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Does anyone in this thread have experience with Loding shoes?
When I was in the Woolrirdge store I asked if he knew of anyone who did resoling and he said he's got a guy that charges round $150 (if I'm not mistaken).
Deeelish. Nice everyday bottle, especially during the hot Toronto summer; there's a nice lightness to it.     Just bought a couple bottles of this. I'll let one age for a few more years; I tend to really like good Chianti that's aged for 5-10 years. I find the wine becomes nicely rounded and integrated, while still being fresh and lively.
Not sure if this has been discusses in the thread recently but what do people think of Woolridge Shoes in Commerce Court?  I recently stopped in- the owner seemed very nice and knowledgeable.
I just bought a pair from LeatherFoot... Black Double Monk Strap Inca... $400
You could try Kerby Allison's Hanger Project
Drank this bottle tonight with dinner... This is the first wine I've tried from this, apparently famous, Rhone-producer/consultant.  It's a 2012 vintage and extremely delicious (CAD$18). Bought this one today for CAD$19... I believe I've drank it before at my parents but can't quite remember.
LCBO Vintages had a sale of various Robert Mondavi Cab Sauv bottles. They had 1994 Napa Valley up for $73CAD... Unfortunately I missed out on this offering and am not happy about it! Will have to be quicker next time.
Bottle of Blanche de Chambly
Northern Harvest! What did you think?
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