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Short answer: size up. You can always wear heavy socks or slightly looser boots. You can't wear boots that are too small at all.  Long answer: it depends. If you give reference point on what you wear in other common lasts, as well as which viberg last you're looking at, that would be very helpful. The only viberg I own is 2030, and I recommend sizing down a half from TTS, but for some people it's a whole size. It just depends on what you usually do. Taking the same size as...
 Then what defect, if any, would you deem unacceptable? What would actually signal the decline of a company that once stood for unmatched quality? It's fine if the answer is, "No one single thing, it's something that needs to be considered in the aggregate," but I'm just trying to clarify if that's what you think.  IMO, anything that could have been caught by a basic QA review is unacceptable to have left the door for a handmade product, and makes me seriously reconsider...
 There's a huge difference between consistent production and not letting blatantly obvious mistakes leave the factory. 
 This is totally backwards. The value of handmade goods is in their attention to detail and craftsmanship. We don't pay more for a handmade product because it's *inferior* to a machine-made equivalent. We pay more because someone is holding the item at every step of the construction and personally asserting its made to certain standards.  Sure certain idiosyncrasies may pop up here and there, but something as obvious and easy to catch as this discoloration is just...
Increased demand/production without increased production capacity, presumably. 
It's weird, the navy one looks correct, but the other one almost looks like Alden's #8. I've seen Viberg's #8 and it's typically much redder/lighter, but Alden's #8 shell get refinished to a deep burgundy/eggplant, and that's what the off boot looks like in the pic above. Doesn't look navy hardly at all. 
This leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Those shoes are clearly two different colors. Either no one bothered to look at the boots, or they looked and thought, "eh, maybe they won't complain." Neither scenario is acceptable in my opinion at this or any price point, but especially at this price point. 
 Damnit. Those look so fucking good. I started at those on the website for literally weeks and didn't pull the trigger. But seeing your pics, I wish I had. 
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