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Just checking in to see how everything has progressed. Apparently same shit. I can't get drew to answer any emails and there seems to be no end in sight.no answers no nothing, Drew doesn't seem to have a care in the world for the shit storm he's created.
not really
that's what it looks like. I haven't received any responses to the emails I've been sending him. No confirmations or anything.
A bunch of bullshit. Drew needs to stay on this, this is extreme negligence.
Drew. Please respond to your emails and give us an update!don't make everything get worse!
Drew. Please respond to emails. Make this a priority.
i have been trying to email you for an address update. How do I know you have received it and updated it?where's the confirmation?I have no idea if you've read it and made record or note of it.please respond to emails and you'll stop getting them and people trying to bump their's up. Nobody has a way to tell if you've read their email.
i agree.
I've emailed him twice about an address change and no response.once last week and once this week. If these jackets are received without any tracking system, how is he supposed to know which jacket goes to who and which already went out? Do you guys think he'll come through here to let us know what's going on?
ii paid using my debit/bank account. I doubt there's anything I can do, at least that's what I've been told.
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