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Kinda-rainy, kinda-chilly, kinda-windy Sunday lunch: creamy bacon and scallop chowder.
Rosemary pork chop with blueberry port sauce
Prosciutto-wrapped, cherry-herb-stuffed chicken with sautéed spinach.
Nice way to spend a Sunday....stewing beef and onions for a rich meat-sauce.
What to do on a rainy, wintery Sunday? Cook things that take lots of time! French onion soup Egg noodle & beef stroganoff w/mushroom & onion, crème fraîche and chives
Burger with blue cheese and garlic-red-wine reduction sauce, topped with fresh shallot and dijon mustard, and a side of fondant potatoes.
First: cream of aspargus soup Second: coho salmon with lemon-crème fraîche and chives
Golden beet "tartare" with salt-cured egg Wagyu with sauteed veggies
Teriyaki-ginger chicken breast with umami bok-choy #cameraphone
Trying extra hard not to Piob the rim of the erogenous zone
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