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That shirt is great, Stanley. Any pics of it close up or on a hanger?
@RegisDB9 Hurry up and post that that slick Margiela suit outfit in the MC sleaze challenge. The MC side are kicking SW&D's ass over there.
Jacket is from a new Korean techwear brand, 0608. Fit is a bit too slim on me but the details and features are nice for the price.     Other night, same brand. Water-resistant anorak shell and a nylon vest.  
Nice entries so far, guys. Hope to see a few more before this shuts.
Got some stuff in from a new Korean techwear brand called 0608. Quality is around Guerrilla-Group/surplus but it's cheap on sale. Got all this plus some running tights for approximately $AUD250.   
Nice one, regis. That's going to be a contender.
MC Sleaze Challenge shuts in 5 days. Regis I think you might have something that would work for this theme.    
About 5 days left, fellow scum bags.  
Interpret it as you wish. :)
@adeniran No, I just rolled them up underneath for the photo. I'll get them hemmed later. And thanks. The pants feel quite special, lots of nice little details like a substantial third pocket inside the right pocket and are just much higher quality in general than any Uniqlo pants I own, including my Uniqlo x Lemaire stuff from last season. Debating if I should try out any more items since there is a full size run of almost every product and colour in-stock online still in...
New Posts  All Forums: