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They're not sagging, they're not meant to be tight!
Then just buy whichever you prefer..I'm only telling you which are the most flattering..
They're too small and not flattering..They're not meant to be worn tight...
Barbour 36 are a great cut on you - I'd stock up on them if I were you:)511 in 36 is good too!
No, mine are by Fred, rimless, platinum plated with a rosé cut diamond at each temple!That pair would be too big on me!!!
You just got another compliment - they look great on you, and wearing really well!Not surprised you got compliments on those babies!
Really sorry, but I can't help you with this one - hopefully somebody with experience will pick up the reins and give you the right advice..What about your proposed PBJ 005s!?
Looking great - keep taking regular pics - it's a great reminder of their evolution.Look in great condition for 3yrs+ - should last a while yet!Enjoy your evolution process!!
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