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The cotton on the 'seconds' stuff is really soft and comfortable. Definitely, better than AA.
He'll either love it or hate it. Most people fall in the latter category and just suffer through their year in Korea. Like the other posters have mentioned, he should expect a heavy work load. The jobs people get in their first year in Korea tend to be horrible places.
What's the status on the duffle? Is it available yet?
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus Should cut a special deal for people living in Korea Everyone in Seoul should band together for a group discount. Also, glad it's finally cool enough here to start wearing jackets.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nosu3 That looks knitastic, what is the brand? The brand is 830 Sign. There's a bit about them on Selectism right now. Anyone know any online shops that carry this brand?
Quote: Originally Posted by ppllzz balmain copy? http://www.barneys.com/Perfecto%20Mo...efault,pd.html No. They're the same as in they are both DRs. And Drew is definitely not out there to lift someone else's design.
Quote: Originally Posted by auc2mic I size up one for achilles... 41 in DB, 42 in achilles That's how I am leaning. But the desert boots are quite long (almost half size too long) but fit well otherwise. If I size up in the Achilles will they be similar in length or outrageously long?
Anyone know how the desert boots compare to the achilles? I wear a 43 in the desert boots and am wondering if I should stick to the same size for the achilles? Thanks
I'm wondering about daehagno too. I live about five minutes from there and have never seen any interesting men's clothing shops there. I've seen the salvation army shop plenty of times and it is really tiny. From the street it has never seemed interesting enough to go into. The racks and bins they have outside on the street are always filled with junk.
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus I need to find a website with decent sunglasses under $100 that ships to Korea. I lost my aviators and can't find much in Korea. Raybans are like $250 here (fuck that). Oi Polloi has a few for about 150 with shipping. Not too bad considering. I've ordered from them before and it was pretty fast. About a week from Manchester to Seoul.
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