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If you want bespoke go to Savile Row or St James'
I'm sorry you have a headacheRetail therapy cures a lot of thingsBut love cures everythingI hope you feel better soon🐱
Lucky you, finding an inexpensive alternative that you're happy withPersonally I prefer unique bespoke Japanese Selvedge jeansLuckily I have enough not to need any for a very long time!💝💝💝
I've been in and out of hospital emergency intensive care for the last 4-5 weeksJust started posting again💝
Carbs=energy and Im hypoglycaemicCheese=calcium and I've got severe osteoporosisBasil- adds taste, probably good for you tooTomatoes- anti canceregenic🐱🐱🐱I'm allergic to oil so no olive oil despite my high cholesterol treated by statinsTastes nicer than plain jacket potato (allergic to butter), with cottage cheeseMelon to start, blueberry Greek yogurt and espresso afterwards💝
I meant real Neopolitan wood oven pizza, with just fresh tomato, buffalo mozzarella and basilNot New York style junk food pizza🐱
None at all🐱
GL0007 the skinny onesI'm about a size 21"!My size 22" bespoke 3x1 jeans fit like this now!
Hopefully boots ready soon - going to wear ski thermals and leave cashmere sweaters unti next year🐱💝
+1Wish Momos fitted me - even their 24" is huge on meMy bespoke maker did get some Japan Blue awesome 20oz Selvedge deep blue denim, but another junior tailor messed up the pattern and I had to donate the half made jeans to the Jeansmuseum in Zurich.I'd paid for the denim (a lot of £££), but was never compensated 😭Wish they could get some more, might try again next year..🐱
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