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First: cream of aspargus soup Second: coho salmon with lemon-crème fraîche and chives
Golden beet "tartare" with salt-cured egg Wagyu with sauteed veggies
Teriyaki-ginger chicken breast with umami bok-choy #cameraphone
Trying extra hard not to Piob the rim of the erogenous zone
Sexy carbonara
Citrus Arctic char with crispy skin on top of braised bok choy.
To share with my 96 year-old grandmother, who moved to Napa in the early 60s.
The package comes with 2 pieces; so I cooked the other one last night. Duck breast with wilted arugula and dolce-forte sauce.
Inspired by iammatt's squab with peas -- duck breast with peas, bacon and sliced almonds.
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