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I was recently looking through my closet of shirts and ties and was wondering what could bring more spunk to them. I was thinking of suspenders just for that different look. I am in sales and not required to wear a jacket, only a tie. Because it is retail sales, I was wanting a way to bring fun into such a dull atmosphere. What colors do I coordinate with? Bold colors from the tie, or subtle colors? Or am I just going to make myself look like an idiot?
This past weekend I happened to see a few of these shoes in a local shoe store and was able to see the cataloge. The website shows them fairly well, too. Any opinions? Experiences? They didn't look like bad quality, and didn't feel bad either. Just curious.
I can personally say I have learned on thing from being on here ... why use clothes to show wealth, intellegence, etc? I am personally from Southwest Kansas. Being from there, it was hard enough to convince parents and such that $60 was an okay price for jeans, let alone over $100 for shoes. As for suits, I am sure that most got what they needed at the closest JC Penny's and such. Even the ones with money dressed well. But wore only what they needed and not to show what...
Because the humidity here is so high, I stopped wearing undershirts with my dress shirts for work. I am finding now that some of my lighter colored ones are getting to be stained. I remember someone talking about the aluminum in them causes these stains. Are there any particular brands that I can look for, either in liquid or cream? Also, where is the best place to find these products?
Now being relatively new to this forum, I feel like I am speaking out of place. But from my standpoint, I could never afford to buy a suit of that stature, and would feel uncomfortable in such a thing. But I have to agree that if you are nuts about fashion it is well worth it. Anyone that is like this is able to appreciate the quality and workmanship of such a product. Now I have never heard of these brands before coming here, and now that I have checked them out, I can...
A girl I work with told me of a rule of 'no white shoes after Labor Day'. I am wondering on how true this may be. With it here now, I am wondering if I need to rush out and change my fall lineup or ignore the idea. I am a college student at a midwest school. I feel that I have been very sheltered in the fashion world growing up in the middle of no where. Back home it is jeans, t shirts, and white shoes. I have no clue about what to do about my fall wardrobe and am open to...
Throw away what you want, but the bowling shoes are actually beginning to be the new trend in the footwear industry. Most styles are going to the contrast stiching and mulitple contrasting colors. Check out a good store and you will see. Least then you can claim true 'vintage' style. As for the clothes, stains and frays have always been acceptable for throwing away clothing.
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