank you shah for the tip), really weird timing since AW14 started a week before and now all the stock is replaced by SS14 again with the exception of a rack or two of AW14 basics.   Went to the Aoyama flagship, Isetan Men's, and Marui Men's department stores. Lots and lots of goods left all at great prices (30 - 40%) off but didn't find anything I really really liked other than a 3 button jacket at Marui today that...
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