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Levi's great parka with hooded Padded so for chilly days but not a winter coat. Fully water resistant and with a hood and phone pocket Fits small woman(8-10 UK/4-6US) Girl age 14-16 Open to offered In immaculate condition- even have the original Levi's tag!! Great Christmas presntπŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„
Great for a Christmas present for Girlfriend, Mother or Wife Classic navy blue unworn cashmere and wool long coat. Any questions pls pm me!! Thanks Hirsh
Gorgeous jacket!If it wasn't for the fact I'm paying both my credit cards and a gold watch on account, I'd be very tempted to buy it(not that I'm short of a bespoke biker, I've got 2 black and 2 blue), so I guess I don't actually need it anyway🐱
Flat Head have awesome unique fades to their jeans - if only the Flat Head Balder went down to a 22" waist!!πŸ˜“
Why don't you email them and ask?I've had 2 pairs of Timberlands, one honey Colored, one indigo nubuck bespoke, both sadly worn out, but I'm past my rambling days now!!!🐱
When my 3x1 jeans wear out, I'll do a pic of the remaining 18, to show the variety in my collection πŸ±πŸ’
Don't worry, I'm not quite as skinny as when that pic wS taken, after grieving from losing my only Aunt to brain cancer.I'm back to my regular 84 pounds now!😊🐱And look forward to wearing out my PBJ jeans which are now at the 2 year mark and the fades are great, just the zip broke - why can't they put button flies on girl's jeans???The jeans are so worn it's not worth replacing them, but I wear my shirt over the fly so it doesn't matter 🐱
I've designed my Grail jeans, in case I ever need new jeans again, and they're def over 21oz, probably 23/25oz. All I need is to keep saving whilst I wear out my 19 pairs and get the nearest equivalent made as the design is so complicated that it's nearly impossible to make, unless you're a billionaire who can commission anything!!! Luckily I've got jeans for years to come!!
Elephant 3s are nice jeans, but none of the N and F jeans have great durability so it's not the end of the world!I had 3 pairs of N and F, all bought in 2013, only one pair left!
When my 3x1 Selvedge jeans wear out, I might wear my 3sixteen+ Pima cotton jeans- I can't wait to see how they fade in reverse!!😊😊🐱
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