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I get mine from Banana Republic and they've been great. No slippage at all, and pretty cheap if you get them at one of their many 40% sales. 
    I have the Mr Porter makeup which is nearly identical to the MTO. I wear them about once a week, and they're medium-comfy. More comfortable than dress shoes, but less comfortable than any of my Aldens. The CXL is super thick and heavy which makes them feel much more solid, but also pretty rigid. 
Sick. Those are 110, right?
@avsmusic1 fwiw, this last fits pretty large, much wider than the freakishly narrow 5 last the strand is on. Do you wear anything on the 7 last? If not, it's definitely possible these might fit!
http://imgur.com/a/A1LEO   I just bought these last week off another member here who somewhat unscrupulously misled me about the sizing, as he said they fit the same as another pair he sold, which they very much do not. Which is a real bummer, because these shoes are beautiful. Amazing golden snuff suede color with a subtle medallion in the toe. For those who don't know, Hender Scheme is a high end Japanese sneaker brand who's shoes retaill for ~$1000. These really are...
http://imgur.com/a/zHMWz   I just freshly conditioned these with a little VSC and was really impressed at how much luster and shine it restored. These fantastic shoes feature Horween #8 shell cordovan which is turning a deep ruby in a few places. Very few rolls have developed across the vamp. I just bought a few new shoes and am downsizing my lesser worn pairs to make room. For reference, I'm a 10.5D brannock and these fit perfectly.
These retail for $298 at Brooks Brothers. http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Peal-Co.%C2%AE-Chukka-Field-Boots/614H,default,pd.html I bought a pair of their excellent house brand Peal and Co. chukkas off ebay, but unfortunately they're a size too small for me. These are manufactured in England by one of C&J, Alfred Sargent, or Loake.  Just trying to sell them for what I paid, and I'll eat the shipping. Snuff suede is a great rich color and buttery soft, and they're on an...
so then dont discuss it....
 That makes one of us. I'm decidedly not on the WF hype train... 
For the next GMTO, would anyone be down for a 310 in copper roughout?
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