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Laphroaig Quarter Cask is awesome, also try Oban 14, DE and Talisker DE
I really hope they aren't going to phase out the 10; I love that scotch.
I've had a few Malbec's from Mendoza, and every time I've tasted them blind I've been a) thorough impressed and b) surprised that they were Malbec! I've had some with 8-10 years of age on them and they were absolutely delicious; others were younger and still really complex and drinkable.   Will definitely be exploring these wines more.
Had no idea I subscribed to a semantics debate thread.
I'm a huge fan of SuitSuply for their suits in terms of style, although i don't love the quality of manufacturing. Having said that, i continue to buy suits from them because the style is unmatched elsewhere at that price point. I've never tried the shoes, but I'm comfortable spending $400-700 on shoes, so I don't think I'll go down the quality spectrum and buy their footwear. I also really like the SuitSupply shirts- reasonable quality at that price point, loads of...
Aah what the hell...   All cognacs are brandy, not all brandies are cognac. All Champagnes (Cavas) are sparkling wine, not all sparkling wine is Champagne (Cava). 
Does anyone in this thread have experience with Loding shoes?
When I was in the Woolrirdge store I asked if he knew of anyone who did resoling and he said he's got a guy that charges round $150 (if I'm not mistaken).
Deeelish. Nice everyday bottle, especially during the hot Toronto summer; there's a nice lightness to it.     Just bought a couple bottles of this. I'll let one age for a few more years; I tend to really like good Chianti that's aged for 5-10 years. I find the wine becomes nicely rounded and integrated, while still being fresh and lively.
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