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Indeed there is, but I don't own a tie from either brand so can't comment on quality differences. IIRC I read on one of the threads around here that the quality wasn't particularly different between the two. In any event, I am looking at the style and willing to swallow any price difference.
Which navy pindot tie would you guys recommend, Hober's #EPDT-1 tie or Drake's I'm leaning towards the Drake's because Hober's seem to have too many dots on the tie. This is based on the picture though, hope some of you have seen either in real-life and can comment.
The tie loop keeper on my KW grenadine tie ripped after two uses (yes two), can I take it to a generic cleaner to have it repaired?
Yeah, I got mine from kidcoin (I'm USA) and the shoes are still going strong. Really like them, maybe better looking than the Margiela GATS so I'll keep getting them unless I want a different color.
Hello,   I am thinking the back side of my pants are too short. You can see the socks show:     Do you think I should ask to have it lengthened in the back or are socks showing acceptable? I should say this shoe's heel (total heel not just the rubber bottom) seems low.
Bumping this thread to ask if anyone has had any experience with Cisternino. I PM'ed CriticBespok but haven't gotten a reply. Anyone else?
I'm planning a trip in May, maybe 3 weeks long. Which place do you guys think is the best place to kick back after the usual Rome/Florence/Venice sightseeing? I do want to see the Alps and since I'm planning to visit Venice, I thought perhaps to go more north like the Trentino-Alto region and maybe hike around the alps for a couple of days. Haven't heard a single mention of this region in this thread though so is it a bad choice? Would Piedmont or Lombardy be better...
#menswear brand.
You should report that person to Ebay if possible. It's obviously a case of retagging.
Selling a pair of Allen Edmonds Strand Walnut 10.5D shoes. Used once. Box and shoe bags included. Asking $199 $159 shipped CONUS.   Price reduced.
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