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How has this been tasting the last couple times you tried it?I'm thinking of opening my bottle soon... What do you recommend in terms of time spent decanting?
The government is just killing us- such a shame.
Went into Nordstrom today... Wasn't terribly impressed by the men's selection. Shoe section was overwhelmingly focused on street wear and the clothing lines didn't seem to be all that different to what we already had access to. I did go through the suit section though.   Thoughts?
Haven't seen many posts on Caol Ila or Glengoyne... Thoughts? I haven't tried either.
In London, I love:-The Coburg Bar at the Connaught Hotel (great ambience and cocktails, lovely old London hotel in Mayfair).-The Fumoir at Claridges (really cool decor... kind of 1920/30s modern decor, very intimate)
Thanks for the idea. I would have done that, only the wine has a lot of sediment in it so I'm going to strain through cheese cloth into a smaller decanter.
Let me know what you think of it!I agree but I believe the producer is mid-tier and "quirky" as the rep explained, so maybe there wine doesn't have the ability for longer aging.Anyways, only one way to find out.
I've picked this up at the US/Canada duty free border for $90 in the past. Something to look for if you're passing through Buffalo or Detroit.
 I bought a bottle of this at the LCBO this past weekend for $40.I don't have any experience with 10+ year old Bordeaux so I thought I should try it as it was reasonably priced.Chatted with the rep before buying and he advised that it was definitely passed the fresh fruit stage and into more tertiary dried fruit flavours and forest floor.He advised to decant no loner than 15 minutes, so I'm guessing that the wine is nearing its end. Anyways, looking forward to trying it...
Laphroaig Quarter Cask is awesome, also try Oban 14, DE and Talisker DE
New Posts  All Forums: