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Depends on how much room you have in your sanforized gustin skinnies. If you have extra room, go for the Loomstate in Skinny. On that fine day when they finally arrive at your home, do a cold soak first and let them dry. If you still have excess room in the legs and thighs, then try a hot soak.
I have the Loomstates from the original campaign. My Gustin size (in Sanforized) is between 29 and 30 slim. I followed Gustin's advice and went with 32 slim in the Loomstates, and they fit me perfectly. After soaking, they will stretch out in the waist and hips, where they are under stress, but will retain their shrinkage in other areas. Mine now measure like a 30 skinny, except where the waist stretched back out. These are my favorite Gustin jeans. Go for it!
I am between sizes: 29 slim is a bit tight, and 30 slim is slightly loose. I got my original Loomstates in size 32 slim, and they are perfect. So 33 sounds good for you. You can start with a cold soak, and if they seem a bit big, then do a hot soak. Don't panic if the waist seems tight before you soak them; it seems that much of the waist shrinkage occurs in the factory (possibly from steam ironing), so there won't be much more waist shrinkage when you soak, and whatever...
My 8 Gustin jeans all arrived within 1/2" of their size charts. However, there have been many posts here and on other forums complaining about much larger size differences. I'm sure many of them will chime in now. The good news is that Gustin's customer service is great, so if you have a problem they will take care of you. Don't forget to account for stretching during break-in as described in the 3rd paragraph "Jean Measurement Guide". My jeans all stretched about an inch...
I am 16 x 32 in BB Extra Slim Fit. I found the Gustin classic Medium to be close, but a bit too tight for me in the upper chest. I'm thinking about trying a Gustin Slim Large, but haven't done it yet.
Of my 8 Gustin jeans, my favorites are 1) Loomstate, 2) Okyama Standard, and 3) Heavy American. For a first pair I would stay away from Loomstate, since the sizing can be tricky and Gustin won't take them back after shrinking. With Gustin's business model, it's probably a mistake for your brother to get his heart set on a specific fabric, since he will have no idea when (if ever) it will be offered again. Better to look at the current offerings, and when one comes up that...
I have 3 straights and 5 slims, and in all cases, the measured cuff opening was within 1/4" of Gustin's fit guide. I started with straight because I came to Gustin via Levis 501 STF and I was concerned about the lower rise of slim. Those fears have since been eradicated and I would never go back to straight. If in doubt, go with slim (or maybe skinny).
I also wear JCrew Med Slim, and the fit is like yours. Gustin regular in Medium is too small around my neck and upper chest. So I wouldn't recommend it. I've been thinking about trying Large Slim, but haven't yet. If it works for you, let us know.
I bought these shoes new sometime in the early 1990s, when the dress code for my job required slacks and dress shoes. After a a couple of years of use, the dress code changed to jeans and athletic shoes, and these have had very little wear since.   These shoes have the cloth label on the insole which is used on the Tramezza line, however I am not sure if these are Tramezza or not. They were worn mostly indoors on carpet, and still have the original heels and soles. There...
My Loomstates arrived the same. I pre-soaked them in cold water, with a wooden bar in the waist to prevent further shrinkage. They turned out to be my best-fitting Gustin jeans. Others have reported that there is little to no waist shrinkage in the Loomstates, possibly due to the steam-pressing at the factory pre-shrinking the waist. So if you are OK with shrinkage everywhere but the waist, then give them a try before you give up.
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