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The chambray ones? They are from the recent spring/summer Uniqlo x Lemaire release. Here's another shot of them from a recent WAYWT post.  
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I have them too, in all black. Worst sneaker I have to put on, but pretty nice otherwise.
+40 = 46,838
@RegisDB9 Belt and boots are great, pants fit perfect and very nice colour coordination. I think if the sleeves were an inch or two shorter on the tee (rolled or hemmed) it would look cooler.
Cool jacket, Jbravo. Been raining here too the past few days.   [[SPOILER]]
Go vote for people who competed in zxcvbn's challenge. It's got120+ views and only 9 votes somehow.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/524034/rainwear-challenge-vote-now#post_8460256
No problem. I'd worry that it might be like other Japanese brands I've tried and have an A-Line cut, which is not very flattering on those with an athletic body type.   Anyone have a Nike Hyper Shield Light jacket? There are a few on sale at a Nike store near me, but still pretty expensive for a packable windbreaker. It is so thin and light I am dubious about its claims of being waterproof.
  Bit boring/basic but I like this Lanvin knit and don't get to wear it enough.   Cool outfit, @RegisDB9 The pants look great, especially.
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