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+50 = 34,033
+ 100 = 33, 733
+ 100 = 33,573
Excellent background-fit synergy, KOY. Lorcan's looks cool too;, wish there was more light on it though.
Link: http://www.styleforum.net/g/a/625390/fit-log/   I uploaded some of my previously posted outfits (that I still like) into a gallery. I don't have a Instagram, so I figured SF's gallery function might be good to keep a log of what I've been wearing.     Representative photo:
just wait 'til you see my magnum, been working on it for at the last 8 or 9 years
Thanks, Tira. Congrats on how well your brand is progressing, btw. I've been enjoying reading about it's growth in other threads (also you have a typo in your sig: "IMPERAL").   NN: Cheers, it's my late grandfather's ring. Means a lot more to me than any of the other clothes or accessories I have. Was trying to fit a few art deco and futurism references in moreso than channel the Bakcstreet Boys, but I can see the similarity heh. Those red boots you posted last fit are...
  arm: love your unique style and photography/editing skills (I miss thumb comments for whitenoise compliments like this) bene: nice knit, per your recommendation I tried some bulkier sneakers with these pants today
You just started your residency didn't you, bene? She's doing you a favour. A young, fit, snappily-dressed doctor is like the holy grail for pretty, single women. Don't even think of setting down until you're at least 40.
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