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Good news! The cognac bison is available, and they are perfectly fine doing a Clymer MTO in that leather. I'm going to go that route...with a lot of travel planned next year, I'm seeing these as a near perfect pair to beat up!
I'm not one to post-hit and run, but unfortunately the last few days were ridiculously busy with some business travel.    @FrankCowperwood, it's funny you mention that! I had spotted the cognac bison as well and really liked it's similarities to Alpine Grain shades that we see from the likes of Alden, etc.  I think it would be a good pairing with this particular makeup, namely the stitching and sole coloring which I would not be changing in an MTO.   I emailed Katie...
Thanks Frank. That kinda stinks, because I had more of a medium brown/casual in mind. The peanut seems a little reddish, but maybe if the chocolate is darker then the peanut will be as well.
Would you say the chocolate's a little lighter than the stock photos let on?
Hey guys, the itch has got me again. I'm looking at purchasing a pair of Clymer Boots. CXL or Bison? I like the colors on the bison, but I'm not really sold on the grain of it. On the other hand, I know CXL probably not be as durable. I already have a pair of Natural CXL ranger mocs, so it'd be down to brown CXL (which never gets old) vs the chocolate bison. Boot will be worn in urban environments and not in foul weather aside from rain, so no real concerns there.
2 years old, still kickin at the park
Crap.  Just when I had put my desire for Alpine Grain on the back burner, Epaulet goes and launches two models on Barrie/Commando (best fit for my foot). 
Soles I've owned:    Single leather (oak) Flex sole (single waterlock) Double waterlock Commando Neocork     If I had to rank them, I'd go:   1. Commando 2. Neocork 3. double waterlock 4. single oak 5. flex (too thin, hurts, not enough support)
Just got my Indys back from B Nelson, in dire need of new heels.I'm lazy and don't know any good local cobblers. They did a fantastic job, but someone put about a quarter inch thick layer of cream polish all over the damn CXL. VSC and scrubbing only worked slightly, now I have to buy some Reno Mat to fix this.
  Very nice! CXL loafers are perfect for traveling. 
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