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 thanks for the feedback. decided to get the regular 1k mile in black instead . maybe in the future I will get the captoe but for now I will play it safe.
I have the beckman 9030 for two months and I am a bit disappointed when water seeped in the moc stitches when I took it out on a day of heavy rain. everything else on the beckman I love tho the leather lining, great sole for fall/winter and even the laces. but will sell the 9030 and pick up the beckman 9016 instead
looking for a cap-toe for my next boots and torn between IR and Rockford. please help convince me why the rockford 1k is the better choice that the popular ir
I spent a good part of my night looking for waist level peacoats and heres the ones I found so far: -Billy Reid 'Bond' Peacoat (80% Wool), while Charcoal is 100% Wool -Bonobos Halifax Peacoat (80% Wool) -Superdry Commodity Pea Coat (83% Wool) -GAP Wool Peacoat (60% Wool) -Uniqlo Wool Peacoat (80% Wool) I ended up ordering the superdry as it was free shipping, didnt include tax on the grand total and had 83% wool. Hope this helps the shorter guys in this thread (like me).
Hey SF new member but been lurking for awhile. I received my jcrew dock peacoat in xs today and I love the fit but found it too long for me.   Few post back someone i saw the the billy reid pc and the length seems good for me (5'7 150lbs 36-38 chest), I dont mind biting the bullet for the billyreid pc but are there alternatives pc that are shorter?
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