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I've been wearing TMLewin shirts since 1998....since the MBO in 2003,the prices have dropped dramatically, but the quality has too. I've got 4 in my current shirt collection, but they shrink, unlike Charles Tyrwhitt shirts at the same price point..
Now up to 43 pieces, and promised a shopping trip next week when my boyfriend gets paid!!! Hoping for a new parka, as my old one was bought in 1998, it's the oldest piece of clothing I own, and I'd like to update it...my next oldest piece is from 2008, so hopefully I'll be able to update my wardrobe.. Currently 8 assorted coats and jackets 5 navy jumpers 15 shirts 15 pairs of jeans:D
Are the MTO Crocketts better than the RTW??? I had a pair of monk shoes back in 2008, but they were never comfortable and ended up sadly going to charity... I love their styles and wonder if it's worth going MTO...
Hope that means that you like it!!!
Good question - I'll ask them at Lobb..But it's a gorgeous rich navy leather and will make a nice change from my mid box black calf pair, although I'm wearing my Gaziano and Girling brogues a lot these days - Tony Gaziano used to work for Lobb in St James..I do have a swatch of the leather..I'll dig it out and photograph it for youAlso need to find out when they'll be ready so that I haven't blown all of my money on clothes!!
Beltrami for leather - I bought a coat and shoes there - amazing quality!Branches in both cities - Rome branch in Via Condotti is one of my all time favourite stores!
Thomas Pink pink end on end shirt 3x1 Biker jeans in Wooster
Gorgeous - lucky you!!!
Finally my Black Oxford Brogues (MTO) have broken and are comfortable!!! Hopefully these babies will last for years to come (bought back in 2009)
Feeling the urge for new shirts, but although I've bought the ring I still have my bespoke Lobb boots to pay for, and I've also bought a lot of jeans recently...so shirts stay at 15 ATM...
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