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+50 = 45,085
@RFX45 Thanks, headphones are Sony NWZ-WS610.
Another all Nike outfit today.     Nike Tech Knit Pocket Nike Woven V442 Nike KD8 Elite
What are they? Nice design.
Screwed around the other day with this over-sized 80's Lanvin sweater and some Chronicles of Never drop-crotch pants. Not sure if I am pulling it off; was comfortable at least.  
+ 50 = 44,435
+ 50 = 44,285
Nice coat and a beautiful background, @happyriverz
Thanks. It was 27C here on that day and I was comfortable. Not sure how hot it gets where you are. The material is quite thin and breathable for a poly-blend.
+ 50 = 43,675
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