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You've actually got a Really nice collection!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
Decided on one last pair... Haven't decided which yet Then I'll lock up my credit cards!!! But I'll have 17 pairs!!! And I'll do a line up, in chronological orderπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
Apple Store was useless- still can't upload photos...Rag and Bone White Acid skinny jeans arrivedHorrible underwear from boyfriendDecided to wear Levis parka for another seasonWaiting for 2 pairs of jeans(boyfriend ordered me a pair of Earnest Sewn jeans today, plus my pair from 3x1)Hope upgrade to software means I'll be able to post pics v soonπŸ˜€
Now pair no.16 ordered by boyfriend- Earnest Sewn mid blue denim, to make up after another "break up"(lasted 2 days!!!)😍😍😍So now expecting 2 pairs, then no more clothes shopping...
You need to post this in the Marketplace!πŸ˜€
Hey that looks nice!Well kopped!!Denim rules okStill waiting for my 15th pair to arriveπŸ˜„
Look terrific!πŸ˜€
Boyfriend dumped and so no new parka 😭😭😭So oldest piece is my old Levi's parka stillπŸ˜₯
Love the sound of the McCoys (love Japanese denim!)Waxed denim sounds cool as well!I guess you're set for quite a while!Levis US are much better quality than the European ones, and my mom has Levis from both America and Canada that seem to live forever!!!My biker jeans are in the wash so currently in PBJ purple face skinnies πŸ˜€
Pair no 14 arrived:Rag and Bone 10oz Japanese denim Acid White skinniesJust one more pair to arrive!
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