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fyi 20% off site wide @
ordered the bourbon! thanks
Looking to pick up the Fifth Ave but not sure which to pick Bourbon calf or Burnished Calf   Current have: McAllister in Walnut Delray in Black Clifton in Burgandy
hey guys about to pick up CG Chateau not sure what size tho.   5'7 @ 153lbs, should I go small or xs? im thinking XS
where would be the best place to purchase anchor peacoat buttons?
thanks but should i exchange to 30 then? the fit of the 31 seems good and im able to button it without struggle
thanks for this, i do prefer the 1k rust colour than the rockford brown
hey guys got my first raw denim, the n&f okayama spirit weird guy. I'm usually a 30 but the got the 31 since its shrink to fit. Let me know how if the fitting seems approriate (have 14 days to exchange):
if you were to choose the 1000 mile or the 1000 mile captoe (rockford), which one would you pick? or just get both in different colors?
 just want to follow up with the n&f okayama spirits. Hows is the fade looking and how was the stretch/shrink?currently debating if spendng the extra $60 for okayama is worth it.edit,didnt realize n&f okayama spirits are shrink to fit
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