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 Yeah, you know, I honestly wasn't sure myself at first. I grabbed them from the sample sale on an impulse, figuring I could sell them at cost if I didn't like them. The color definitely has an old-timey basketball/football vibe, which those chunky white cotton laces really, really play up.  The darker laces are so much more refined and really do change the perception of the boot a lot. I think some light brown flat kangaroo laces might look cool, or maybe rawhide. I just...
5 string jazz deluxe had it since high school, but don't get to play nearly as much as I'd like anymore.
I've actually switched them out for some dark green flat waxed laces, but I might switch back. Also considering getting black/natural rawhide to put in there, too.  
Tan french calf service boots from the sample sale. 2030, partially structured toe, 7 eyelets, dainite. My first vibergs, and so far I'm digging them. No blemishes, scrapes or other errors to make it seem like they were seconds. Instead, it seems to be a makeup they didn't pursue and instead went to production on two different colors of calf.             
what are the p2p measurements? sometimes rrl will have insane sizing where 25" is a xs... 
 My thoughts exactly. Have been trying to decide what I plan to do instead. The stock brown french calf vibergs use waxed round laces  But I think those work better with the 10 eyelets. Was thinking about either natural or black rawhide, but not sure, am still waiting to get the boots in my hand until I decide. 
nice choice. i saw there were a handful of chukkas that weren't selling, would have considered a pair if they had one in my size. I was torn between a couple pairs, but grabbed the tan calfskin service boots because they were the least like anything else I already own.   
Ditto on shipping confirmation. I saw someone in another thread talking about import duties, but maybe they weren't in the US.  Regardless, these will be my first vibergs. Excited to see if they live up to the hype.  Which pair did you get?
Does anyone know if I should expect customs fees from the recent sample sale, and if so, how much? Boots were $500. 
Interested in picking up a pair of like-new or lightly worn OSB Trail mocs in Peanut Suede on Vibram sole. Also potentially interested in navy/brown cxl, or navy suede, but preference is for the peanut suede. Size is 10 or 10.5   Price negotiable depending on condition.
New Posts  All Forums: