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I think the ones you guys are referring to as being veiny or grainy just look like stretch marks like on fat people or people that used to be fat or people that got fat too fast.i think SOME of it on the jacket looks good, gives it personality but too much of it makes it look like it was made from scraps.
I'm interested in this as well. Should be faster but who knows maybe there will be another quiet period. I sure hope not.
that's true, it's just going to make others hesitant to post pics of themselves. I think the pink shirt is what threw me off.Granted it would "look" better if he had a weakling model body I don't think it looks bad.
I thought it was a girl?
I see people passing here that ordered after the surge, receiving their jackets. So the surge might just aboutbedone by now. Drew said the orders dropped in numbers by a large margin after the surge. 1500 was just an arbitrary number and you know it, that's why you chose to focus on it. Again, hypothetically speaking, If there was a surge of 1500 jackets ordered in June and then only 5 a month after that, what makes you think the lead times for the following months...
is not that complicated. You can simplify the numbers to make it easier. Say there were 1500 jackets ordered during the june surge and then only 5 jackets a month after that. ... what the heck do you think is gonna happen now that they got the big June early July surge out the way? Relatively speaking, the following months orders should go much faster since there are much less to be made.And lead times a year ago weren't 50+weeks. Most people on this sight were...
there's already proof lead times have decreased before. Order density and volume decreased (per drew) after the initial "closing surge" so common sense says the people AFTER that will have SHORTER wait times.
this. How many months worth of jackets are ready to go?
that is just wrong on so many levels. For them to say 3 or 4 more weeks and then never to respond again is a slap in the face to the customer. To continue to accept orders with absolutely no idea when or if they'd ever be completed is concerning.
your post makes perfect sense.It's unsettling that they refuse to give us more accurate lead times. They know roughly how many orders they've had. They should know how many orders they've had each month and how long it ROUGHLY takes to get it done. The fact that they don't bother with any kind of statistics or empirical data is mind boggling and negligent towards their supporters.
New Posts  All Forums: