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Do the player trousers fit like the amor trousers. Measurements seem similar, Amor are really slim though.
I sized up one and they fit pretty good, when I went TTS they were hugging my legs. Not bad for beater gear.
Fall version was very similar and I thought it was great.  Glad you guys picked this up.  
That looks like the Geller Officer Coat from FW14.   Thought it was an underrated piece, think the fall version was wool.
They were listed as out of stock, but a script was out in the wild that allowed you to add them to your cart if the size was in stock. Basically, Nike was planning a restock but didnt turn on the switch, but bots/scripts allowed users to bypass and buy. Nike then pulled the shoe.Edit: didn't see kingsfull post before posting. Funny thing is you could preorder the flyknit with ease in Oct/Nov, because the beasts were hyping other releases.
For the guys who asked about this years Flyknit Racers, the black and white colorway released in Europe, up on Nike France.  Roadrunnersports took preorders in the fall, mine arrived yesterday so keep an eye out on NDC, they can drop at any time, don't think they list a date.  Seahawks colorway, navy blue & green, is up for preorder on roadrunnersports.  Multi Racer will also be released but there's no time frame as of right now.   Best thing to do is follow the Flyknit...
Got cart jacked for the size 4 POA.  Added it, took a call, went to check out, poof.
Not really feeling the black/gum 1s in photos, liked the black/white though, good quality too.
Schneider Elodea looks great, had my eye on it but never pulled the trigger. For a while you weren't able to add the item to your cart. Looks great.
You can preorder the 4.0 Multi on RoadRunnerSports, not as nice as those 5.0s.  Black and White Racers are available for preorder as well.
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