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Grabbed these off ebay, but unfortunately they're just a bit large on me. They're on the 234 last, which is similar to the 5 last but a little more generous around the ball and toe. The soles are in great shape, and you can still read the original AE imprint.   Shoe trees not included. 
Gently worn Wolverine 1000 Miles, 10.5D, $150 + shipping   http://imgur.com/a/94Kly   I bought these brand new from Nordstrom about a year ago (MSRP $355), and estimate I've worn them about once a week. They've still got tons of life left in them. They've been regularly conditioned, and always stored with shoe trees.    The toes are a little scuffed from normal wear, but a tiny dab of burgundy polish would bring them right back to new.    I'm only selling because I...
The boot you linked has a brogue toe cap.    This one doesn't, despite the description saying so, as well as the CS email.    http://brooklynclothingco.bigcartel.com/product/brown-service-boot
 I figured as much.  FWIW, here's the reply I got from Brooklyn Clothing Co:   Clearly the person handling their CS doesn't know what a brogued captoe is, but I do gather that the picture is accurate, rather than the description. 
 I emailed requesting clarification on those two very points, as well as whether the prices were listed in USD or CAD. I'm pretty sure its USD, but they don't actually specify and they're a canadia-based shop, so it was worth clarifying. 
Ok, well, apparently ive had a brain aneurism or something and have lost the gift of memory. Hopefully I at least have some Memento style adventures in my future. 
 Interested, I thought I had remembered it as being the same color as the pre-order that sold out in 8 seconds or whatever, but I guess not. I do feel as though I remember them as warning they were 2nds though. 
interested, I thought I had remembered it as being the same color as the pre-order that sold out in 8 seconds or whatever, but I guess not. 
 there were only two shells available. One was a 2nds quality of brandy for 900, one was a black pebble grain that sat for a few days at 800 or 900, but had a few price drops before someone bought it. I don't remember how much it went for, but it's for sale in the marketplace now, or at least it was as of last week or something. 
 Yeah, you know, I honestly wasn't sure myself at first. I grabbed them from the sample sale on an impulse, figuring I could sell them at cost if I didn't like them. The color definitely has an old-timey basketball/football vibe, which those chunky white cotton laces really, really play up.  The darker laces are so much more refined and really do change the perception of the boot a lot. I think some light brown flat kangaroo laces might look cool, or maybe rawhide. I just...
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