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Joined the forum to be among watch enthusiasts. didnt know its one another place for pervert internet-gangsters.   Bye Forever.
Famous Watch makers are from countries whose first language is mostly not english. i m no exception. I still can express my self in english while i bet people raising fingers at me know nothing about my native language. Secondly, every place has its own jargon like net used acronyms to reduce on-the-wire traffic etc and only foolish would argue about it.
First of all tissot is not the lowest-end brand. period.   Second. Its not too prestigious a brand. period.   having said that. where does it stands on the spectrum b/w lowest and highest. well its an above average. i place it at number at number 3 or 4 towards hard ten. That would mean its not definitely going to make one look like poor-bastard. at the same time. its kinda not-too-bad brand. it wont get u respect but wont let n e one think of disrespecting u...
New Posts  All Forums: