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Ok not as bad as I thought!But still some wear showing through...
Ill with flu, laryngitis, lost voice completely (v painful throat) So wearing same as yesterday TMLewin blue pinstripe shirt and Hot Diamond cufflinks J Brand Deep Purple skinny jeans (hate these, will be glad when they're worn out - my first and last J Brands..don't know what the fuss about them is!) Don't know if going out - suspect not...
Now I have flu, laryngitis and no voice so might as well wear the same outfit again!
Threatened to throw away denim Hotpants on arrival!Suddenly promised jeans next week, haha!Followed by jeans ban!
The worst are my Deep Purple J Brands So stretchy they need washing after each wear I only wear them when I don't feel well and am at home for the day!
Good luck selling them with a worn out crotch!
I think it's part of the design:)
Hey Snoopy, they're really nice jeans!!!Which wash did you buy?How many pairs are you up to now?We should start a competition!
I used to wear Charvet bespoke when I lived in Paris - beautiful shirts but painful prices, compared to Italy, though on a par with Savile RowHaven't decided where to have next years shirts made - possibly try Richard Anderson now that Peter Smith is there:)
Now wearing my Gaziano and Girling MTM Oxford Brogues everyday, but they're nowhere near as comfortable as my Lobb of St James black mid box boots, think if I buy more G and G I'll have to go fully bespoke:)
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