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please RSVP to Thank you!
Good morning Styleforum!   John Allan's Razor Club San Francisco would like to invite you to come back to The Razor Club for some beer, pizza and Razor Club services - January 16th, 5-7pm.   The Razor Club will be offering services, as well as pouring beer from an amazing brewery. Come get your hair trimmed, nails manicured and shoes shined while enjoying some great company, beer and pizza!   Please feel free to invite a friend to join you, as well as RSVP! Space is...
Gentlemen - very excited to be hosting you. Our full staff will be at your service offering complimentary shoeshines, manicures and hair trims (due to number of guests we are unable to offer more than trims).   We will be giving away some John Allan's products, as well as some complimentary full service treatments! I am also working on putting together a special offer for tonight's group only!   See you all at 6pm!
Good morning Gentlemen! I hope you all had a very relaxing Thanksgiving filled with amazing food, wine and family!   John Allan's Razor Club is getting excited for your meetup event! We will be offering complimentary shoeshines, manicures and hair trims. We will also be offering beer, wine and appetizers.    We will also be giving away some complimentary full service treatments, as well as John Allan's products.    Look forward to meeting you all!
Hello GQ lawyer I am responsible for west coast marketing for John Allan's, working out of SF. I would love to personally invite you to experience a John Allan's full service treatment as my guest. Please private message me with your name/email so I can email you a complimentary full service treatment to use at any of our locations. I look forward to talking with you.
We do offer straight razor shaves. Our barber, Sef, is an amazingly talented barber who puts his clients in a relaxed trance during the shaves. Our members are also able to use their memberships at any of our 8 locations across the country - San Francisco, Beverly Hills, Chicago, Toronto and four NY locations.   Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions about John Allan's
John Allan's Razor Club is very excited to host your meetup and look forward to seeing you all there!
Good afternoon   Not knowing how to contact you to introduce myself, I am hoping this gets to you.   My name is Kevin Conroy. I am the West Coast Marketing Director for John Allan's, the premier men's private club located in 8 cities across the US, including San Francisco.   I would like to invite you to come into the John Allan's San Francisco Club and receive a full service treatment as my...
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