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Last week were the trade fairs for denims available in Spring/Summer 2016, hopefully I might need jeans by then, but as I've got so many ive just noted the dates for the trade fair for Autumn/Winter 2016/17 denim as eventually I'll need new jeans 🐱🐱🐱
As usual, all 3 sixteen products gorgeousI've got 3 pairs of their jeans, hope they expand their women's wear in the future
They just upped they're prices because they're so fashionable.I used to be a fan, but I've only got one pair left, the others wore into holes in under a year..
Don't worry, the Selvedge line won't be affected🐱
Just having a quiet Sunday at home, so just wearing Thomas Pink pink end on end shirt (have 4 identical which I bought on sale, will wear until they drop, then replace some and add some of my others into my rotation Kurabo bespoke 21oz jeans - these will outlive me(!), I'll never wear through 19 pairs of jeans! Fitflops super navy house shoes as I'm in and out of bed, due to being ill, just up for meals and meds, but love to be dressed anyway!
Planning on getting my gorgeous sunflower yellow diamond ring made smaller and the platinum shank thicker, so that it really becomes an heirloom piece. I've got the option of trading it in towards a bigger stone, much clearer than mine, but the imperfections of my one give it such character that I'll have to see the bigger one in person, not just on my iPad, to convince me to upgrade, and I'd only do that if I really preferred the bigger yellow diamond. Once I get back...
Might sell the Burberry coat, because its a mix of cashmere and wool, and I've got an allergy to woolIf so, either I'll buy a new coat, or I'll have the bespoke cashmere lined Japanese Calf trenchcoat which I bought in 2008 tailored to fit better
The only clothes I bought in October 2014 was a pair of snow bleached jeans on sale!Not badIn December I've got my Lobb boots to pay the balance on, but not planning to buy anything else, as XMAS shopping is done and wrapped!🐱
Just bear in mind that TMLewin shirts shrink! I've been wearing them since 1998, and the quality has dropped considerably- I bought Thomas Pink shirts on sale for the same price (£79 reduced to £29 p,us free postage), and they can be worn to death...
Not buying any more shirts this year with my collection of 15 shirts When my 4 Thomas pink shirts wear out, I'm hoping to replace them with better quality/fit shirts, maybe bespoke. My boyfriend might buy me a shirt for Christmas, but as he's offered to pay a bit towards my Lobb boots, it's pretty unlikely.
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