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When selling shoes, it's customary to specify the size. 
Lol that was fast
nope straight out of the box, though the color looks a little deeper/more vibrant in these photos, and they're perhaps a little flatter and less shiny in person. 
I'll be posting a more thorough review on monday but here's a preview of the natty cxl bergs i just got from Mr Porter http://imgur.com/a/VHWDO[1]               Thoughts: they're heavy, and the cxl is really thick, which had some weird implication for their fit and form that i wasn't sure I was totally into at first. For a moment I was sure I was going to send them back, but have since decided to keep them.
 Those are beyond amazing. I don't wear much in the way of hardcore work aesthetic, but if I was gonna get a 310, this would without a doubt be the makeup I'd want.
super whet. 
Just so y'all know, I thought the natty pics looked so good I had to instacop the mr porter drop today. As soon as I saw those pics come in I knew I'd made a mistake not backing that gmto. Great makeup and looking forward to getting my pair in!
Exact same for me. Natty's looked great in the GMTO so I couldn't resist, grabbed the last pair in 10 myself. 
Natty cxls are looking so good, everyone. Makes me regret not getting in on it!
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