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No mahogany for me. Too close to my #8! But congrats to everyone that got in.  
 i have the Mr Porter Natty CXL service boots (very similar to the HoF makeup), and while they're probably my favorite boots I own, considering you already have the natty aldens I'd keep the aged bark.
I sized down a half from brannock for 2030, and a whole for 110. 
I don't know about ever, but in recent memory (past 2 years) I don't think they have. 
It looked like rain here in Chicago and couldn't decide if I should wear my bad weather bergs, or my new trickers, so I said fuck it, por que no los dos?  
 Not sure if it's due to the size of my trees, but they don't even reach the toe of my service boots, they get blocked at the taper and completely collapse the spring. 
Anyone have any recommendations on how to get a pair of ravello daytrippers? Looking for a pair of ravello captoe boots, grant or plaza last. Where can I put my name on a waiting list?
 Hard to say for sure but it looks like #8 CXL to me, not shell. 
Looking for Alden Ravello cap toe boots. Grant/plaza 10.5D-11 preferred, also willing to look at barrie in 10-10.5D, 
For anyone considering the 110 boondocker, I highly recommend it. I have this second-hand pair from the 2014 sample sale that's on a leather sole, and it's a machine. The perfect boot that looks better and better the more beat up it gets.   
New Posts  All Forums: