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I don't think I've seen someone so angry about other people liking a pair of shoes before.
Thought I'd post this here as a different take on "textures".  [[SPOILER]]
+ 30 = 80,605
I'm based in Queensland and travel to Sydney about once a month. I'll PM you if I get down to Melbourne though, I love Taiwanese tea. I've biked around the entire island a few years ago; it's very beautiful and the people are so genuine and friendly.
Yes, but please don't hold that against me.
+50 = 79,500
Cotton-on (really cheap Australian brand); they have a bit of stretch in them, which I appreciate since I ripped my last pair of RLX cargos doing pistol squats. They are available in Khaki as well.  Thanks, yea I played those a long time ago. My clothing choices are definitely influenced by sci-fi and I try to balance those references with mainstream trends; many times I overshoot though and end up in costume territory. This fit is probably too far, but I really like this...
+30 = 77,780
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