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Another one for fun.  
Always love the backgrounds in your pics, NN. Your outfits are nice, too.
Out of town currently; might try to post something better when I get home.  
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 I had it happen before. I was selling one of my girlfriend's Prada handbags and the buyer tried to claim that it reeked of cigarette smoke. My girlfriend had owned the bag since new and neither of us smoke so I knew the buyer was full of shit. I replied straight away instructing the buyer to send the bag back in it's original condition and I'd refund the price less postage and that I'd be opening a dispute of my own if there was any damage to it that conflicts with...
I was selling pretty well on greiled when it first started up but these days I just get a lot of tyre kickers (to be fair the items aren't very good and possibly not competitively priced).   I used to approach selling clothes on eBay like I used to with performance car parts or electronics and started all my auctions with $1 no reserve. That always produced a lot of interest and bids often went over market value for those items. However it did not work well for me with...
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Those Command Forces were almost $AUD300 retail here and just sat around on shelves. They felt pretty nice when I tried them on but not $300 nice.   Picked these up at a Nike Town on the sales rack. They are really light weight for a mid. The Nike Skin upper feels decent, not as cheap as I'd expected. The uppers are perforated so hopefully they breathe a bit. The shoes are a pain to get on and off though. I'm too used to side zips and my FK frees.  
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