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140 each 250 for both.   Prices are shipped
These are a bit oddity.  I have not seen this combination before.  These are in pretty good shape overall.  The suede is in great shape and not stained nor discolored at all. The sole is worn but it's in fair shape.  Open to offers, I'll accept paypal, and the price includes shipping to the US. 
the sebagos and minnetonkas have sold.   Free shipping on the rest.
Located in Virginia.  Shipping will be $6 extra, I accept paypal.  I'll discount/ship free multiple items.  Feel free to make offers   The Minnetonkas are lightly worn.  Not in bad shape at all. Size 10M $25   The GH Bass boots are a bit more worn.  The soles are really good, but the leather uppers show some wear/marking/staining like all suede does. Size 10M $25   The Sebagos are in good shape considering the age.  The soles are still rubbery, and show some wear,...
These are both in great shape and minimally worn.  I very rarely wear black shoes and would rather just sell these.   These are 150 each, or 275 for both.   Any questions, more picture requests, please ask. 
Price drop 75 Shipped
Adding two more shirts       Both are size medium in great condition. I could find the exact charcoal shirt(info tag partially torn), but it has black buttons and a button down collar.     Both are 13 each.   I really want to get rid of all this stuff, so here's a bundle price  60 shipped for everything listed, plus two repp polos, AND a new J.Crew factory magic wallet in dark brown.
Update:   50 shipped per.
These are in great shape.  Minor wear and typical discoloration of the crepe soles.  The suede is in great shape.   I take paypal, and shipping is extra(priority mail at cost).  Will entertain all offers.
These are all in ok condition. Some flaws in the uppers but nothing bad, along with moderate wear on soles. Completely wearable shoes I accept paypal.  Shipping is extra(priority mail at cost). Will entertain all offers. Thanks for looking, any questions please ask!   The 663 Tassels are 70   The Brooks are 75. These run a little large   The full strap 683 are 60
New Posts  All Forums: