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I received my insoles today. Brand new and perfect... and the shoes fit great now.. Thank you!   Honestly, since I've been wearing them a while I'm a bit happier that these look more worn, I like the unworn looking pair... but I think it looked a bit unusual with the rest of my clothing.
Excellent. I will report back when they come. Thank you.
 I did. He said he'd ship me a new pair of insoles. I'm waiting for those. I also agree with you on the wear. These look like they were stored in a manner that caused wear to the uppers, but not the soles. They're not "worn", but they aren't the same quality as the box-new ones I got previously. These also seem to be slimmer, have thinner soles (something I like) and fit smaller. I was able to cut some insoles to fit temporarily and they're fairly comfortable.
I received my shoes from Microscop today. I ordered on the 24th of April. Shipped from Warsaw Poland. I ordered a pair of 285s, paid 60 Euro as a gift (it would have been 65 Euro if it was a payment due to tax, he said). So, 3 weeks shipping. That's some slow shipping, but ok... it's international.     They were said to be unworn/unused. They are obviously worn. The laces are stained, the leather is creased, the suede is roughed up and discoloured. I was promised a...
I purchased these on StyleForum a few months back and tried them on a few times, then wore them out of the house one time for a couple of hours. They are basically brand new. They just don't fit properly for me and I need one size smaller.   They are size 290, which is about an 11 - 11.5   They include the original box. These do not have the perforations that many GATs have from their decommissioning and are in near perfect shape.   I'm asking $75 shipped in the...
I have a pair of GATs available. I tried them on a couple of times and wore them out of the house once for a few hours, but they look brand new. They were purchased from Zeemon and I still have their original box (though he used it to ship them to me, so it has tape and stamps from germany all over it)   Size is 290.   I have pictures and will put them up in the selling section.
How much (shipped) for a pair of size 285s shipped to Ohio?
Frye 12R Harness Boots in Gaucho Leather (Brown) Uppers are well maintained and have been oiled/treated regularly Soles are in good condition with fairly even wear in all areas, somewhat more wear on rear heel. These retail for $288+ Frye boots will last a lifetime if well maintained, and are readily resoled for a reasonable cost when needed (These do not need immediate resoling).
Willing to accept offers.   Can provide further details...
Purchased from BiG back in 02/10 and worn off and on. For that past couple of years these have mostly just sat on a shelf. They're too small for me in the crotch despite being just fine in the waist. Hopefully someone else can get some use out of them.   They've been soaked but never washed.   Back in 2010 these sold for $245, now they go for $275 Waist 17.50 Thigh 10.25 Rise 10.00 Knee 7.50 Inseam 35.50 Leg Opening 7.50   Make offers if the price seems too...
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