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Hermes is right about the UK FHM...very nice. I am beginning to feel better about Esquire than I am about GQ, and Esquire doesn't tout themselves as a "fashion magazine" The new GQ is more similar to a women's magazine (advertisement, advertisement, advertisement, and then if we can squeeze it in, fashion and an article or two). Not cool. Art is turning in his grave, I'm sure.
I just saw a num of these shirts at Nordstrom's Rack (most XMI). I would go there. The sale price on these shirts were $29.97 (nice price for these shirts).
Thanks for this hermes...I didn't know he was stepping down. That might not be such good news for my favorite magazine, my man.
[/quote]To digress a bit, can you think of any American white guys who dress as horribly as these two do so consistently? The only one that comes to my mind quickly is Tucker Carlson of CNN Crossfire, with his "look at me, I went to Princeton." orange-and-black bowties and horridly-cut suits.[/quote] No , I cannot think of two more horribly dressed people.  What's more disturbing is that not only do they dress like this, but they dress like this and host two pretty...
Gotta throw in my two cents here. I used to purchase Mezlans when I lived in New York about 5 years ago. I was always impressed with not only the price point of the shoe, but also the steadfast design. Don't want to sound sappy, but I always thought that they were ahead of the curve (making 2001 stlye shoes in 1996). I have to say that somewhere along the line, they have disappointed me. Whereas I personally used to like all of the styles, which were more traditional in... over here droppin' knowledge too, huh? You kill me man. Take it slow. See you around in forumland.
Guys, need your help. I have an awful lot of clothes. Suits, sweaters, pants, shirts, name it. Even though I feel I have good taste and excellent coordination when putting things together, unfortunately, I am running out of matching ideas. I find that I am wearing the same combo's all of the time and I wish that I had a fresh eye to relook at everything and begin to put together new combos with the same choices, and believe me, the choices are VAST...what have...
I literally have only two prescription pairs, but since I wear my contacts a lot, I also have a lot of non-presciption glasses to achieve different looks and match to different clothes and different moods. Some are rimless, some are Hollywood, some are tinted, some are clear, some have silver frames, you get the idea. I like them a lot but I will not by anymore prescriptiong glasses as my taste for glasses change too much.
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