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11 is the perfect boot. I'm in for that one
Bump. Lowered price.
For sale is a pair of Red Wing 9106 Boots size 7.5.  These are factory seconds.  The only imperfections I could find is a spot on the outside of the right shoe which you can see in the 3rd picture of the album. I was very pleased with the condition.   I am looking to get $120 + shipping OBO.     Here's the album:   Let me know if you are interested! Thanks.
This shirt is a dress shirt, not a casual button down so you will have to tuck it in and wear with slacks and Oxfords. It may be short for a shirt you tuck in. Other than that, fit looks fine from what I can tell.
I use them on my dress shoes. I don't see a a need to resole until I get a hole in the middle of the sole because of them. Highly recommended. I wear my casual leather shoes much less than my dress shoes, so I didn't tap them.
I don't think those are natural CXL.
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