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I don't own any Adidas shoes but I thought these were pretty nice.  
Thanks KongG, I voted for you as well. Was a unique and great looking fit; challenge or no. Looking forward to the next one.
Thanks, it's in Darling Harbour.
 Conflicts with conventional terminology tend to occur when the only practitioner qualified to treat you is a Voodoo shaman.
 I handled it in store a week or so ago. It looks very well made for a Nike sneaker. It is extremely big and has been winterised. Not appropriate for my climate, but I imagine it would be nice for somewhere with regular snow.  Yea I didn't feel the laces did anything on my frees, and they look a lot cleaner without them.  Got some Huaraches for my summer beaters. Swapped to Roshe Run laces. It's the first time I've had to size up from my normal Nike size. 
+ 30 = 85,595
 Make sure the shipment hits Freeside by 23:00, sharp. 
I don't think I've seen someone so angry about other people liking a pair of shoes before.
Thought I'd post this here as a different take on "textures".  [[SPOILER]]
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