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Denver is, perhaps, a challenging place for the OP. There is little diversity here outside of a large latin community and wealthy persian kids at the local private university which could lead to easy alienation. However, Denver is a friendly place and I have found people very welcoming during my time here.
I purchased this pair of AE LaSalle off ebay some time ago but they are a half size too big for me. I purchased the same shoe in a US10 and they are a great workhorse shoe for a less formal workplace. The uppers are in excellent condition with no flaws other than some creasing in the toe box. Soles show minimal wear and the right shoe is marked. The pictures show both soles and the creasing. Buy with confidence. Shipping will be via USPS Priority Mail.
I believe it is acceptable at most Wal-mart parking lots. Signed, Occasional dirtbag skier
Or A-symmetry ! ! spelling is teh funz
Does she have a plan in place to handle the day to day management of a rental (her current house in SF)? Don't underestimate the burden of managing a rental property.
Stop. It hurts.
If' you're going to spend money on strippers, I'd think Dallas is a much better investment than DC. Perhaps even first tier...
Not sure why anyone hasn't told the OP that his tone sounds entitled and unbecoming of a 27 year old male that lives at home. The very best thing you could do is gtfo and go do something on your own for a bit, discover how completely useless poly sci and theological studies are as applicable skills, and grow some attachments.
Craigslist. Find something that fits with 105/Ultregra/Dura-ace components and some decent wheels. Aluminum frame, carbon fork should be doable for $500-750
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo +1 to the Aerochino. Although, I don't necessarily think its going to give you any better foam than the machine will TC. Jefe - what do you mean by button pressing? All you have to do is press one button and it runs. Is there some sort of Contra-code-esque trick that I'm not aware of? Does it not have the adjustable running time like the brewing machine? I assumed it did, but the Aeroccino is almost...
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