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Yeah i got the same prob, it seems little long for me(5'8'') in size S, especially outerwear. However not as insanely long as Aether's.
I don't like to support Outlier with their strategily raised msrp and limited stock, but Outlier's return policy is still valid and fair even 6700 miles from NYC, in my experience. For a relatively small company, they do manage the trade off between return cost and reputation pretty well. (except customers are always right) ps. How about the new air forged soft core vest? Wonder "air texturized nylon" could repell water for how long?
The Navy/Slate looks perfect, The curf and zip are a little bit bulky.Fit is not as stiff like Supermine shell, but I won't call it "soft" shell.
Update on Outlier online shop:
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