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Got a few Issey Miyake pieces in. Really like the vest and I think it will replace my Veilance Mionn since it feels better made, has more features and plays a similar role in my wardrobe.    [[SPOILER]]
  Stone Island Dior Prada
Not a very fashionable outfit, but a few of you enjoyed my hiking photos from Korea. These were taken in a rainforest on the Gold Coast called Springbrook. We descended underneath Goomoolahra Falls and it was a lot cooler down there than on the coast. Worth the drive and the 14km trek if you ever come to visit.      [[SPOILER]]
I've only got a few items from "techwear" brands like Veilance, Guerrilla Group, etc. Most is just Nike, Uniqlo or old vintage designer crap off Yahoo auctions.
I got a few little accessories in from AOKU, a small tech brand from the Czech Republic. I'm quite impressed with the belt especially. The packaging was neat too.    
I had always wanted a leather jacket from Kadoya and finally found one of their Swiss Army replicas for a good price on Yahoo Japan auctions. Thought a few of you guys in here who like older reproduction jackets might appreciate it.  
Photo didn't come out great.     All Uniqlo except the bag (Porter) and belt (0608).
Yes, in the gray (COL03).
The seersucker jacket's fit is more similar to the Uniqlo x Lemaire twill blazer from last year; long, 3 button and has shoulder pads. The lightweight jacket is slimmer and less boxy.
Yea, the colour and texture were special in person. I'd have purchased it if the matching pants had been as nice.
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