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Anne Wigmore seems to prefer pussy over doodles.
Quote: ...How often have you seen someone really pale and though, "Wow. They look GREAT.."? Women like that are almost a fetish of mine. Besides the aforementioned Dita, there's Sherilyn Fenn. When her Playboy issue came out many years ago, I went out and bought two copies: one for show and one for blow. Or something like that. Then there's Uma Thurman. She's pale, isn't she? I've been lusting after, eh, tracking her since Dangerous Liaisons. Come...
Quote: If you read carefully you'll find that I've made exactly that point, repeatedly. My initial response to this deleted. Edited to add: I think I see what happened. When I said "your complaints about his dress", I didn't intend to refer to you, as I never even read your previous post, but rather to "you all" out there reading this thread who are complaining about Kutchner's dress. I was responding to the initial post of this thread.
I think part of the reason that buyer ID's are private in these questionable auctions is so that other people cannot send e-mail to warn the buyer.
I can't stand the way Ashton Kutcher dresses but I think his outlandish style is significantly responsible for the career success he has had. Just as dressing conservatively is usually a wise way to dress for the business world, dressing to grab attention is often wise for a man in show business. Despite your complaints about his dress, he's laughing all the way to the bank.
Manton, I've read the posts here and on that "other forum". I've also given this some thought. I think if you stick to either of those titles that you're restricting yourself. It's not only going to cost you money but it's going to cost you the audience you'd have if you picked a different title. Many people will attach negative connotations to "The Dandy" while "Art of Dress" won't communicate that the book is about dressing the man. I think you'll need to "sell out" a...
Rather than changing your wardrobe, my suggestion is to start talking to yourself. Have an argument. You need to behave like a psycho. Why spend money when you can freak people out merely by your behavior?
Quote: What is involved, and what should I expect to pay? I think every RTW jacket I've ever purchased has required some narrowing. I can't really say what this would cost alone because I usually get my sleeves shortened with functional buttonholes and some collar work done.
Staring at that Anne Wigmore avatar long enough could make any guy start thinking about penises.
Quote: Because you are boring so i know you will reply
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