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Quote: Originally Posted by kgmessier Did my first actual 5K today. Time was 27:02. Well done. Are you going for 10K the next time?
I experienced quite serious IT band pain a while back up to the point that I couldn't finish my run, had pain walking for two days, and took a week off after that. I'll try some stretches for it and am starting again slowly. Problem is I've got my first half marathon in less than two weeks from now and I'm not sure if I'll make that. Maybe I'll change my enrollment to the 8K they have.
A woman can also have a birth control device inserted in her womb that has birth control hormones attached. These are only a tiny amount of those in the pill, because they work directly where they need to. The hormones release slowly, only thing to do is have the thing replaced every few years. Not sure how these devices are called in English though. No surgery, no period , none or at least far less of the health risks that come with the pill as far as I know, maybe...
10 mile race yesterday, 1:43:07 Amsterdam Dam to Dam race, 35000 entries.
10 miles yesterday in 1:50, next week there's the 10 mile race and I'll try to be a bit quicker. Got some chafing on my inner thighs, but that'll heal.
It's been a while. I've moved house, and now have enough space to set up my Concept 2 Model B again! I had stored it away disassembled as I bought it from my rowing club years ago and wanted to overhaul it before using which I had no space for in our previous home. So, just now I have cleaned and checked it. There are some parts I would want to replace before putting everything together again. Checking out my local distributors website I see they do not stock all the...
Michael, I asked him for a Budapester last and said you had wanted to see more pictures of it. I am not sure if I can compare it with anything directly, I would need to find some pictures of others first. He did put some tape over the name on the last because it is a last for one of his clients. I do feel it is elegant while retaining traditional aspects of this Austro-Hungarian style, but maybe connoisseurs could chime in here. What I can also say is that Alfred...
Here's some pictures of a Budapester type last at Spring Line that member Michael Ay329 wanted to see up close. Hi Michael, hope this is what you wanted.
So, I had an appointment with Michael at Spring Line to get measured for bespoke lasts. Spring Line is the only remaining last manufacturer in Britain, which does mean they make lasts for many different shoe factories, both in Britain and abroad, for men's, women's and children's shoes, from dress shoes to sports shoes. They make both wooden lasts and plastic lasts. I mentioned going to Spring Line at several factory shops, and everyone said this was going to be good and...
Added Jefferey West shop pictures on page 2. Now if my kids will give me some rest I'll try and do the bit on Spring Line next.
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