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If only it worked that way... then we'd be in business and make a pretty killer profit.
Would be interested in a Merino in size III/IV if anyone is wanting to sell. Would be pleased with charcoal or gray ideally, but the green is beautiful too. 
Yeah, that was the one I slept on! I guess I was optimistic about how long I had, but I shouldn't be surprised about how quickly it went because it truly is an amazing piece. I've been trying to think of another similarly priced wool coat that is as warm and has a nice sophisticated yet casual look, but it'd probably just be best to bide my time.
Speaking of Merino... I hope this doesn't violate any rules, but if anyone is considering parting with their size III/IV Merino, I have a very loving home for it, so let me know    Came so close to picking one up from another member but I sadly waited a bit too longer to decide and missed that opportunity.
Looking for a re-issue of the charcoal or gray melton Stephan Schneider Merino coat in Size III/IV.   Flexible on price, please PM!
Hey guys, I think this may have been asked a few months back so sorry if this is a bit of a repeat, but what's the warmth like on the LBM Casentino coats? How would it do with an NYC winter? Being wool, probably won't be very windproof, but otherwise?   Thanks
Saw a secondhand MMM navy 5-zip for sale and I was wondering about thoughts on that piece? I searched this thread and there seem to have been conflicting thoughts about the leather quality. Also the owner provided the following measurements:   Shoulder: 19" Chest: 19.5" Arms: 26" Back: 26"   Does this seem feasible for what seems to be a tagged size 50 from Mr. Porter? The chest seems really slim by those measurements.
Thanks for the advice. It's always a battle between it being long enough and not being too bulky, but I think you're right. Time to decide I guess. @Newcomer's Juncus looks really great and the Merino is obviously an unquestionably awesome piece... for NYC winters I may try to find a Merino. Here's to hoping on luck in both finding and sizing, eh?
Kind of hard to say perfectly because it hasn't been cold enough to bust it out. My take is that it has a lot of weight to it so it's probably pretty solid, especially as a layer piece. It feels like it'll be quite warm, but maybe not as warm as some of the heavier SNS Herning pieces. It's got a beautiful honeycomb texture with lighter green wool in the front and a dark olive layer in the back that's kind of hard to appreciate until you see it in person. [[SPOILER]]
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