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Hey Guys, long time no talk!  I got really busy when golf season hit :)   Anyway, I got a box from UPS last night and had  a chance to take daylight photos.  These are unbelievable.    
Finally some sun;
These really took my expectations to the woodshed. The tan thread and chestnut laces are great with the natty, and the sole is great. A real sleeper in their options! I love the lower profile compared to the usual wedge sole. These are absurdly comfortable right out of the box too.
Yep, the 2030 is an E width last. My 8.5 service boots fit very much like my 8.5 Trubalance Indy boots, although the toe boxes are shaped a little differently. I think the forefoot area of the Indy is more prone to stretching, especially with the thinner CXL.
I like that, lina. I'd love to see a sleek, straight tip black boot. Why the lining preference? Weather?
Alden's lined stuff seems to attract scuffs like the plague. The guage is noticeable thinner than my Vibergs, Rancourts, and (gasp) even my OSBs.For the troublesome marks, I'll put a couple drops of boot oil on my thumb and work it in like I'm polishing sunglasses.That being said, I've been really beating up my Indys. They need to be cleane and re-heeled.
Nope, no shipping notification yet. I will indeed post pics when they get in.
That's a Montello Minilug.
Wow, those look fantastic!Those venetians are my size, but unfortunately I'll pass. I have a pair of Ranger Mocs shipping today, and in 3-4 months I'm getting my Alden Tankers.
Are those the 36" version of the Benjos?I'm about to place an order from them. Need some new Indy laces and want to mix it up, and might get some fun balmoral laces for the summer weddings I have to go to.
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