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You're going to have to learn how to take a decent photo with a timer, Eddiee. Love those two bombers (Porter?) and the Hender Scheme sneakers.
Nothing wrong with repetitiveness imo; I like seeing what people who I interact with on here are wearing. Doesn't need to be something new or inspiration-worthy. I'd like to see more outfits from people who post regularly in other threads too; even if it is just a button-up or tee and some trousers. The subtle details and style cues found in our basic, every-day outfits are just as interesting to me as the more dramatic outerwear-focused look that is popular in this...
@el Bert Cool palette. The outer is nice too.   The sun pissed off today, back to my usual shit while I still can.     Got another Final Home parka, much shorter in length than my other one. I think I prefer the bigger one though. I couldn't capture it in my image, but the brown textile is quite reflective. It looks almost liquid in person. On the plus side it's very water resistant since it's just vinyl and it has a few vents you can open up so I am not suffocating...
@ClambakeSkate I don't mind sharing.  [[SPOILER]]
Great job Willy, the pics look awesome lined up like that. Appreciate all the time you spent running this, I remember how long it took to edit the entry photos into the first post. 26 submissions is a really great number too. Almost every single outfit is high calibre so I think it's going to be a close one.   I really liked Dom Kennedy's and myshoeiswet's submissions. Different styles, but everything works well in both of those photos.
Probably because it was pre-owned; she'd rather new Zara than used Prada.
You've done a great job promoting and managing this challenge, willy. So many good entries from a lot of different styles/looks.
Cool, thanks for the comprehensive reply. The hardware on the bag and that handle detail looks very special.
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