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Jacket - Nom de Guerre Sweater - Dries Van Noten Shirt - APC Jeans - APC X DSM Shoes - APC
For sale is a Margiela 5 Zip leather jacket. Pictures are below. Shiping included in US from NYC via USPS. PM for international or if you prefer different shipping message or have any questions. Available for pick up in NYC. Price is 1200, but open to reasonable offers. Price drop - no105050 Further drop - now 950
Purchased a bunch of things recently, but given SS interest, thought i would post a pic of the current season hood coat Also, I am looking for the Ute Ploier K2 jacket size 50. I saw it was in stock yesterday at Suspension Point, slept on it, then it was sold out! If anyone has any leads, please let me know! Thanks!!
No sure if this has been mentioned, but Odin now carries relatively large and well edited selection Schneider at their SoHo location. I purchased the Berber hood coat from this season this weekend from Odin - it is a really lovely light grayish color way with the typical Schneider gradient effect that he does. I will get some pics up later in recent purchases.
If anyone has this in a size 5 (or 6), i will pay good money!
How do shoes from Dries Van Noten fit? Are they true to size? If i am a true 44, any chance a 43 will work or will it be much too small? Thanks!
I actually find his pants to be pretty consistently sized. I own 7 pairs of Schneider pants, and in 6 of them, I am a size 5, and in one a size 7 (from a suit from last SS collection - the waist was fine, but the thighs were insanely narrow and i had to size up). He does do different cuts of pants in the leg (slim vs. a more full cut), but the fuller cuts can be tailored if need be. But again, in terms of waist size, i find his pants to be much more consistent than his...
Thanks. I appreciate it if u do
Jet Did You by chance try on the blazer? They have a 40 listed as a small. Would you say it fits like a US size 40? In general, the sizes they list, is a small truly a small or is a small more a medium? Hopefully my questions make sense.
Recently single consoling myself with purchases haha Margiela shoes Stephan Schneider suit (same as the fabric from the OC website) Margiela Sweater I purchased in a brown color from Barneys - but there is some subtle ribbing detail on the sweater Schneider shirts The second one is really cool and is actually two different colors - with the top block and lower portion of sleeves and cuffs having a light, burgendy hue
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