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What's the texture like? Is it on the hairier side like mohair or more like a typical wool or what? Never handled Angora before.
@gettoasty Awesome. I think the shetland looks great, and will probably get that. The white denim and the kaftan though... I wish I had more time to decide! 
Hmm, thanks. Is sizing down mainly for length issues or width? The rib-knit looks nice but the fit with the oyster shetland sweater plus white denim is very nice IMO.
@gettoasty Thanks for the reply. I'm tall and slim, so sometimes "short" is kind of a problem for me, but IV in schneider has never been a problem. Things like Ervell can give me issues though. As somebody knowledgeable in Lemaire, which would you suggest? Both look like they have beautiful texture.
Really down to the wire on the SP preorder, but what are the rib knit sweater and shetland sweater like? Never owned Lemaire before so I was just wondering how they might compare to something like Schneider's Poa cardigan. Interested in the brand but I thought I might try something smaller before jumping to the Kaftan coat.
 Really like this use of textures and shades of gray/black. Details?
@Pangolin's Schneider fit looks great. Echoing the softness of the Elodea knit. It's actually remarkable how soft a knit it is.   That fit makes me reconsider the cattail trousers. What's the fit on those like? I think he said relaxed thighs with strong taper, but any measurements floating around?
If only it worked that way... then we'd be in business and make a pretty killer profit.
Would be interested in a Merino in size III/IV if anyone is wanting to sell. Would be pleased with charcoal or gray ideally, but the green is beautiful too. 
Yeah, that was the one I slept on! I guess I was optimistic about how long I had, but I shouldn't be surprised about how quickly it went because it truly is an amazing piece. I've been trying to think of another similarly priced wool coat that is as warm and has a nice sophisticated yet casual look, but it'd probably just be best to bide my time.
New Posts  All Forums: