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It's weird, the navy one looks correct, but the other one almost looks like Alden's #8. I've seen Viberg's #8 and it's typically much redder/lighter, but Alden's #8 shell get refinished to a deep burgundy/eggplant, and that's what the off boot looks like in the pic above. Doesn't look navy hardly at all. 
This leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Those shoes are clearly two different colors. Either no one bothered to look at the boots, or they looked and thought, "eh, maybe they won't complain." Neither scenario is acceptable in my opinion at this or any price point, but especially at this price point. 
 Damnit. Those look so fucking good. I started at those on the website for literally weeks and didn't pull the trigger. But seeing your pics, I wish I had. 
Looking good! Are those the BCC brown cxl service boots?
it's definitely more pink than red, but check out this 3sixteen chambray in M, NWT i have for sale   http://*****************/listings/25442-3sixteen-nwt-red-chambray-shirt   Grailed Link   edit: clickthrough is giving me errors, not sure why, let me know if you're having same problem i guess
Bought these for $225 last year, and hoped I could get away with sizing up in length, but alas, I should have gotten a wider, shorter size instead. Oh well, let my loss be your gain. Condition is 8/10. More pics here: http://imgur.com/a/LcZq1  
 Can someone clarify for me what I'm looking at in terms of the erorr? I honestly don't see the problem. 
  Tan french calf service boots from the first sample sale today. Difficult to capture the color of these on camera, but they're not quite so orange in person. 
I'm kinda curious to see if you can get MSRP back out of them. Probably, I'm guessing? Especially if #4 Alden shells go for like $1500 or whatever. But I feel like I would be super stubborn about it, know what you paid, and know that they're worn, I'd want like $100 off or something....
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