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2 days to go. Great entries so far.
+ 100 = 25,386
It's very humid and hot out. In fact, we are in the grip of a heat wave, the hottest on record for the month of March. One way to "beat the heat" is to enjoy lots and lots of ice cream.  So that's all I've been doing. Why I don't think I've slept in days... Post your favourite fits that you like to wear while enjoying ice cream. Here's mine. (Ice cream tip #5: make your ice cream experience even better by sharing it with friends!)   
It's suits or blazers. You can post what you like as long as it features one of those.  I'd have thought you'd be all over this challenge.   Roughly 5 days left.
manofkent: That's a really great outfit. The fit on those pants is perfect to me and I like the contrast you've created with the flannel shirt. I always appreciate and admire your photography as well.
 Thanks for posting this here, when I saw it in the other thread I thought it was perfect for this challenge. To clarify: the rule regarding the photo needing to be taken for this challenge was poorly worded by me. I'd just like the fits submitted to have been photographed during the timeframe of the challenge; not something that was taken months or years ago that we've already seen and appreciated in the WAYWT or brand threads. The intent of that rule was just to generate...
+100 = 23,359
regis: Post that fit in my challenge thread . It needs a bump.
+ 100 = 22,594
Here's a messy one to start. You can post as many entries as you want, just tell me which one you want me to use for voting when I set up the poll.  
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