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2 years old, still kickin at the park
Crap.  Just when I had put my desire for Alpine Grain on the back burner, Epaulet goes and launches two models on Barrie/Commando (best fit for my foot). 
Soles I've owned:    Single leather (oak) Flex sole (single waterlock) Double waterlock Commando Neocork     If I had to rank them, I'd go:   1. Commando 2. Neocork 3. double waterlock 4. single oak 5. flex (too thin, hurts, not enough support)
Just got my Indys back from B Nelson, in dire need of new heels.I'm lazy and don't know any good local cobblers. They did a fantastic job, but someone put about a quarter inch thick layer of cream polish all over the damn CXL. VSC and scrubbing only worked slightly, now I have to buy some Reno Mat to fix this.
  Very nice! CXL loafers are perfect for traveling. 
ALMOST BRAND NEW! These were worn twice.  This is a special makeup by Carmina and was shipped here from Skoaktiebolaget in Sweden.    Olive Suede, lined, with natural colored Dainite soles.  This model is built on Carmina's Detroit last, which fits true to size.  The 7.5UK size is that same as a US 8.5D. Includes original box, red flannel shoe bags...trees not included.    Price includes shipping via USPS Priority. Please let me know if you have questions or would like...
Reltex being more durable than the standard leather?  I'm on pavement a lot and kind of hesitant about a crepe-style sole. Then again, it only took a year for my leather one to be completely shot so maybe it's unavoidable. 
  Just my preference, but I'd say the Barrie/Commando.  I get a better fit out of that last and it's got the NST+ commando, which makes it a true Tanker. 
So back on the leather sole topic, what do you guys think I should get my brown beefrolls re-soled with?   So far I really love the Vibram 232 on my Ranger Mocs, and it's got the edge in durability. Not too sure how I feel about the RLH soles in terms of support but would like your guys' input. 
You can purchase them from Benjos, or some vendors on Amazon.  The 54" length is what you're looking for. 
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