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I put my order in on Nov 18, they sent my shoes on Sat Nov 23 and I received them on Monday Nov 25.  I'm in Philly...2 days via fedex from spain with no duties.  I received these shoes, and the quality is quite good.  I'm very impressed.  It is worth mentioning that I did put an order in for 2 pairs...same shoe in both black and dark brown.  Sandro @ Meermin emailed me apologizing that they only sent 1 pair, when they should...
I just put an order in for these shoes in 8.5UK...hoping I don't have any issues with the sizing.  I wear a 9.5 US in cole haan air adams cap toe.  Hoping these will fit...scary ordering in from another country without ever trying on the shoes.
Does anyone have the olfe last that wears a US 9.5D (maybe share your foot dimensions?)?  Id be curious if the 8.5UK size is what I should order.  I just tried on a 9.5D US Cole Haan shoe today and it seemed to fit me perfectly, so I'm hoping I would be correct in ordering a 8.5UK.   I'd appreciate any advise.
Hi all...I am looking to add some decent shoes to my wardrobe, and I am wondering what Meermin sizing is to something in the US that I could try on.  These shoes seem to be of good quality but at a decent price.  Does anyone have any thoughts on these?  I am typically a 9.5/10 D.  Both shipped for 420ish after taking out the 18%VAT     Has anyone actually seen these...
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