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yeah i think that's what i meant. 
If you're still considering the Standard & Strange natty cxl, I'd say go for that. I have the Mr Porter natty cxl's and they're my favorite boots I own. Although the leather looks a little washed out and blank at first, the natty cxl really darkens and patinas to a beautiful golden brown over time. I wear them twice as often as my #8 shell bergs. 
If they fit, they will probably be on the snug side, which is fine for shell boots as you'll probably wear them with dress socks anyways, Or they might be too small. The fact that you're right on the edge, but giving two sizes for all your measurements makes it hard to know for sure. 
It's borderline. They might fit, but might be too small. What sizes do you wear in other common lasts (alden barrie? converse? any other vibergs?) Price is hard to say, because viberg shell is really really rare. fwiw, I bought a pair of very lightly worn boots with the same specs as you describe (2030, dainite, #8 shell) for $860. But if they're in good condition, anything up to 1000 sounds pretty reasonable. 
 Nope, I believe tomorrow is just leftovers, per Andrew.  EDIT: Source: http://www.3sixteen.com/blogs/news/34263941-viberg-for-3sixteen-new-styles Relevant quote: "Both boot styles will release at our NYC office and showroom on Wednesday, July 1st at noon EST...The remainder of the stock from this run will post online on Thursday, July 2nd at noon EST."
 if you haven't already bought the coffee chromepak or have plans to do so in the very immediate future, I'm not sure you will have that as an option, as word from folks in line is that they'll probably sell out today. 
    Tan calf service boots from last summer's sample sale. My first pair of Vibergs and probably my second favorite overall (behind natty cxl 2030 service boot). Every time I wear them, I wonder why I don't wear them more....
 Amazing! Very underrated makeup because it's such an interesting color. Is it CXL?
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