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I'm hoping they have a ton more jackets going out. That picture of the jackets in bags really only looked like about a dozen jackets.
well. I hope most of the jackets are done and they're just shipping them out.
ii might be wrong but I've only seen July orders so far.I'm hoping that at the very least they ship out all the 2013 orders before 2014 is over.
i was hoping for more jackets than that. I really hope they get it together and really finish all our orders by next month.
for reals
I've emailed you a couple times, just wondering if can confirm receiving/updating my new address! Thanks
again, then apply your same logic to everyone else's posts. We're all calm,all we want is just for our orders to be finished and shipped.
language certainly doesn't sound like youre calm.
his last post did kinda sound like he was trying to buy time. I'd like to know what the delays are for, can't be the influx of orders because none are even done.i just want my jacket and know that it's getting done soon and end this mess.
hhmmm...well that does make sense. If people from July can still change their orders then what the hell are they going to ship out?how are they going to do most of orders this month all of a sudden? What was the holdup?
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