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Noooo, that's the stone island shadow project version, I seen one on rakuten a while back, but not in my size.. coulda cried. the h&m olive one I may cop. are you saying the current h&m ma-1s aren't as nice? they changed drastically?
Jameister, you look like you gonna start singing star spangled banner.
curiosity, hirshhirsh, curiosity.also, I simply don't understand the appeal of these gargantuan knits.. suppose it's 'cos I would look engulfed.
ah, that kinda makes sense, since the aforementioned ma-1 is on sale @ oki.still sexy as though.
may cop the h&m ma as a kind of.. back up, cheap jacket. looks quite good from pics, just them pockets, they look so cheap. for me personally, I have wanted this for a long time now, something about sp. Also, the maharishi ma-1 doesn't look to bad
Some absolutely horrid items up there.
Coolest look I have seen (in the last few pages).You're stance reminds me of the Uniforms for the Dedicated model, see hyurrrrr>Random, I know.
What site though cyc? All I've found is the TOJ gallery? Unless I'm blind...
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