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 I hope you are happy, Brad. Your violent eruption has left beloved forums chaperone "in stitches" emotionally shaken, confused and bewildered. This is what video games do to people, I guess.
 Chalk up another one for Team Sega.  I read it as yet another outburst in a long string of meltdowns that have been occurring since his first wedgie received in middle school gym class.
After reading the last few pages I called up my dad and thanked him for never letting me have a Nintendo when I was a kid.
+ 80 = 95,648
 The only other Aussie brands in my closet are Cotton-On (a pair of cargo pants and 2 tees), Ksubi (white MA-1 style bomber I posted a fit or two ago and a hooded two tone shirt) but I think they are dead now, and Death Suite (they have some cool digital prints and they go 50% off at the end of every season on their website). There's Chronicles of Never as well which was started by someone who used to be involved with Ksubi, but I don't have much experience with them.
 I live in a tourist trap with an eclectic mix of Japanese working holidays in baggy streetwear fits, roided-out fake-tanned gym rats strutting in footy shorts and singlets that are cut so low their nipples are exposed, bearded and tatted-up coffee shop hipster nerds in vintage Americana, Saudis in full black hajibs, real estate agents sweating their arses off in polyester suits, and your typical surfie NEETs in Billabong board shorts and rubber sandals. I go out pretty...
I don't own any Adidas shoes but I thought these were pretty nice.  
Thanks KongG, I voted for you as well. Was a unique and great looking fit; challenge or no. Looking forward to the next one.
Thanks, it's in Darling Harbour.
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