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Shut up or I'll report your rudeness to the mods
Think I have need for more things than bespoke shirtsSo staying at 15 until I actually wear some out!!🐱
I've just got to pay for the bespoke jeans I ordered at the beginning of October, and the balance of the Lobb boots I ordered a few months agoWishlist for next year, but probably won't buy any of it, except the boots🐱
They're just for caual wear, not dates with my boyfriend !I hate them, they're just cheap and practical..
When they're done I'll post picsYes, they're bespoke!🐱
[[SPOILER]]My Grail pai have been designed and a toile cut in Savile Row, but I've been too busy buying other things to pay for them to make it!!🐱
Tracking shows they'll arrive next Monday, before my bespoke 3x1 sz 22 1/2" waist pair will have even left the U.S.!🐱
Why don't you invest in a Japanese pair - they'll last much much longer!🐱
5 sweaters in total2 navy cashmere that I don't wear because of my Siamese cats and their fur (last winter I just wore 2/3 ski thermal vests under my shirts as I'm so thin I feel the cold3 from my late Aunts wardrobe (Pringles- unworn) which are like tents on me so I'm just wearing them rather than them go to charity like the rest of her ginormous collection of clothesNo plans to ever buy any more!πŸ±πŸ’
3x1 bespoke jeans Bespoke high count double cuff dress shirts Whichever coat/jacket fits the season Gaziano and Girling or John Lobb of St James bespoke boots/shoes Silk underwear Leather biker I've designed myself to be made by Huntsman or Gieves and Hawkes when I've saved the money Hawick navy cashmere v neck sweaters I do own other brands but these are the indispensable onesπŸ’
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