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Really liked the Wilshires I tried on in the store. The fit works great for me! Just curious about how much the denim will stretch if at all. Likewise the G&L rivets look great too, but I'm just curious about how much they'd shrink in the wash. Thanks!
Hey Mike, I was hoping to come into the NY store to try on the grey Wilshires (although I guess indigo is the same but I'd really like to see the color in person), the Doyle (36/38), and the Asbury (small). Is there going to be a good time to do that soon when they're all in stock? Thanks! PS: that blue windowpane blazer is pretty slick even if it's not really my thing.
Recently picked up the Espresso Suede Eisenhower Jacket. I have weird dimensions (very tall and skinny) so I sized up to a M from my normal S because of the cropped length and just accepted that it'd be a bit wide in the shoulders. I think it still looks great though. Sleeve length is actually perfect.   (iPhone photo, sorry)   Anyway, the jacket is great. Looks nice and smart, and it's a great weight for spring and even the not-so-spring we've been having in the NYC...
When I bought a pair of the Horween CDBs from End Clothing, they were marked inside as 10 UK and 10.5 US. This leads me to believe (and Zappos to confirms) that UK is usually a half size off from US. That is, that 9UK will be a 9.5US. Sorry RTP.
I understand that. My question is rather should I match the US Alden size to the UK Viberg size or should I convert the Viberg size to US before matching the size? Thank you for your answer about the stockists.
Man, I know this subject is beat to death, but I'm still confused for some reason. Apologies in advance.   When you're sizing Vibergs, it seems like you're supposed to match it to your Alden Barrie size (if known). Do you match in UK size (ie 10 UK Viberg to 10 US Alden) or in US size (ie 9.5 UK Viberg to 10 US Alden)?   Also, when an American company has Vibergs for sale, such as 3sixteen or whatever, do they generally list American or UK sizes (if they don't specify,...
Cordovan generally doesn't give that much. If it's tight now, it probably won't get much looser, if at all.
The last is the foot mold they create the shoe around during production. It determines the shape of the shoe. Most of Alden's captoe boots are on the Grant last, which generally fits pretty true to your normal "Brannock" size (what you're measured as on the scale they use in a shoe store). The Trubalance last is a much wider shape generally reserved for the Indy boots. With the Trubalance last, the usual recommendation is to go down half a size or half a width (whichever...
Man, after a lot of hunting, I found myself a pair of ravello LWB! I think I'll be keeping the Whiskey NSTs and going with these two pairs, but thanks for everyone's opinions. Now that I've gotten this far, what kind of things do I need to keep them looking amazing? I know shoe trees are obvious, but I'm a total newbie with the details from there. Paste wax? (Colors?) Saphir? How many brushes?   Also, for anybody in the market, as of about a week ago Alden NYC still had...
Interesting. Is this from sizing up with Barrie/Trubalance or with the same last (I was asking about with the same last)?
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