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Dressed to beat the heat   Shirt: Eton DNA Tie: David Donahue Vest: Brooks Brothers Linen   Still need a wireless remote to show the rest :/  
 You caught me there. I already have a few similar blues but I needed an excuse to get the Charvet. My shirts are the most flexibly, mostly solid blues and whites but I feel that somehow just about everything else in my wardrobe minus a few staples are all outfit specific. Makes for a costly experience but I get to wear something unique (and sometimes mistaken and awful) on a regular basis. I keep you up with this as I get it put together. 
Thanks, I had to show off the soft side a little bit.  It is my impression that the lapel flowers, especially knitted ones are a fad at best but I have embraced it openly. Duly noted with the jacket closure, I see exactly what you mean.. I am not sure exactly what you are saying but I will take it as a great compliment.
Date night tonight:  
Working towards an outfit here. Give it a week or so and that tie will get pulled off as a gent would.
New Charvet in the mail. I have been wanting to try Charvet for quite some time but struggle buying big when I can't try it on anywhere. Yoox just got a new lineup.  
That heathered burguny knit, I have been meaning to pick that up from Suitsupply for a month or so. It looks great.
A new Brooks Brothers cotton poplin, just in time for the snowstorm we had here yesterday.  
Good point, my imagination likes that. Think that it would pair nicely with the jacket and PS I posted along with it?
  As soon as I come up with my answer I will post it. Let's see what happens.I am thinking that it definitely calls for a solid white shirt whatever happens.
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