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@Nafets47 My anecdotal experience as a natural weight lifter: I tried many methods to get a low body fat, especially on my lower stomach area, but what ended up working the most effectively was 6 days a week gym plus 7 days a week of walking 90 minutes. I'd train at the gym in the evening and then after a few hours break, I'd walk around 8km, with no eating in between those two activities. I eat a big lunch with lots of carbs and a moderate dinner with low carbs. I'm not...
+ 60 = 13,700
Thanks, it's a waterproof Sony MP3 player. Have a newer model in white as well with BT connectivity; they have both been nice for exercise and have stood up to a lot of abuse so far.
Wearing lots of linen these days, too hot here.  
Things sugar junkies say. The first step is admitting that you have a problem. We're going to stand by and support you through this trying time, LA Guy. 
3) I used to think like you but after wanting to get a pronounced 8 pack for summer and dropping 10kg, I realised I was delusional and I am just as strong at a lower weight and everything fits much better. You don't look like you are on or ever have been on steroids so your proportions will not be distorted enough to prevent you wearing the majority of OTR clothing. The issue is not muscle mass it is fat. The human body stores a lot of fat on the triceps and chest, not...
+100 = 10,595
Re: fasting I eat a big lunch and dinner 4 days a.week and a big lunch only 3 days a week. I drink a lot of water at night to cut cravings. Fasting during the dayis too hard for me I found. I need carbs to concentrate while working.
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