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Some people believe that vinegar will set the dye and reduce bleed. Levi's recommends vinegar for their 501 STFs for this reason. However, there was recently a discussion on this topic on Gustin's community board, and many people believe its a myth. Still, if you want to try it I don't think it will do any harm. I've never heard of vinegar being recommended as a softener. IMO, the best way to soften jeans is to just wear them :)
I have a number of Gustin jeans in both 30 straight and 30 slim. The top block on both straight and slim are nearly identical except for the lower rise on the slim. Although the slims sit lower on the hips, it's not enough of a difference to merit sizing up. You should go with 30 slim.
I had this problem because I wasn't used to low-rise jeans. I kept trying to hike up the waist. Once I accepted my fate and let the jeans sit lower, there was plenty of room in the crotch.
  I have Gustin and J Crew slim, both in Medium. I agree the fits are similar. My J Crew has a bit more room in the neck and upper chest than the Gustin.
I need to counter the requests for bigger thighs by saying that Gustin slims fit me perfectly in the waist, hips, calves, and cuff opening, but are 1" to 2" too big for me in the lower half of the seat and in the thighs. I am eagerly waiting for the often-promised Gustin skinny fit.   When Gustin is compared to the other brands that DsRyan23 mentioned in his post, I think the problem is that Gustin is in its early stages with just 2 fits, while the older jean companies...
 I have the Japan BlackXBlacks, never soaked or washed them, and I don't see any dye bleed. Also, fortunately, there is no sulphur smell.
This has been asked before, and the answer is unfortunately no.
 No doubt in my mind it's the Heavy American. 16.25 oz. @ $81.
The current Gustin slim fits me great in the waist, hips, calves, and cuffs, but is too big in the lower seat and thighs. Will your skinny fit work for me? If you ever have a size 30 to try on let me know; I live in SF and would be happy to beta test it for you :)
I don't have any 7FAM, but you should definitely measure your current jeans, since they may differ from 7FAM's size guide. Then choose Gustin jeans that are 1" smaller in the waist, to account for stretch during break-in.
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