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i agree. Looks too big on chest area and midsection. I know you went with charly s recommendation, but u think maybe u gave him faulty info?
i agree. Maybe it's just his body structure the jacket looks small
it's a really bad sign. Especially since his last announcement was over two months ago promising that just about everything would be done by now. Everything is looking done, unfortunately in a totally different sense.
I wonder what he's going to come up with next
Looks like we're getting bamboozled!
it never this slow.
it really does look like he sent 2 of each Jacket style to try to make it look like a ton of jacket "batches"I wonder what's next. What's his excuse this time?
lmao, funniest thing I've read today.Has anybody received anything in the last couple days?
I just don't see how the owner of the company is unable to calculate on average how many jackets are being produced per week and compare that with the total jackets still left to at least give a decent idea of eta. Every day it isn't done is a day of dropping the ball. Charly has done his job, there's really nothing we can ask him though.
next month? What about this month?
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