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these are listed as 10/10.5, and I take a 10 in the 2030. 
Vibergs will always be my first love, but I was looking for something a little different lately and picked up a pair of Galways and have really been enjoying them.       
Recently purchased my first pair of EGs. Rosewood Country Calf Galways from Westley Richard. 64 last. Have really been enjoying these, as they're a nice alternative to the rest of my footwear collection which consists mostly of alden and viberg.               
Official product pics and specs here: http://www.3sixteen.com/products/st-44x-slim-tapered-khaki-selvedge-chino These pants are in mint, like-new condition. I picked them up last summer and wore them a couple times, but the waist is a little too small for me. They're size 34, and the waist is pretty much TTS. The best thing about these pants is that the texture on these things is insane. Such an interesting fabric, and a nice light weight for summer.    
Yes, because the pair that fits tightest (the calf) is actually the pair that fits me best. The CXL fit so large I probably could have sized down in them. 
 I don't have any GYW, but I have noticed significant differences in sizing on my SD size 10 service boots. The natty CXL fit the loosest and I probably could have sized down to 9.5 on them. The tan calf fit the tightest, and the #8 shell fit somewhere in between.  Not sure how GYW vs SD would affect that, but I do feel there is significant variation between leathers, or possibly even just due to the standard tolerances of the construction process. 
This still available? in 9.5 or 10UK?
navy latigo scouts, blurry explorer up front  
Explorer + Viberg + SNS Herning Stark  
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