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Thanks. They are Rufus Green. conceptionist: Really like your fit, especially the pants.
I bid on those YYPH pants too, KG. That vest is cool.
Benesyed: I like the colour coordination of the entire fit and the print and details on your shirt. I think the footwear suits the entire outfit well. I don't care for the fit on the pants however; I'd like them either a bit looser throughout the leg or tapered more under the knee. The silhouette is strange (might just be the photo, though). I don't find the coat attractive either because I feel that it is unbalanced and top heavy. The hood has so much volume and...
el bert: Who makes that green jacket? It is really interesting/cool.
+50 = 6,588
 It just started raining here now. Hope it cools it down some for this week, it's been unbearable lately. You're far more conditioned to this heat than I am though if you're able to wear combat boots outside.
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