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They have sz 9 at GVH for $499 right now.
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel I've had them, I just have not used one in over 5 years. t. I won't pull a "holier than though, why don't you use a credit card" on you but, honestly, why not? You get free points out of your spending!
Quote: Originally Posted by Brennan Huff snug enough for a watch. A good and plain rule of thumb is that your cuff should never extend past where you wrist bone meets your thumb.
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel Um, no. Actually two debit cards. No credit cards, sir? Don't get me started on why/how credit cards can be good for you.
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel I do not have any credit cards, just a debit card. Is that a joke???
Quote: Originally Posted by quevola Steppenwolf +1 Hesse is a very fluid writer, but I wasn`t much of a fan of Siddhartha...which was the first novel of his that I read. That sentiment spilled over when I read Steppenwolf. I enjoyed Narcissus and Siddartha much more than Steppenwolf, but to each his own.
Quote: Originally Posted by HORNS Absolutely! I would buy that for Sergio Leono`s work alone! I hope they put out Brazil (Terry Gilliam) in Blu-Ray. The charm of blu-ray isn`t just the resolution, but also the audio quality which tests your speakers to the max!
Quote: Originally Posted by Dewey Capital One does not rape on the transactions in foreign currency What are the bps on their fx transactions? I usually stay clear of Capitol One and MBNA because of their sleazy marketing tactics.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bradford I like my Discover Platinum card. They were the first to give me a really high credit limit and I can use the cashback bonus to get Brooks Brothers gift cards. Bradford, you're the first person that I've heard of that has a Discover card (honestly, they are very rare in Canada). Robin, what's the % cash-back of your card? Is it tiered? Is there an annual fee?
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