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That's a shame about Haxby, I was thinking about maybe getting their hi-tops. I guess in a few months time, we'll start to see how the Epaulets age.
Any plans to allow different soles (i.e. white or black soles) for this run or upcoming runs?
Anyone have any pics of the regular calf tennis trainers in the wild? Never seen Epaulet sneakers before.
I do like the colors of the sweats and tees in the PBJ line. Not going to buy it because it's Uniqlo though. If I bought a deep indigo dyed shirt from somewhere else and washed it a bunch of times, is that what it'll end up looking like? I'm guessing that's how Uniqlo did it but I'm not sure.
Thanks Jompso, will try that out mate. Rosenberg, maybe I should have said unsanforized, would that have been less nail-on-chalks for you?
I soaked a pair of raw jeans and put them on when they were damp to make sure the waist didn't shrink too much. I made a big mistake by sitting most of the time and now I have very unsightly knee bags. Anyone have the misfortune of experiencing this before? I was thinking of maybe putting some hot water localized in the knee area, not sure if this is a good idea.
Check out SuFu's sales thread in the supershopper section. Here, http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php/topic/30631-sales/page-157. A few stores have gone on sale recently, check out the posts from the last couple of days. A lot of them sell Common Projects, hope they have what you're looking for.
Gah! I've been waiting for Black Fleece to go onsale online since no store near me carries them. Maybe I should just bite the bullet.
Wow, I guess this also goes for the Agnelli boot as well. What a shame.
Sounds like an interesting guy. Do you know what he means when he says Rota trousers are more classic, and others not?
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