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Speaking of decanting older wine.. what are people's generally opinions? How long would you decant say, a 10 year, 15 year, etc. old bottle?  I will usually decant a 10 yr old bottle of Brunello, Right-bank Bord., Barolo, etc. for about 2-3 hours   I've read some critics say to decant older wines for many hours (3+) to really open their true expression after being stored in a bottle for so long, while some say decant them less to retain the fruit...    Perhaps it's...
My dad uses an aerator quite often with the less expensive wine... I don't find that it makes a huge difference and replacing a decanter for an aerator- you definitely don't receive the same benefits that the decanter would have produced. I personally don't think aerators are necessary.
Lagavulin DE is my favourite scotch by far. Oogie is gaining though.
I've never had HP18 but I love the 12's complete balance, for me, of honey sweetness, peat, spice and slight salty/seaweed quality.   Haven't had older Obans either but I've been itching to try Talisker Distiller's Edition. Love the 10 but would love to see what the extra cask does to the flavour and nose.
SG- I'm a huge fan of HP12 so I will definitely get a bottle of A'Bunadh. Best part is, HP12 is one of the least expensive scotch offered by the LCBO
Let me know what you think of the A'Bunadh... tempted to buy it at the LCBO but I think it may be a bit niche for me right now.
Yes to your thought, though personally I would tend not to drink Barolo so young. I would go with Cannubi as it is generally regarded as the better cru than Sarmassa, however the producer is an excellent one, so you're probably safe with either. I do know that 2008 is quite a good vintage... haven't read much on 2010 Barolo yet.
Just picked up a bottle of:   Louis Brochet-Hervieux Premier Cru 1999 Champagne   and   x2 Loacker Corte Pavone Brunello di Mont. 2008 x2 La Mannella Brunello di Mont. 2008
Where did you find the Clement rum? is it the Schrubb Orange?
Had the following last night with Bison Tenderloin, Sauteed Green Chard and Celery Root & Potato Puree w/ Black Truffles The picture isn't great quality so they are:   2006 Baron-Fuenté Grand Millésime Brut Champagne 2004 Chateau de Barbe Blanche (Saint Emilion, Bord.) 2011 Rocca di Castagnoli Chianti Classico   Not in picture, but also drunk was: 2014 Joseph Drouhin Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau Primeur Knob Creek Small Batch 9 YO
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