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Is that a UK E width?
Do anyone here own a pair of G&G and compare the EG sizeing to GG? On my EG shoes i use 10.5 W width on 202 and 82 last. Shoud i go for E width on the GG to or maybe go up to F  if im not able to test the shoes out?
 Dont ask me. Im not sure how much more expensive it is couse they Skoak changed the precis on EG. But i know from the old EG pricelist that the Halifax was cheaper then Nevis. Im planning for a Halifax in utah brown if your intressted to make a gmto.
Halifax is less expensive. Im planning to do a MTO Halifax in Utah brown leather and might go for haf sole. Anything that sounds intressting?
Are anyone up for Dover or Halifax gmto in either Doak or Utah leather with dainite sole?
Are anyone up for Dover or Halifax in brown Utah on 606 last?
Im up for either 202 or 606 Dover. But what soes are we talking about and leather?
Im planning to do either the Halifax or the Silvertone mto in Delapre dark oak and wonder if anyone is intressted of a gmto in any of theese shoes? Im open for suggestions regards soles.
I wonder if anyone know any company that sells overcoat fabric with a wight on 1000grams+ ? I have mailed Holland&Sherry, Harrisons, Fox Brothers and many more but none of them got the rly heavy wool overcoat fabrics. would appreciate some help.
personally i like the classic rounded 202 last for a classic oxford shoe. I use the eu E width on the 202 last, and on the 82 last i need eu F width. But both lats are beautiful.
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