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I would switch #1 with #2 but looks good otherwise.
All riesling styles can age very well, so I've read.  I believe drier rieslings tend to take on more of the minerality and petrol notes as they age.
Really like the rollover lapel... not very common, but a great look when done properly.
Tonight:   Whisky Sour-   Maker's Mark  Lime Juice Lime Zest Agave Syrup Oregano leaves   & an Old Fashioned
Just go cuff yourself.
Nice- thanks for the tip.
 denning, where did you buy this coupe glass- as well as your other (crystal?) rocks glasses from?
I'm not entirely sure on this matter, however some Canadian provinces operate with monopolies (ex. Ontario is LCBO and Quebec is SAQ). I'm not sure which province you're closest to (BC?) but you may want to investigate the liquor laws in whichever province you're looking to buy from. For instance, I don't think LCBO in Ontario ships to individual addresses, let alone the States. Could be different in B.C. though.Hope that helps.
I've read some good reviews of '09 and '10... don't seem to be quite at the level of the '07s, but that vintage is harder for me to find/buy. I'm stocking up on '10s right now. Regarding mid- to upper range CdP, I find there are few other regions in terms of value, that can match.
Had a bottle of 2011 Cesare Barbera d'Alba and 2005 Chateau Plaisance Cuvee Alix.   The Pio was probably not a typical Barbera, it was much bolder in both fruit and body. The bordeaux was really enjoyable, showing some age but still freshness and texture. Would definitely buy again at $26 (LCBO).
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