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I have the Eastland MiM Falmouth. They were made by rancourt.
Has a lot to do with how you're posing your arm in the pictures...and the baggy arms just look more awkward with the slimmer shirt. I think 8 bucks is pretty steep too, it cost me 5 bucks in NYC to get darts put in my shirt.
I've seen cargos done right, but it's tough. Minimalist pockets and a great fit are a must. Pretty sure you'd have to be a fashion designer to pull off baggy shorts. It all depends what you're going for really, but I'm going to err on the side of saying your shorts probably look sloppy. Show them knees.   And just because people compliment something doesn't mean it's fashionable.
Thanks, a small boutique was doing an inventory purge on ebay. Found out about it via /r/MFA. Apparently it's not uncommon to get them for this price though.
My Eastland MIM navy mocs came in today. These are my first cxl shoes. I'm really happy with them, especially for 50% discount I got on them.  
Ordering a pair of natural bluchers soon, I've been talking with Quoddy about sizing and just wanted to get your guy's opinion. I measured my left foot to be approx. 11-11.25" at it's longest, my right foot is an even 11.5" and they're 4.5" wide. I sent the measurements to Quoddy and they replied with this size chart:   Men’s 10.5 length 10 15/16” Widths D 3.75”, EE 4” and EEE 4 5/16”                       11 Length 11 1/8” Widths D 3 15/16”, EE 4 1/8” and EEE 4...
http://www.rancourtandcompany.com/made-to-fit/made-to-fit.html  http://www.rancourtandcompany.com/made-to-fit/made-to-fit.html From that page: *IMPORTANT NOTE: Made to Fit $50 credit cannot be used on Ready Made shoes. 
Hi Thomas,That is only available through the custom design tool. They would not be able to be returned or exchanged for any reason.Best,KatieKatie GriseRancourt & Co.|Customer Experience Manager9 Bridge Street, Lewiston, ME 04240 USAT: 855.999.3544E: customerservice@rancourtshoes.comW: rancourtandcompany.com-----Original Message-----From: Custom 2 [mailto:customerservice@mail11.wdc04.mandrillapp.com] On Behalf Of Custom 2Sent: Tuesday, March 11, 2014 3:11 PMTo: Rancourt...
I was hoping to avoid that, since I'm pretty happy with the ready made ranger mocs. The $50 credit they give you can only be used on MTO shoes. They do offer free exchanges (shipping included!) so if the 10.5 doesn't fit then I can just do an exchange. I'll keep in mind that a little snugness is not an issue. I'll have a little chat with someone over at rancourt before I order too. Thanks for the tips everyone, I'll be sure to post some pics!
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