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Well, since we are on the subject of APBTs here is a few pics of mine. I believe I posted a pic or two while back when he was just a pup, he just turned 3 last week
Well, I will only be on dirt road until I get out of my neighborhood (3 miles) then once I get into town I definitely agree that turn signals and a good brake light will be a good idea.
I live on dirt roads and also, I just really like the looks of them when they are all stripped down without the plastics. I was also looking at Yamaha XS650's before that white Honda caught my eye. I would like to get something newer (electric start) but I just don't want to spend that much money until I am sure I will actually ride long term.
They are pretty small and tough to see. I live in Colorado, so I think they are little more lax with motorcycles. From what I have read, all you need is headlight, tail light, one mirror, and horn.
Sorry if this is a dumb question, but why aren't they street legal? It looks like they both have plates, brake light, head light, mirror... I don't think Colorado requires turn signals.
Any suggestions? Do I need to prepare myself to spend more money?I believe so, they are both based off of dual sports.
Looking for my first bike. Would prefer to only spend around $1,000. It will only really be used for around town and to and from work (about 5 miles). I am thinking about going with an old dual sport but am a little overwhelmed with all the options. Some of the models I have been looking at: DR350, DR650, TW200, XL350, XL600. Any help or suggestions would be super helpful. I would like to eventually get it to look something like this: XL600 TW200 w/ Honda tank
Just got this belt from Gustin. Wore it for about an hour but decided it was just not wide enough for me. It is 1.5" wide and measures 36" from the center hole to the fold in the leather (see picture). Looking to get $40+ shipping.
Just a heads up for anyone looking for a belt, I have a size 36 that I am going to put up in the classifieds. Wore it for about an hour, PM if interested.
I am looking for a waist size of about 36. I just measured my 3000vx's and they hem measures about 19", and they are about as small as I want to go.Any suggestions for high quality American made predistressed jeans?
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