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*kicks rocks*
 I think you mixed the lore up a bit. The beast are the 26oz, i am thinking the 23oz were called the sac-squashers? Pictures of the keychain or it happens without them. 
First help out the sample data over at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DyE60Mx4CUQr-mti6bFS9tVFmzUU9XQfCEfBDIv7SHI/edit#gid=263116964 when you get the Gustins in and it would help a lot of customers and futures ones in terms of fabric tendencies.    The returns issues is a lack of transparency from Gustin. They need an official return/defect policy / terms & conditions to sure up expectations in the process. Also if anything goes wrong mildly to get a mass email...
sob got me on that latest sale gear!
 I am having similar issues never came back on to comment the membrane does not stretch near as easily or as much as the skin sadly. I have put more and more wear in to them and they are starting to give way. The oddity of all this is i have 3 11D by wolverine and 3 different platforms the oxford toe cap is TTS, the allen edmond made ltd is in middle bit thin, the wolverine 1k the largest fun fun i know. I think the thicker sole on the ltd will take a while to widen a bit...
 Why i suggested the heat drying causes that weave to tighten up. I also said yeah if tension is not relieved it will stretch again, but this sounded like he just found the denim limit for him and he will have to hot soak around this time to keep the shaping like he likes. On a side note a few guys finally are sounding like me thinking a survey post sale when you received your jeans would help Gustin gauge customer satisfaction more, any thoughts? I feel it should be...
 Might try a hot soak and a med dry to force a shrink if you are not putting tension on the jeans to much after should not stretch back out.
 If more then 2% is needed most likely useless. You can not return them for store credit after that either, so make the choice wisely. I do really like that fabric though have it in a slim wearing in nicely.
 Might have just been the early offerings to duffle owners and once it went public it went up in price. Contact them they should play nice ;D
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