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 Thanks, have sent an email through to contact[at]epauletnewyork.com! PS. How do I view the Factory Finds Rivet Chinos mentioned in the last few pages?
Hi all,   I'm looking to make my first Epaulet purchase - Rivet Chinos (this thread has more than convinced me of the quality of the product).    However, as an international customer (Australia) I'm not too keen on making a sizing mistake.   What is the best way of ensuring correct sizing? Will measuring an existing pair of chinos and matching them up to the measurements on the Epaulet product page be a relatively safe bet?
Seems like there are a few potential MTOs in the works...   To add another to the mix - there was talk of a mid-brown museum calf austerity brogue earlier.    How about something like the Vass below which is in 'new gold' museum calf? Red and chestnut museum calf would work well too - not sure what Meermin is able to acquire.     Photo credit: j ingevaldsson
 Good point. Also got the bonus Saphir burgundy wax, and I'm not sure either.  Perhaps someone more experienced with Museum leather can answer?
Plum museums have arrived! No flaws that I can see, and the colour is beautiful.    Both the 'museum' effect and the 'plum' shade are more subtle than I was expecting, which is perfect IMO. Unique in the right lighting, but not outrageous.   Thanks to terrorsquad for organising!  
 It would be great if you could post some photos, particularly if they are the plum museum plain-toe Adelaide as I have yet to see these anywhere. I'm still waiting on mine too, but I thought most others had received them by now.
I'm surprised that there aren't more posts/photos of the recent museum calf MTOs (plum + dark brown).   I suppose this means that there aren't any major dramas this time around...    How are the people finding their new shoes?
Any ideas/.
Can anyone suggest where I could purchase the bag in this picture, or something similar?   It looks to be from the Apolis A/W 2011 collection, but I can't find any details on their site.    
Gents, new to the sartorial journey and looking for recommendations for a tailor in Sydney CBD (preferably close to the Circular Quay / Rocks area).    Also (and this may be a silly question), will your tailor provide you with your measurements as a standard part of the service? I've been obsessing over Epaulet chinos but don't want to take the risk ordering based solely on waist measurements.
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