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Slightly altered already:Shirts - depends on what's on offer- either 4 bespoke or none if I can't afford themJacket - May delay until 2016 as very expensiveJeans - depends on my willpower!!!!!Boots - custom navy Madeira calf - alligator were crazy price - have put down deposit already!Yellow diamond ring - hopefully to be paid off this September, then no more jewelleryGet credit cards down so that I stop wasting all of my money on interest!!
Nearly ready for next closet pic! 2 pairs of jeans being shipped at the end of next week.. 1 empty hanger - boyfriend offered me shorts but my legs are too thin so trying to persuade him to buy jeans instead:-) But not hopeful - he likes the shorts... When all received will post closet pic:)
Goergeous!Are they arctic wash or white/black SelvedgeI wish they did those in small girls sizes...Not that I'm exactly short of jeans!!!
10 and 11 being shipped at the end of next week12 depends on how stupid boyfriend is as I'd like another pair of jeans....a couple actually!:)or even 3!
Same as yesterday.. Thomas Pink shirt 3x1 Biker jeans
Great news- pairs no10 and 11 being shipped at the end of next week! Last pair depends on whether my boyfriend buys me Hotpants or jeans! Collection nearly complete!
ThnxDenim and boots - a marriage made in heaven,
Hahahahaha!!!Is your avatar your own cat?Here are mine:
Wow, great collectionIf I wasn't a denimaholic I could have more boots too, but I don't go out everyday and I DO wear jeans everyday!
Yes, some of my oldest blue shirts wore out, and Thomas Pink had one single model of ladies' shirt they were low on stock on, reduced from £79 to £29, with free next day postage (worth £6) if you spent over £100!So I bought 4 identical shirts for £116!!!(worth £346!)So I'll just wear them until they drop - helps justify the next bespoke ones I'm planning for next year!
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