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 Live up to that avatar name!  Some people just won't put trust in other customers. They do run various versions of the site that are different for users making sharing experiences confusing. I suspect this is just that and not a "ban" sweep. I personally WAS BANNED, but i am pretty sure they were/are smart enough to enact that with profile flags. I have/will not troll and try to make fake accounts, i just thought the ban was lame with no warning or reason given, but meh...
Drat lost a item in cart lol, so i got a different one damn you mauro!
 Red cores rule nothing like the red weft, well maybe they are both jeans. Slim versions are confirmed for oxfords.  
 Seems like just low lot numbers why it might have power sold. Grey silks they throw that up all the time with different id's and it sells hehe.  I always wonder if 3x1 sells more of them now because of the Gustin numbers. As well yeah weft color is not exactly gimmick but it is not for everyone. If anything gets a gimmick label it is glow in the dark & scratch n sniff jeans. Fade to color like the red cores i always thought was sweet. Same as indigo then dipped in sulfur...
Are you rocking a sub 33 waist? Noticing that on the small waisted ones the button loops line up perfect to the yoke seam. On the 36's, just a slight bit over the seam bugs me me it is not consistent on sizes.
 hehe should feel like most levis ;) as they clock in at 12.5. Did you hot soak either of them to remove the starch? @lifeinabox looking good.
I just wanted to add in a cheesy pun. As well i just want a minimalistic version out of Gustin, is all. They do simple looks better. I have a shirt like this now and the arm pocket is odd. Not odd enough i took a seam ripper to it. As well wish they added some shirt/jacket pockets on the sides.
 Not a CPO or even in the navy, but hey what ever floats your boat.
This CPO confuses me as no chief petty officer in the navy would be caught dead in it.           When in doubt look to McQueen.
 Pretty sure that is wool above man as they have sneak peaked "wool cpo"
New Posts  All Forums: