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McQueen oversized lows for summer.
@flowcharts That top is really great. Like that look a lot as is without the leather.
The fit on those jeans with those boots is really cool, cyc wid it.   @Ragechester I guess I need some 3M reflective hair spray to complete the look. I saw they made a new GITS movie; haven't had the time to check it out yet.
@endorphinz That first look is really good. A new pose and better lighting and I think you'd get a lot of positive response. Lots of nice outfits the past few pages. Really enjoyed Superbobos latest one, Synthese' and Ragechester's. Been wearing this this past few days, trying to get back into shape for summer by driving less. Whole outfit is K-mart, even the shoes heh. They aren't bad for $7.  This was a few nights ago, new sneakers and a new 3M jacket (I'm a child). I...
+ 30 = 104,030
It's because I'm so cute.
Yea, she's having fun in Japan at the moment on a trip.   I like this new outfit she got from Aussie women's label "The Fifth". The silhouettes are cool. She has a few new monochrome looks from there.  
  Issey Miyake Rufus Green Rufus Green Nike
I bought a few Issey jackets from that seller before the prices creeped up a bit too high. He/she usually has a lot of cool items being added every week. http://www.ebay.com/itm/AMAZING-RARE-ISSEY-MIYAKE-MEN-MILITARY-AIR-JACKET-BLOUSON-2-Black-MENS-TOP-/171962035766?hash=item2809bc6e36 This thing looks fun. Got a nylon IM vest in today:  [[SPOILER]]
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