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+30 = 77,780
Thanks, picked them up at a Nike Town outlet for $25. They're made with a very soft, but thin, cotton blend textile, has some stretch in it with 2% Spandex; good for exercising in.
+30 = 75,684
Didn't want to clutter the WAYWT thread with a boring activewear fit. This is all Nike; really like the Tech Pack fleece, might get the newer iteration if they wind up at my local NikeTown. Wouldn't mind seeing some Nike fits in here (full outfit or just footwear, if people have any).  
Nice background, and you guys look good/cool together in matching outfits. It's so dry here and yellow, envious of all that lush greenery you get in jp.
That outer is really cool, orlais.    
I like the colour, but don't like the branding or the liner. And... you look very angry like you are thinking of hitting someone, especially with those fists all balled up like that. Those sunglasses look good on you.
Happy to see you posting here KG and without having to defend/explain your tastes to half a dozen idiots every time you post a pic.
canstyleace: awesome set up (and moves too) fuji: how are you finding those rings set up on a door frame pull-up bar so far? I wouldn't have thought that could work well.
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