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Wow, I guess this also goes for the Agnelli boot as well. What a shame.
Sounds like an interesting guy. Do you know what he means when he says Rota trousers are more classic, and others not?
Can these shirts be worn untucked? How about the OCBD in particular?
We've seen 3 button and 2 button SB. Would love to see some attempts with a DB, if DB's are allowed.
@jedwards Is AmericanGent still in Naples? If you're interested in finding a tailor you can communicate well with, he might be a good guy to ask.
 Any chance you can post a full-frontal picture of that jacket?
That's a great DB. Sorry, is Francesco Musella your father?
Looks Cucinelli-esque. I like it a lot.
Silk denim seems interesting to me, never felt one before. I decided to google around looking for a recap on silk denim but couldn't find anything; what's the gist of it? Is it the feel and the look? Can it come in indigo or is the dying process a bit different? Looking at the pics here, I'm starting to want one for myself.
Real Borrelli or not? Everything looked OK to me but then I saw the typo on the little manual pinned to the sweater, "according to business rules, there is non [bolded error] chance to get a lot paying a little". Not sure if authentic but I don't have any other to compare it to.    
New Posts  All Forums: