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I'm eyeing up that Essex boat shoe bigtime.  The patina'd color would be almost perfect. 
The MTO fee is still $50 direct. My bison Clymer boots were 390, but that's only because I paid extra for lining. 
Maybe a different last? I'm the same size in the beefroll loafers and Ranger Mocs. 
 Mine look like loxo's.  It does look like you could remove them without compromising the backstay..that area is already reinforced.  I just think a whole strap/loop like that is unneccesary on a boot with that shaft height. I'm fine with my Clymers' pull tab though, which seems to fit the aesthetic. The only boots I have genuine trouble getting on all the time are my Vibergs.  Those things are just a bitch sometimes. 
Anyone else think the Blake boot has so much more potential without the pull loop?  I find myself constantly cursing the ones on my pair. 
 Yes, pretty much right on the money.  Just a few observations for everyone's info: The Raptor sole is a little softer than your standard Christy wedge (a la Red Wings). I found it to be pretty comfortable right out of the box. The fit on the Clymer boot is pretty similar to the Ranger Moc..maybe slightly more generous.  My boot is lined vs. my unlined Ranger Mocs, so that's my basis. Also a boot pattern is usually more generous in the instep. Fit is perfect with medium...
Cognac bison in the wild! Sorry, not a cuffer I took some pics earlier with a good camera. Soon as I process in Lightroom I'll share them. Long story short, there is very little red in this shade and it's about a shade between natural and brown CXL.
Don't worry too much about those shell boots, they bounce back with fury!  I was just kicking my shell Tankers around NYC this past weekend, and they looked like new after a wipe down and brushing. 
Initially, my 403s fit perfectly at 8.5D.  However, the chromexcel stretches considerably and almost exclusively widthwise.  Given the pattern of the boot itself, I think dropping a width can be safely done, especially if you're borderline.  It's really not that much narrower but you can lace them wider and they will stretch after wear. Given the choice again, I would have gotten my Indy boots in a C-width if they had been available. A chance to preorder in the right size...
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