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 Why i suggested the heat drying causes that weave to tighten up. I also said yeah if tension is not relieved it will stretch again, but this sounded like he just found the denim limit for him and he will have to hot soak around this time to keep the shaping like he likes. On a side note a few guys finally are sounding like me thinking a survey post sale when you received your jeans would help Gustin gauge customer satisfaction more, any thoughts? I feel it should be...
 Might try a hot soak and a med dry to force a shrink if you are not putting tension on the jeans to much after should not stretch back out.
 If more then 2% is needed most likely useless. You can not return them for store credit after that either, so make the choice wisely. I do really like that fabric though have it in a slim wearing in nicely.
 Might have just been the early offerings to duffle owners and once it went public it went up in price. Contact them they should play nice ;D
You should be able to wash it no issues. Might need re waxed/oiled but just make sure not to put it in a dryer you are fine.
They have suggested "slim" is coming to the oxford. 
Real transparency! You the man Mauro 
 I don't know i questioned when i saw it on the other ones if it is just a style choice and hey were demoing it on the test shirts. The image showed a crooked gusset and was changed o a much nicer one that was very even across, i don't know what else to say. Transparent......., meh. They don't even have a terms & conditions page for sales or policies of return/exchange. How transparent are they seems like a smoke filled room at times. 
Ooo snaps more wool
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