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^^ You should unbutton the bottom button and post pictures where most of the jacket isn't hidden.
Hi,   Are there any brands of jackets that are more forgiving for us men with ‘forward-pointing shoulders’? I recently received my first MTM jacket and trousers from my tailor. I believe the fit is ok, but there are a few issues and a main one is the dreaded collar roll. I've learned that the main effect of this is my posture. Going through the Fit Feedback thread, this seems to be an issue that very often comes up.   So are there any brands that you have tried on that...
Also, when doing MTM, how many passes will a tailor usually do to make the fit right before the alterations are made at additional costs? This isn't something my tailor and I agreed on. Though, on the trousers he has done a few additional adjustments at no additional cost. The jacket had a baste fitting, then an adjustment on the left shoulder (not sure what he did) to get rid of some rippling because of my left shoulder, unfortunately the back is still messy. I'll ask him...
Thank you so much for the feedback! After I posted the my pictures, I went back quite a few pages and saw some of the same issues with other gentlemen's suits and sort of figured out what is going on with mine. Also learned a little bit about my posture. I hadn't noticed the balance off, but after reading your comments and researching a bit I think I see what you're referring to. The front of the jacket is a bit longer than the back, and because of my left shoulder...
I've been meaning to ask..what exactly about the HY trousers make them high quality? What if I wanted a local tailor to make very similar ones, what are prices I (you) would expect to pay? Thanks.
This is an MTM jacket and trousers from a local tailor. It's my first attempt at MTM. I would welcome feedback on the jacket, trousers and shirt if possible. Thank you.   For reference, I am 5'8" (with these boots on) and 150 lbs.                
So you have confirmation that the product was received by the vendor, but you never received the item you exchanged for or your money back?
Did you get a shipping confirmation yet?
I wash mine in cold water and hang dry them to avoid any shrinking.
  This sadly is troubling and makes me weary of placing an order for some things I very much have been wanting.
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