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I'll keep it simple. Traveling up to Chicago this coming weekend and it's going to be super cold up there. I live in Texas. We don't do cold. Perfect time to buy some boots. Anyone got a recommendation? Mainly for walking around and keeping my feet warm?
Thanks for the reply! Yeah, I saw the SS Washingtons earlier, and the peak lapels are a bit too much for me.
This is a super generic question, but I've been trying to find a blazer of a light blue color for summer brunches and lunches. Something of the shade linked previously or something like this. Anyone recommend a brand or website I can look through? 
Generally speaking, if I buy OTR dress shirts that I plan to have tailored, would it be advisable to dry clean and see any shrink results first?
    Thanks everyone! I just did a lot of research before buying some seconds, and it seemed like the quality control would be hit or miss. Given they creased after having them on for a few minutes is something I've never seen before. Was just being overly cautious =).
I received my seconds Park Avenue yesterday. After the initial check, the only thing noticeable were "dents" made around the tongue area. However, after lacing them up and putting them on for literally 1 minute and hardly walking, some creasing happened as well. Seen below.     Should I be worried?
I'll post pictures when I sm home, but I received my seconds black park avenues yesterday. On initial inspection, I noticed some minor blemishes which didn't bother me. What bothered me was that after I put the laces in, I noticed some wrinkles had formed around the throat on only one of the shoes. Was just wondering if this is normal, since I'm relatively new to purchasing dress shoes, let alone AE seconds.
I guess "thigh size" is subjective. The midpoint between knee and waist measures around 21 inches and I find it fine. @CousinDonuts Yeah, I'd never purchase from TF lol.
You're right on the fact that I am not used to wearing suits on a frequent basis. I do have to ask. For future reference, if I'm going for a look that shows a bit of sock at all times, then would it be advisable to taper the ankle? Edit: Something like this...  
Sorry I wasn't specific. By flapping, I mean when I'm sitting down and how the fabric tends to sway around way too much/too easily side to side. When I'm standing up, I'm just wondering if too much of the shoe is being covered or if it's fine. Basically wanting to strike the ideal balance.
New Posts  All Forums: