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+ 60 = 72,240
Thanks for the votes everyone, I feel bad to place well since I didn't actually wear this out. Voted for Chocsosa and Tiralleur1, really liked their styles and the actual photos too.   Also, T, if you don't like your prize, maybe I can cede and you and Chocsosa can administrate the next challenge together and award that gift card to the next winner? Otherwise I'm happy to co-run the next challenge with Chocsosa. Will try to come up with something simple and fun to get a...
Thanks, took the photos with a timer.
It's all in the pose, my man. Suit is Prada, tee is Zara (I like their superior pima tees, they look and feel pretty good for $15), shoes and belt are Lanvin.
Yesterday   Today   I think the shoes are weak in today's fit but didn't want to wear black low tops. Might get some white or even beige or cream low tops for casual outfits like this.   @orlais Looks cool, wish we could see it better. Pants fit is nice.
+ 30 = 70,680
Nike V442 Woven are nice and slim, but there is a bit of tapering under the knee; and they are stretch polyester not sweatpants. They have them in grey and black. I've got tech fleece pants and the cut is similar, but the fit is better, especially around the hips.  
@Synthese I'll see what I can do next time I'm in Sydney.
@el Bert She (unfortunately) takes after her brother in many ways.
5C on the beach and windy as. The concept behind this outfit is a reimagining of Frosty the Snowman 57 years in the future and nursing a steady crystal habit.  
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