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lol I have a cheapo pleather jacket that everybody swears is high class and feels nice. But i know the truth
i hope you know, you're doing some assumptions of your own....
it's the invisible jackets thread. The pace of people receiving jackets is terrible. My brother is a cop, I'm gonna just ask him if a police report is worth doing....
what did you do that hurt you to the point that you can't lift anything?
i have a long commute and work overtime very regularly,at least 1 16 hour shift every week.i average maybe 50-55hours a week.l. doing a decent 1hour or (45-50 minute if you're in a hurry) workout 3 days a week means there are more days you DON'T go, than days you do. Not that hard, shouldn't be for a 30 year old at least. What kind of lifestyle do you live and promote that doesn't even allow you 45 minutes every other day to devote to yourself and health?
Mmmm thanks but no, not really.and It doesn't take a godly effort
ii started when I was 16 and obviously lighter. I've maintained pretty much the same weight since 18. It's fluctuated a bit here and there but not by much and I've always gotten it down to where I've wanted it if I've gained a couple of fat lbs. Due to too much "partying". I would say my build would be similar to the P90X guy. Not really "buff" by any means or much of a bodybuilder physique but I'm happy with the results considering the little amount of effort it takes....
sure, just depends on what your goals are. If you're one of those people who thinks you have to make gains after gains and pack on bulk and muscle than by God, do it. It's not THAT hard, just need to make sure you have a spotter and eat properly and make a few visits to nutrishop for a couple things.But if you want to be muscular and just stay muscular and fit, that really isn't necessary, sure you'll plateau due to not taking in extra calories and not having a...
maybe you, but I'm 33 and have maintained the same weight and body since 17 years of age. You just got to maintain your workout regimen (just go to the gym maybe 3 or 4 times a week) and not go overboard on bad food. It's not THAT difficult.
What exactly is hypebeasty? Never heard of that?
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