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They should make these jackets by the date you actually decide what you want than by when you paid.
you can, but I'd advise against it.
that is disheartening to hear. Modifying orders 70weeks old is yet another gut punch.
a little underestimated would be 24 weeks instead of 20 weeks. That would still be off by a whole month but I guess understandable.
I agree. Too over the top or flamboyant for my taste. Give me something timeless and classy instead.
that's hilarious
I ordered a moto 2011 at the beginning of November
they think we want random pictures of jackets when we really just want more specific information and updates
lmao does that dude wear a white t shirt everyday?
they shouldn't just be aware of the complaints, they should be aware of the mismanagement and working on getting these jackets out asap.
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