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@jedwards Is AmericanGent still in Naples? If you're interested in finding a tailor you can communicate well with, he might be a good guy to ask.
 Any chance you can post a full-frontal picture of that jacket?
That's a great DB. Sorry, is Francesco Musella your father?
Looks Cucinelli-esque. I like it a lot.
Silk denim seems interesting to me, never felt one before. I decided to google around looking for a recap on silk denim but couldn't find anything; what's the gist of it? Is it the feel and the look? Can it come in indigo or is the dying process a bit different? Looking at the pics here, I'm starting to want one for myself.
Real Borrelli or not? Everything looked OK to me but then I saw the typo on the little manual pinned to the sweater, "according to business rules, there is non [bolded error] chance to get a lot paying a little". Not sure if authentic but I don't have any other to compare it to.    
Just came across this guy too. Hopefully in this span of time, someone here has had some experience with him. Are his borrelli jeans really fake? The jeans are how I got to his page.
I bought this off another forum member Hayabusa. He stated he wore it less than 5 times. I myself only tried it on, never worn. Previous owner described it to be in excellent condition and so it remains. $65 shipped to continental US.   Waist (across) 16.5" Cuff 7.25" Thigh 11" Inseam 30" 100% cotton Product code: rnl09384-ca032812
Ah when I said I liked his commentary, I only meant I enjoyed it not that I agreed with everything he said.
Browsed through the "Kid Mero" commentary above, I liked it. I really like the pants of the person on the far right with the turtleneck sweater http://cdnl.complex.com/mp/620/400/80/0/bb/1/ffffff/fe17dc9987840ec494be11e616e5a0fc/images_/assets/CHANNEL_IMAGES/STYLE/2014/01/kid-mero-pitti-uomo-street-style/mthql_9_811995.jpg any idea what kind of pants those are? Would that be a flannel wool?
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