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So you have confirmation that the product was received by the vendor, but you never received the item you exchanged for or your money back?
Did you get a shipping confirmation yet?
I wash mine in cold water and hang dry them to avoid any shrinking.
  This sadly is troubling and makes me weary of placing an order for some things I very much have been wanting.
Takes much longer to drive yourself with the shirts to the cleaners, tell them what you want, drive back home and wait until they're finished with them. Then, drive back and go get them, inspect them, pay up and drive back home with them. Takes a couple minutes per shirt if you do them yourself, once you get some practice in.
Didn't hear back, oh well...
I sent an e-mail a few days ago. Hoping to hear back soon...
They have these year-long I believe. 3 dress shirts for $225.
Thanks. Do you have any more details on this? Is it on select items, or is it store-wide?
I recently picked up two ESF dress shirts and a two red fleece sports shirts. The red fleece runs slimmer than the ESF.
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