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 Not sure pics on an internet forum specifically intended for people who buy the boots really qualifies as "as in the wild"...
If I had to guess, it's probably so they can make trimmer derbies. The stitchdown looks nice, but it's so chunky, if they want to make something a little sleeker they'll need to use a GYW. 
I have a red RC tiger fleece zip up and it has not pilled at all. 
 I would, except you don't list the size. It's grouped in with the smalls, but you didn't actually specify so it's impossible to know. 
What's the size, measurements on "Black Fleece Charcoal Gray w Lt Gray/Crimson trim. Wool, Retail $350. $145"?
@LA Guy Brett Viberg posted this picture of "dark coffee" chromepak on IG the other day:   http://instagram.com/p/xlKbwtigh4/?modal=true   Any idea if this is the leather that's potentially used for the chromepak GMTO? Any updates as far as timeframes for ordering?    Thanks in advance!
 i look at people's ugly ass shoes on the el and the bus every single day and never see anyone wearing anything that isnt beyond terrible. But my understanding is that if two vibergs cross paths, the higher last number has the right of way. I'll keep my eye out... 
Does anyone have any tips on where I could find a cigar or ravello shell plain-toe or captoe boot in 2015? I know cigar can be tough to come by, but if anyone knows of any pre-orders or even stores it would be worth inquiring with, I'd appreciate it. Also willing to consider second-hand. Ideally looking for plaza, but would do barrie or grant, too. I'm a 10.5D TTS, 10D barrie. 
tate and yoko recently restocked the brown service boot on christy sole. email them and ask to be waitlisted for the next restock. 
Short answer: size up. You can always wear heavy socks or slightly looser boots. You can't wear boots that are too small at all.  Long answer: it depends. If you give reference point on what you wear in other common lasts, as well as which viberg last you're looking at, that would be very helpful. The only viberg I own is 2030, and I recommend sizing down a half from TTS, but for some people it's a whole size. It just depends on what you usually do. Taking the same size as...
New Posts  All Forums: