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MoK: Cool pants. Shirt looks really good tucked in. Nice photography as usual.
+100 = 63,475
Tiralleur mixes traditional textures and colours with a more contemporary menswear style very well too, I think.   Can't wait to see what KongGeorge can do in a cork hat, Drizabone and Steve Irwin overall shorts.
NN: Actually they're my favourite sunnies signed by all the members of the Backstreet Boys and the day I take these beauties off is the day you stop posting exhibitionist pics of your wife all over the forums (hopefully never).   red2c: Check my gallery I think I have a pic or two in there with the reverse side of this jacket sans sunglasses.
Something simple if you want more participation. Felt the complexity of this one and the need to take 2 pics was a barrier for many. Post a pic of the paintings when you guys get them. Really liked your entry Kong, one of my favorite fits I've seen online.
KG: I like the vest, but I'd prefer sneakers with a slightly lower profile/smaller silhouette with those pants. Great look regardless.  
+ 30 = 50,086
  Jacket: Issey MiyakeLong Sleeve Tee and Tank: Rufus GreenCargo pants: Cotton OnSneakers: Jean Paul Gaultier replicas/fakes (took me a while to find out what they were, got them in a market in Korea for $25 ages ago)   Cheers.
NN: Second outfit would be next level if you grew that scraggly beard and a stringy, dirt-bag mullet out. Nice view on the first one. 
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