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The muted colours and subtle design details come together really well in all-Geller outfits. It's cool without being in your face. While the brand is not for me, I really enjoy the looks people put together here with that brand. Nice pic, melon.
 Damn those are cool. Nice to see something a bit different. Adidas don't seem to be selling them here though. And lord knows I don't need any more sneakers.
Really enjoyed reading the last few pages of discussion. This is why I will always prefer forums/message boards as my social media of choice. I found Instagram so boring.
It just seems like whenever a girl is begging me to take her somewhere out to eat, a club, or on a little holilday it is always because a "friend" said it was "amazing". Said friend usually turns out to be some local Instagram socialite with a few thousand followers, not a celebrity by any stretch. One girl I was going out with only searched her various blogs for info on where to try something, like I would use Google for. Maybe that's just a bad sample, but I do know it...
 It works very well on and directly with women I noticed; restaurants, clothing and travel destinations especially.
The Viridi-anne nylon parka Very impressed with this piece. The quality is great, it has plenty of technical features and the cut is interesting. It's unlined and has zipped underarm vents so I can wear it as a windbreaker on the beach this spring.  
  Wanted something a little more mature than my Air Force 1's, but with a similar silhouette. The quality is better than I expected.
Some cheap tech looks from today and a couple nights ago when it rained.  
@EdwardB How do you like those prestos so far? Does that strap make much noise when you're walking around in them?
I always thought that model of Balenciagas was nice. I wonder how they look with a year or two of regular wear.
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