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What ever happened to the Elodea sweater?  Seemingly disappeared, or it sold out superfast.
I got a S and I'm not sure if it's going to fit, so I may down to swap younglee.
YMMV I called up when someone suggested it earlier, Rep applied it to the shirts/hoodie, not to the jeans.  Might be worth a shot.
It's right on the first page of the website, code is DEAL. Probably online only unless you have a specific code email.  Had one but it expired a few days ago.
Just called the site, got 40% off on the shirt and hoodie, they said Jeans are excluded from promos. 
How's the fit if you don't mind?
Is the Rock Coat fully lined?
The fabric on the Juncus looks excellent, love it.
Really like SS15, some very nice outerwear. Lots of stuff that I would buy.
They ran the threes straight into the ground. Went from being one of my favorites to not really giving a shit.
New Posts  All Forums: