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Thanks, I will focus my research on those locations. I imagine Etna is doable as a day-trip from one of these towns? Google says the base of Mt Etna is near Catania and there are treks leading out from that city. 
Bump. I'm going to Italy for two weeks, mostly to Sicily. Any ideas what cities I should be staying in? I'm planning to do 3 days Milan, 3 days Naples, so that leaves basically a week in Sicily. I'm thinking that leaves me enough time for two cities to stay at plus day trips. Palermo ... what else? I'd like to see Mt. Etna and a good beach. No idea about this part of Italy and yes I've seen the Sicily tailors thread.
SW&D, help inspire me with my shoes. Tailored brands like Lemaire and Epaulet are found on this side of the forums and not in CM, so I wonder what footwear are you guys wearing with this kind of getup? I see a ton of boot threads but I'm sure you have something more interesting than just that. Off the top of my head, I know Raf Simons has the cool derbies, anything else?
They haven't been in style since the 90s. That said, the 90s are already back for women and starting to for men so in a few years I'm sure they'll be easier to find. Meanwhile, good luck.
Under $75?? I'm interested in this too and even at higher prices this is hard to find. I went down to Self-Edge in LA and they didn't have any.
OCBDs can be worn with suits so what "casual" means may vary depending on who you're talking to. I think the classification of dress shirt vs casual for Brooks Brothers comes down to length of shirt. Do you have access to a Brooks Brothers store? Is that shirt too long to wear untucked? You could try Gitman Bros (not sure if they make pinpoint) or just order one from styleforum favorite Luxire. That said, I think a white one won't look casual.
Indeed there is, but I don't own a tie from either brand so can't comment on quality differences. IIRC I read on one of the threads around here that the quality wasn't particularly different between the two. In any event, I am looking at the style and willing to swallow any price difference.
Which navy pindot tie would you guys recommend, Hober's #EPDT-1 tie or Drake's I'm leaning towards the Drake's because Hober's seem to have too many dots on the tie. This is based on the picture though, hope some of you have seen either in real-life and can comment.
The tie loop keeper on my KW grenadine tie ripped after two uses (yes two), can I take it to a generic cleaner to have it repaired?
Yeah, I got mine from kidcoin (I'm USA) and the shoes are still going strong. Really like them, maybe better looking than the Margiela GATS so I'll keep getting them unless I want a different color.
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