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Are these still available?   I'm unsure about the Barrie last. I wear 10.5 or 11 in a variety of shoes, but I've never tried on an Alden. I worry that these would be too big.
I received my insoles today. Brand new and perfect... and the shoes fit great now.. Thank you!   Honestly, since I've been wearing them a while I'm a bit happier that these look more worn, I like the unworn looking pair... but I think it looked a bit unusual with the rest of my clothing.
Excellent. I will report back when they come. Thank you.
 I did. He said he'd ship me a new pair of insoles. I'm waiting for those. I also agree with you on the wear. These look like they were stored in a manner that caused wear to the uppers, but not the soles. They're not "worn", but they aren't the same quality as the box-new ones I got previously. These also seem to be slimmer, have thinner soles (something I like) and fit smaller. I was able to cut some insoles to fit temporarily and they're fairly comfortable.
I received my shoes from Microscop today. I ordered on the 24th of April. Shipped from Warsaw Poland. I ordered a pair of 285s, paid 60 Euro as a gift (it would have been 65 Euro if it was a payment due to tax, he said). So, 3 weeks shipping. That's some slow shipping, but ok... it's international.     They were said to be unworn/unused. They are obviously worn. The laces are stained, the leather is creased, the suede is roughed up and discoloured. I was promised a...
I purchased these on StyleForum a few months back and tried them on a few times, then wore them out of the house one time for a couple of hours. They are basically brand new. They just don't fit properly for me and I need one size smaller.   They are size 290, which is about an 11 - 11.5   They include the original box. These do not have the perforations that many GATs have from their decommissioning and are in near perfect shape.   I'm asking $75 shipped in the...
I have a pair of GATs available. I tried them on a couple of times and wore them out of the house once for a few hours, but they look brand new. They were purchased from Zeemon and I still have their original box (though he used it to ship them to me, so it has tape and stamps from germany all over it)   Size is 290.   I have pictures and will put them up in the selling section.
How much (shipped) for a pair of size 285s shipped to Ohio?
Frye 12R Harness Boots in Gaucho Leather (Brown) Uppers are well maintained and have been oiled/treated regularly Soles are in good condition with fairly even wear in all areas, somewhat more wear on rear heel. These retail for $288+ Frye boots will last a lifetime if well maintained, and are readily resoled for a reasonable cost when needed (These do not need immediate resoling).
Willing to accept offers.   Can provide further details...
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