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Notre is doing 2030, 7 antique brass eyelets, matching tongue, partial structure, plain toe, pull tab. Set to release in May or June. Similar to #11, though not exact.    http://www.reddit.com/r/goodyearwelt/comments/2x8rbe/upcoming_viberg_for_notre_ss_arrivals/coxyres
Isn't Notre in Chicago releasing #11 already as an exact makeup in May? 
I'm lending my support for Olive Oil. Would prefer 9 eyelets, but don't have strong preference. Who else is down with Olive Oil?
 They likely will not last longer than any other boot made with quality materials and construction, which can be had for half the price. You're definitely paying for the styling, the aesthetic, and yeah, to some extent, the brand. Whether or not that's worth it though is up to you. 
Think that puts #22 at 4 fwiw...
The ambient light in the room is very yellow, which is combining with the navy boots to give them a greenish/brownish cast, most noticeable on his left foot which is on the ground. Focus on the shine coming off the toe of his right boot and it looks more navy. 
If you're interested in the English Tan Dublin on 2030 (#22), please say something. I'm all for this makeup, but trying to get a sense of if it's even worth bothering about or if I should switch to something else. 
I'm really intrigued by #22. Does anyone have a pic of English Tan Dublin looks like in a makeup rather than just a swatch?   Edit: found some pics at this post: http://www.styleforum.net/t/347101/official-viberg-boot-sample-sale#post_6329252   Looks really badass. I'd be in for #22! Would also support Olive Oil, #14. 
I feel like this proposal process is made unnecessarily difficult by the lack of transparency in available leathers. So many people keep getting their wrist slapped for proposing options that aren't feasible, but without a list of available leathers it's all just a guessing game. 
I love that Gentry boot! I'd buy it in a heartbeat if it ever became available again and really regret missing out the first time.
New Posts  All Forums: