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Yes, in the gray (COL03).
The seersucker jacket's fit is more similar to the Uniqlo x Lemaire twill blazer from last year; long, 3 button and has shoulder pads. The lightweight jacket is slimmer and less boxy.
Yea, the colour and texture were special in person. I'd have purchased it if the matching pants had been as nice.
Checked out the new Uniqlo U range today in store. I was impressed with the lightweight blazer, more so than the seersucker version, but the matching wide pants were horrible; too light, like pajama pants and they were very loose in the seat giving an unflattering fit. The seersucker pants were quite nice but they only had black in my size and I've enough black pants. The short sleeve print shirt's sleeves were too narrow for me and the colour was not as nice as it was in...
lemonpotty: I want the seersucker blazer and pants in brown and one of the print short sleeve shirts this time around. The shorts look pretty nice too.
I feel the opposite to the rest of you guys. The women's line seems weak while the men's looks great. I'll try to limit myself to just a few things. They pushed Aus release back to the 23rd for some reason and the only store getting the full collection is Brisbane; not even the online shop gets all the products this time. Luckily Brisbane is not too far from me.
 They were AUD300 or something ridiculous retail and they went down to $120 then I had another $20 off that with a discount code. I wouldn't have got them except that I find the rust brown colour unique and I didn't have any sneakers in that colour. I was pleasantly surprised with how comfortable but firm they are to wear. Lots of support around the ankle as well. They just have a DWR Scotchguard coating applied over the flyknit upper so I don't think these will be...
Love my LE's, been doing more cement running lately and I haven't owned a better sneaker for that purpose. That's a great price, RFX. I'll have to check my local outlet and see if any similar discounting is happening here in Aus.   Picked these up on huge discount from a local retailer and am impressed with the quality and they are not as thick or warm as they look on the foot.  
It's from a dead Australian brand called Elsom. They focused on organic, high-quality cotton textiles and "natural" dyeing techniques. It's ultra soft but very breathable and light weight; nice for the weather here. It was an XL-sized long sleeve tee that I chopped the sleeves off of with scissors.
    New pair of Gaultier sunglasses and trying my Carnivores without their liners in.
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