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O nice. I actually have a Gieves and Hawkes OTR suit that I bought a few years back. The shoulder is a bit wide for me though, but it is a good suit and I still wear it sometimes.
I am hoping to make something clear. I liked TF and zegna, but when I say I am considering bespoke or MTM from a good tailor. I didn't mean I want the tailor to completely replicate what Daniel Craig was wearing in Skyfall or what Mark Gatiss was wearing in Sherlock Holmes. I was simply hoping to tell the tailor what kind of suits I like, give him some ideas about my taste and the quality I am expecting. Then I definitely hope a good tailor would recommend something to me...
Can you elaborate more on why this is a bad idea? Will they not make what I want/like? How could bespoke be worse than say MTM or OTR? Thanks.
Thank you for all of your inputs. I went to Harry Rosen and Holts during the weekend, and tried on suits from many brands. At the end, I still like Tom Ford and Zegna better than other brands. They fit me well, I like their styles and fabrics better than a lot of other brands.   After that, I have been wondering maybe I should get a besopke suit. I have been looking around on the forum, I would love to get a MTM or bespoke suit from tailors like Dave Reeves, but...
Hi   I was wondering if any of you had your MTM or Bespoke suit made by John Ferrigamo in Yorkville area? I walked by there today when I was shopping on Bloor, the store itself looks very nice and he offers a lot of really good fabrics. Can you please share your experiences with John Ferrigamo? Are there any other great tailors in Toronto area whom you would like to recommend? Thank you very much for your help in advance.
Yes, I thought about go to New York. But I will probably have to go there at least twice (order and pick up). Two trips to New York may not seem that bad tho since I personally love New York. I will consider for sure.
Waterloo is actually where I live. I will definitely go check it out maybe tonight. In terms of TF fabric, I chose OR1953. It is 85% wool and 15% silk. I think I must have selected a very high end one.
Thanks a lot for all your inputs. This is definitely very hopeful. I have been buying a lot of casual wears and don't really know too much about formal wears. To be honest, I havent even heard some of the brands mentioned above and will definitely take a look at them. Are there any places where I can find Belvest, Isaia, and Corneliani here in Toronto?
I just called a sales person at Harry Rosen and she confirmed that Tom Ford never stock 38 short. I guess Tom Ford is out. I need to look more Zegna now. Any other brands that are good for a formal suit? My budget would be anything up to maybe 5k.
I live in Toronto area. I have also called Neiman in Detroit area and they gave me a similar close to 10k quote. I didnt find a Zegna store in Toronto. I will look more see if I can try some Zegna jackets.
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