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Not sure about a joke using the foobinacci sequence but there are fibonacci numbers too. So 11 should be a foobinacci number, the number of suits required from a tailor before you can know if he's good or not.
When I read Foo's initial post, I thought I had similar sentiments but from his later posts, maybe not. For me, it is that the forums are filled with affiliate vendor threads with hundreds of posts but nearly all of which essentially consists of a circlejerk saying "Yaay!!" in response to a vendor saying "Here is a great new product I am selling you!" For me, I have no problem with people like David, which I guess is where I differ with Foo.
Beige chinos are ugly. Why not jeans? Black shoes are fine. If jeans, then no tie. Everything else you said in your first post is fine.
I like some of Dolce and Gabbana's stuff but don't expect to hear anything positive about them on this forum. In other words, you're asking the wrong crowd.
How? At any regular shoe-cobbler?
Yep, that's a great picture of Agnelli. I have that saved on my computer. Even though I wear street wear because suits don't fit my workplace, I try to use Italian CBD as inspiration.
That's a shame about Haxby, I was thinking about maybe getting their hi-tops. I guess in a few months time, we'll start to see how the Epaulets age.
Any plans to allow different soles (i.e. white or black soles) for this run or upcoming runs?
Anyone have any pics of the regular calf tennis trainers in the wild? Never seen Epaulet sneakers before.
I do like the colors of the sweats and tees in the PBJ line. Not going to buy it because it's Uniqlo though. If I bought a deep indigo dyed shirt from somewhere else and washed it a bunch of times, is that what it'll end up looking like? I'm guessing that's how Uniqlo did it but I'm not sure.
New Posts  All Forums: