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I like the colour, but don't like the branding or the liner. And... you look very angry like you are thinking of hitting someone, especially with those fists all balled up like that. Those sunglasses look good on you.
Happy to see you posting here KG and without having to defend/explain your tastes to half a dozen idiots every time you post a pic.
canstyleace: awesome set up (and moves too) fuji: how are you finding those rings set up on a door frame pull-up bar so far? I wouldn't have thought that could work well.
Thanks.Puma x Hussein Chalayan traveller jacketPrada Wool zip jacket and a long sleeve teeCotton-On slim cargos (wouldn't usually buy anything from this brand but the fit was very good on me and they were only $20)No idea what the shoes are, I got them for around $45 in Korea at a shoe maker my girlfriend was at picking out some boots for herself. The shop had these plastic folders with pictures in them of hundreds of kinds of shoes and you can pick the designs you like,...
Thanks. I'm trying to learn how to use my camera's settings properly and it's actually cold enough at the moment to put on outerwear and layer. Eight months of the year all I can wear are loose tees, tank tops and thin cotton trousers or shorts.
+30 = 64,835
Count yourself lucky that you can even wear a tee. It's the middle of winter here and I didn't even wear a shirt yesterday; just had on a perforated, vented and unlined running jacket and a pair of light track pants.
+ 30 = 61,083
New Posts  All Forums: