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I've ordered 7 pair of jeans from weargustin.com, and all arrived between the middle of the promised month, and the middle of the following month. YMMV.
If you really want a challenge, how about boots? If figuring out how to manufacture a quality boot is too hard, then maybe you could do a collab with Red Wing, Wolverine, Alden, or Viberg.
I've washed all my sanforized Gustin jeans in cold water, and I never got any shrinkage. My HA's stretched 1" in the inseam just from the weight of the fabric while hang drying. You should be fine.
How much did you size up? I sized up 2 for my Loomstates which was perfect. But I'm nervous about 12.5 Oz. denim stretching more post-soak.My 501 STFs stretch so much that I have to size down 1 to get the best fit.
I have 8 pair of Gustin jeans, and each was within 1/2" of the spec size in the waist. Of course that represents a 1" difference between the biggest and the smallest. But I am happy with the fit in all of them.
Try Seymour's, 211 Sutter St #701, San Francisco. They do all my suits and shirts alterations and are great!
I have Heavy Americans in 30 Straight and Oky Stds in 30 Slim. The HAs feel much softer than the Oky Stds in spite of the extra weight. Both fit the same in the top block, and both stretched about the same. So if you size up in the slim fit, you will get more room in the seat, but it might be too big in the waist. Choose your poison :)
I cuff most of mine. I never cuffed before getting into raw denim, but I got to appreciate the look, and I like to show off the selvedge. I did hem my Japan Black X Black and Grey Silks, and wear them both as pseudo dress pants.
No, no, 1000 times no. Each jean company's tag sizes are different. Measure your best fitting jeans, and compare to Gustin's Fit Guide. Assume the Gustin jeans will stretch 1" in the waist. This means they will feel too tight when they arrive, but will stretch out to become super comfortable after several days of wear.
   Hot soak should return the jeans to their original size. But if they stretched out before, they most likely will stretch again, unless you lost weight or changed physical activities.
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