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Had the following tonight w/ Beef Wellington, carrot and parsnip puree & roasted brussel sprouts w/ pancetta. Pardon the poor picture. The wine was delicious. Loads of cherry and blackberry with a touch of smoke, spice and graphite. Great balance of acidity and tannins, though the wine would definitely have benefited from another 3-5 years. 80% granache, 10% syrah, 10% mourvedre.
I hosted a house warming party recently, and was lucky enough to be gifted a bottle of The Balvenie 12 year old single barrel.  It was my first time trying this Balvenie (I have a bottle of the Doublewood), and i have to say, it's fantastic scotch.   I like it more than the Doublewood, as I find it more complex. I got creme caramel, custard, banana, raisin, cherry, tobacco... Reading that now, maybe I drank too much of it....?   Anyways, love the scotch and would...
Thanks for the tip- I'll take you up on it.Citadelle is $35 here vs Botanist is $50. Recently went out for dinner and asked for a Hendrick's martini with a touch of Lillet Blanc. One of the best martinis I've had. It was so smooth and delicious.
Much appreciated! I've only ever had Hendrick's, so i will give the Botanist a go.
I like Gin Mare but only occasionally. I suppose I need to spend more time finding a cocktail that works well with its distinctive flavours.    Can someone compare the Botanist to Hendricks?
Visited family in Southern Illinois over the Canadian thanksgiving weekend, and had some great bourbon. My brother-in-law is seriously into the stuff, so we went to a whiskey bar and sampled some of their offerings.   By far the stand-out of the night was the William Larue Weller 2014 Buffalo Trace Antique Collection. Certainly one of the best spirits I've ever had. Being relative new to bourbon whisky, I had no idea of the rarity of the bottle, but enjoyed it all the...
Had this last night. Very nice wine for the price ($25ish). Medium bodied and still had good red fruit, but showing some more developed flavours. Acidity was there, but the tannins were starting to go. This was the right time to drink it.
Drank a bottle tonight. Everything is really well integrated. Dark berries and dried red fruit on the nose and palate... A bit of tar/graphite too? Really enjoyable to drink now with red meat, but i still say it has 2-4 years to go. Wish i bought more.
I have to agree. If it were my choice, I would have let this one go longer.
It truly is excellent stuff. Maybe somewhere here can tell me what the difference is between that and the famed "Pappy van Winkle"....?
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