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I'm based in Queensland and travel to Sydney about once a month. I'll PM you if I get down to Melbourne though, I love Taiwanese tea. I've biked around the entire island a few years ago; it's very beautiful and the people are so genuine and friendly.
Yes, but please don't hold that against me.
+50 = 79,500
Cotton-on (really cheap Australian brand); they have a bit of stretch in them, which I appreciate since I ripped my last pair of RLX cargos doing pistol squats. They are available in Khaki as well.  Thanks, yea I played those a long time ago. My clothing choices are definitely influenced by sci-fi and I try to balance those references with mainstream trends; many times I overshoot though and end up in costume territory. This fit is probably too far, but I really like this...
+30 = 77,780
Thanks, picked them up at a Nike Town outlet for $25. They're made with a very soft, but thin, cotton blend textile, has some stretch in it with 2% Spandex; good for exercising in.
+30 = 75,684
Didn't want to clutter the WAYWT thread with a boring activewear fit. This is all Nike; really like the Tech Pack fleece, might get the newer iteration if they wind up at my local NikeTown. Wouldn't mind seeing some Nike fits in here (full outfit or just footwear, if people have any).  
Nice background, and you guys look good/cool together in matching outfits. It's so dry here and yellow, envious of all that lush greenery you get in jp.
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