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Type "3D military bag" in eBay. These are about $30 shipped. Polyurethane-lined, 600D nylon. There are a lot of colours available. Mine is still going strong.​​​
​I'll PM you first if I want to get rid of that JPG poncho. I have about 100 more items to list. I am just very busy now and it takes time to photograph and decribe everything. ​​
Here is a listing in XS:   http://www.ebay.com/itm/Nike-Womens-Sportswear-NSW-Military-Ventile-Trench-Jacket-Size-X-Small-NEW-/331669984581
Love that coat, el bert. I want one.
I thought this minimalist Ventile coat with fully taped seams was quite special, coming from Nike. The quality is really up there. Grabbed it for my sister. There are a few left on eBay in khaki/olive for around $50.  
I saw the women's version in a retail store a week or two ago. The cut looked really interesting and the pleated section had a nice feel to it.
Love that Regis. Pants colour is great especially.
That Y3 Sport Vest Backpack looked cool when I checked it out at Sneaker Boy. How are you liking it so far as a bag? I worried if that might not be able to hold very much.
I like how they look but they handle very poorly in person when I tried them on at a Nike store. They felt plasticky and cheap to me relative to some of the other models Nike sells. If I found a black pair for $50 at an outlet I'd give them a go though.
Why don't the space gulls have helmets? Let's do this right. And this time don't embarrass yourself.
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