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What exactly is hypebeasty? Never heard of that?
that's a definite possibility. I hope it ain't true
how do you lock it?
I just bookmarked it
jacket looks a bit too big but it sure beats waiting for never! Congratulations on finally receiving it, i hope production continues and that Drew updates the order of the list by order date
i erased the first part in case some idiot reads it and gets confused.The second part, well no sympathy from me he already got some of his money back and Drew holding on to it until it's cleared up doesn't affect anything. It's not like his jacket is going to clog up whatever production he has going. He probably wants to make sure he's not sending out free jackets is all.
Why do you think he should handle your situation faster than everybody else's? You at least got some of your money back, which already puts you ahead of almost everybody here.
just wondering, how did other people bump you back down? I see that a ton of them are in order by date and a ton of them towards the end are not. How do I move my order to where it belongs?
how did you go about doing that? I've emailed him about my address change a few times the last few months and haven't received any confirmation yet.
you should have sent your measurements a long ass time ago.just measure yourself or your best fitting jacket and call it a day.
New Posts  All Forums: