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Anyone know of any discounts, email sign ups or otherwise, for @Sydney Toronto? Their affiliate vendor thread is locked/they don't seem to be active anymore so I hope it's okay I ask here.
Not much of a Neil Barrett buyer myself, and kind of a weird place to find them, but I feel like someone would appreciate these bags at this price.   Oh also 25off gets you... 25% off
I apologize if this has been discussed in this thread but I didn't want to sift through everything...   Has anyone had trouble with Island Dunks separating at the "tongue" seam (where the "tongue" meets the side panel of the shoe)? If so, what have you done about it? Sent them back? Had a cobbler resew them?   Any help would be appreciated!
Anyone check this out? I'm mostly curious if they had any of those shearling jackets
If anyone is selling one of the B&W herringbone coats in a sz. 48, or knows someone who is selling one, please please please let me know! There's two on Grailed but neither of them are my size 
 Thanks! Ended up trying Revelry which was pretty good but far from authentic.
Are there any new stores worth checking out? Also total longshot, but anything good to eat near Division and 7th?
There's mostly women's left, maybe about four or five racks of mens. There was a fair amount of Valentino left, some OAMC suits, tees and light outerwear, some Lemaire tops and a pair of pants or two, a bunch of Y3, and a handful of Arcteryx pants. All of which are mostly in larger sizes. That was just what stood out to me though. 
I'm being very nit picky...but does anyone know if they offer price matches for things ordered like two days ago?
I was waiting for someone to blow the spot on those ramones. Also if you sign up for their email list they'll send you a $15 code that's valid for like 10 days
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