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@Pangolin's Schneider fit looks great. Echoing the softness of the Elodea knit. It's actually remarkable how soft a knit it is.   That fit makes me reconsider the cattail trousers. What's the fit on those like? I think he said relaxed thighs with strong taper, but any measurements floating around?
If only it worked that way... then we'd be in business and make a pretty killer profit.
Would be interested in a Merino in size III/IV if anyone is wanting to sell. Would be pleased with charcoal or gray ideally, but the green is beautiful too. 
Yeah, that was the one I slept on! I guess I was optimistic about how long I had, but I shouldn't be surprised about how quickly it went because it truly is an amazing piece. I've been trying to think of another similarly priced wool coat that is as warm and has a nice sophisticated yet casual look, but it'd probably just be best to bide my time.
Speaking of Merino... I hope this doesn't violate any rules, but if anyone is considering parting with their size III/IV Merino, I have a very loving home for it, so let me know    Came so close to picking one up from another member but I sadly waited a bit too longer to decide and missed that opportunity.
Looking for a re-issue of the charcoal or gray melton Stephan Schneider Merino coat in Size III/IV.   Flexible on price, please PM!
Hey guys, I think this may have been asked a few months back so sorry if this is a bit of a repeat, but what's the warmth like on the LBM Casentino coats? How would it do with an NYC winter? Being wool, probably won't be very windproof, but otherwise?   Thanks
Saw a secondhand MMM navy 5-zip for sale and I was wondering about thoughts on that piece? I searched this thread and there seem to have been conflicting thoughts about the leather quality. Also the owner provided the following measurements:   Shoulder: 19" Chest: 19.5" Arms: 26" Back: 26"   Does this seem feasible for what seems to be a tagged size 50 from Mr. Porter? The chest seems really slim by those measurements.
Thanks for the advice. It's always a battle between it being long enough and not being too bulky, but I think you're right. Time to decide I guess. @Newcomer's Juncus looks really great and the Merino is obviously an unquestionably awesome piece... for NYC winters I may try to find a Merino. Here's to hoping on luck in both finding and sizing, eh?
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