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New pair of the Rufus Green pants I always wear, but in a mesh polyester fabric lined with cotton terry.       And these Nike Frees; they were on sale at Foot Locker Australia for $80. I guess people didn't like the stingray coating, but I think it looks pretty cool.  
@shootspeed Really nice. Looks good without being too affected. Hair looks cool too.
@snowmanxl Yes the pants are Prada Sport. Very lightweight with some stretch. The hems are adjustable with Velcro. The jacket is Jean Paul Gaultier made in a similar textile.
aux: Cute baby. I like those pants, they look cool and comfortable. My photos came out really bad; fair warning. Yesterday: Today: [[SPOILER]]
Looks cool and relaxed to me. I like it. I am not fond of how the sleeves are rolled, but that's just my preference and easily changed anyway. Fit on the pants looks very nice compared to your jeans' fit. New hair looks good.
Really? Damn, my bad. I thought I had ticked the option that prevented white people from voting.   Anyway, looks like the poll shut. Congrats KGFan with a great summer Rick outfit. Looking forward to the next sw&d challenge. Good job Parker and Willy for coming very close as well.
Deadlocked again, someone break this if you haven't voted yet.
This recent fit looks pretty good to me, CM. Wouldn't change anything. Can you grow your hair out, or shave it down some? I think a cooler haircut would make a bigger difference than small changes to your relatively basic jeans and sneakers outfits.   Agree with others re: the unbuttoned shirt over tee, doesn't look good in your other pics.
Bump, let's get some more votes in for all the cool pics people have posted.
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