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brianoh: Looks good. What are your impressions relative to other tech outerwear, if you have any?
Was hoping for something more interesting when the collaboration was announced a while back. It doesn't even seem as forward as Nike's older White Label designs.
Rufus Green hooded tee with integrated scarf Rufus Green joggers Nike NSW Eugene Cheyenne backpack Nike FlyKnit Frees
Great project, thanks for sharing, KG7.
Not without my animes: the Brat-T Story
Someone must have been pulling your leg. Even the Gold Coast feels a bit too small for me sometimes and I have to get down to Sydney at least once a month. But yea, the mix of coast, mountain hinterland and the Lamington rainforest surrounding a hive of skyscrapers built right on the beach together with roughly half the city's population in tourists visiting every week, and all the entertainment and multiculturalism that comes with that, makes it a pretty cool place to live.
No, I don't even know where that is. I live on the Gold Coast.
 Elastic Panel Runners. Probably not very popular here because they look like Walmart trainers, but I wanted a pair of all black low tops and the price was right at 30% off. I handled pretty much every high end trainer available at Sneaker Boy the last time I was in Sydney (and tried on about a dozen). I was really impressed with the feel and quality of all the Lanvins I played with (and really unimpressed by a few other brands that felt and looked to be of worse quality...
Crappy pic/fit but thought I'd give your challenge a bump.    
I thought those Air Max-inspired Pradas were cool/different. But yea, most of them seem pretty lame and uninspired. Ordered some Lanvins from ssense on their Black Friday sale; followed EliseX's advice on sizing he posted on here eons ago, hope they fit.
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