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I ordered a moto 2011 at the beginning of November
they think we want random pictures of jackets when we really just want more specific information and updates
lmao does that dude wear a white t shirt everyday?
they shouldn't just be aware of the complaints, they should be aware of the mismanagement and working on getting these jackets out asap.
sleeves look too short by about an inch. Other wise it looks fine.
I hope it turns into a regular thing if true. Crank these things out and get it over with.
you said early August in an earlier post.Either way, two things: a year, a year + is unacceptable and it's been a month and a half since we've seen any action so that is worrisome.I don't think we're gonna get scammed at the end but the amount of time IS troubling to me.
maybe. I'm 5'8"and charly recommended 21"
sick fits marred by a shit back pack? That's one of the lamest things I've heard.
I'm just saying the smart thing to do would be to just measure and be done with it instead of sitting around wondering like an idiot if it's finally a good time to do it.
New Posts  All Forums: