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 That's definitely true. Do you really think it's the Stitchdown --> GYW that explains the lack of sales, or is it possible that Viberg is started to be somewhat saturated relative to demand, and that many of folks that want this type of shoe enough to pay $750 already have it?
 Lots of places use stitchdown. White's and Nicks, part of the same PNW bootmaking tradition as Viberg, both use it, as do the new Truman Boot Co. Others places too, I'm sure. 
Price drop bump
Price drop bump. 
Price drop bump
I don't even really mind that it's GYW instead of stitchdown, but I'm not a fan of the orange welt they used.  
  There was some brief discussion regarding the 110 lasted boondockers that popped up on Grailed over the weekend. They showed up saturday morning, were shipped out same day, and they've already traveled from LA to Chicago in that time!    I was concerned at first, as they're a 9.5 whereas I take a 10 in the 2030. However, the fit is pretty much perfect, especially with the bootsocks I plan on wearing with them. I believe this pair was from the first sample sale from...
  Shell bergs again today. So good. 
 Sorry folks, I grabbed them. However, I take a 10 in the 2030 and these are a 9.5 on 110. I've never tried on a 110 but I've heard it fits pretty roomy in the heel, so I'm hoping they fit, but if they're too small I'll be putting them back up for sale for same as I paid so that someone else on here can enjoy them. 
Are those the corded soles?
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