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We seem to have 3 takers on Arran and Isham so far
Here comes my candidates for the F-width gmto   1 :  G&G Isham on mh71 or gg06 with either vintage oak calf or oak hatch grain 2 :  G&G Mitchell on m71 or gg06 with either vintage oak calf or oak hatch grain 3 :  G&G Arran on mh71 or gg06  with either vintage oak calf or oak hatch grain As for sole option i was thinking about the double leather sole with metal toe tips.
What woud you guys think of the GG Isham for the gmto?
Im a F width to so woud be woud like to be included to.
Woud anyone be up for a gmto on a pair G&G Isham on mh71 last or GG06 F-width, double leather sole with metal toe tip and was thinking of either vintage oak or oak hatch grain.
Do anyone know any cloth company that sells Bemberg Cupro lineing for suits and sportcoats?
Well, seems like the gmto went to the grave for the Isham. Wich sole between single dainite, double dainite or double leather sole woud you guys choose between for EG Dover or GG Isham in doak/vintage oak?
Great! Then we so far are. IGotId -  IntresstedVorkanzdomino123venividivicibjshagedelic We woud need 1 more in that case if anyone wanna change width.Do evryone want single or double dainite sole? And @Leaves is it posible to get a thin middle leather sole if we do not want the double dainite sole?
We are 3-4 people so far for a gmto  G&G Isham in Vintage oak with dainite soles on the mh71 last. Anyone else intressted?
Sounds good. In that case we woud be 4 with you and just need 1-2 more for the gmto.
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