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I've had Mac 10 yr fine oak, 15 and the 18... none are hugely popular with me In Toronto, the 18 used to run about $180, which dissuaded me from purchasing a bottle ever more.   Quite a few months ago, I went to a tasting of their new Gold//Sienna/Amber/Ruby line. Nothing really excited me... maybe the Sienna, but again, not willing to pay $175 for it. I will not be buying Macallan for a while yet.
Pio, I don't drink much CA red at all really, but why night venture to Brunello or Bordeaux? What do you think of the '09 & '10 Bordeaux options? I've been lucky to find excellent wines and value at various price points.
I'm interested in buying some recent vintage Odero. What do people think of it these days?
I'm not sure about the 03 vintage in CdP but that sounds like an excellent price for Vieux
I generally use WS for reading up on vintages. They go back to about 2005/6 from what I can find. They include comments on the vintages from local producers so you possibly get a more rounded picture?   Ex. California 2012 vintage (details for other countries/regions can be found under 'Harvest 2012') http://www.winespectator.com/webfeature/show/id/47632
PM'd you- thanks!
I believe LCBO does sometimes have some interesting stuff (especially through Vintages) but its often madly expensive. I find any Scotch they sell that's older than 15 years is far too expensive. I could be wrong... perhaps they're equally as expensive in the US, but I doubt it.
I'm in Ontario as well... doesn't appear to be much selection of OP at LCBO eitherDo you ever buy scotch from anywhere other than the LCBO?
Has anyone tried Old Pulteney? I read a comment of it by Michael Jackson saying that it is a famously salty malt, and am therefore interested in buying it. Can anyone compare it to another scotch in terms of the salty character... Lag? Talisker? Thanks
Mint Julep, without the proper cup- feeling terribly sacrilegious 
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