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@reload2tall pretty sure someone with some tailor skills can fix that up.
First time i looked at buying some new shirts and i hesitate and miss out on the twill and checked flannel :( bring them back :D
I fold them, kinda are a form of kint.
Drat thought I had credit waiting to blow now i have to spend :( don't know what one to get and i need to lose weight.
 *shrugs* Reading descent is to hard for some I guess. i posted good things when i was younger ;)  Customer complaints? or just "trolls"? I thought the deadpan delivery i had was not too subtle either. 
Stuff i might have liked but i know the quality will bum me out once i receive it. So i just look for fun. Helps in later purchases down the road from other vendors sometimes. as well all i can do is purchase form the site so when i go there and don't purchase anything i say it was "for fun"
Then you sir lucked out.
Sorry forgot to quote on last post. Shirts can be ok, had a few undersize those were almost a year ago though, also had issues with the cuff stitching not being clean some times it walked in other places like the shoulder yoke, and 3/5 of the shirt i got had messed up button holes for the last horizontal the red stitch was not even covering all the shirt fabric. For the price these days i would go with WvG as i am a member. Sizing issues is just dont listen to Gustin just... I used the "im feeling lucky" button too
Any indications on where you took the jeans cut? High/mid/low waist, slim/natural/relaxed top block, tapper past knee?
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