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I'm really intrigued by #22. Does anyone have a pic of English Tan Dublin looks like in a makeup rather than just a swatch?   Edit: found some pics at this post: http://www.styleforum.net/t/347101/official-viberg-boot-sample-sale#post_6329252   Looks really badass. I'd be in for #22! Would also support Olive Oil, #14. 
I feel like this proposal process is made unnecessarily difficult by the lack of transparency in available leathers. So many people keep getting their wrist slapped for proposing options that aren't feasible, but without a list of available leathers it's all just a guessing game. 
I love that Gentry boot! I'd buy it in a heartbeat if it ever became available again and really regret missing out the first time.
Not nearly enough people talking about using Snuff Kudu all up in here. It's the softest most amazing leather ever.   Model: Service Boot Last: 110  Leather: Snuff kudu suede Leather (tongue): brown cxl  Eyelets: 5 brass eyelets + 2 speedhooks Sole: Commando Comments: Heel pull tab, natural midsole 
The grailed explicitly says they're natty shell, not brandy. There was a pair matching this exact description in the second sample sale. They were samples because one of the toe-caps has an unusual ripple, clearly visible in the grailed images. If that's what qualifies as conjecture, then I don't know what else you'd need for proof. 
 Love those first scouts, are those on the 110?
Maybe. I honestly dont particularly care. I dont think it's a great buy, but that doesn't mean someone won't buy them.  Also, there's not any particular reason to believe they'll never be made again. I mean, maybe they won't, but maybe they will, who knows? And if they're not, why does that matter? Lots of things will never be made again that no one cares about. 
I don't think they're the brandy's, I think they're from the sample sale, you can tell by the messed up toecap ripple. Dude's also trying to flip them for more than he paid, despite also wearing them a bunch. maybe he'll get it, but I doubt it. 
great news for anyone with tiny feet, as those size 6 copper chukkas are awesome. 
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