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Anyone try the Washed Dress Pant? TTS? The Maas & Stacks waist measurements seems pretty narrow (eg 16" for the 48).
Oh, just checked and tag inside is also normal. Also, just sold to Dbear!
No, it has a regular tag:
Just posted the green cross dye sweater sz48 in B&S here if anyone is interested before I post it on the other sites. That went fast... Also just got these Andreas glasses that I might be listing soon as well.
Robert Geller - SS14 Green Cross Dye Sweater BNWT - Size 48 Seller's measurements: Shoulder 46cm Width 54cm Sleeve 71cm Length 65cm $154 shipped CONUS (what I paid plus shipping) Will be taking my own pics and measurements and listing it elsewhere in the next few days.
If anyone has a long flannel in 44 that you want to part with let me know, preferably before xmas.   Was pretty happy to finally pick up the Anture version of the CP trench. Especially after regretting passing up the 48 that was for sale not too long ago. Can someone please buy that lace cuff coat in 48 from japan already. I really don't need to spend any more money on another coat after buying that trench...
Wasn't planning on buying the Jens jacket or shoes but was looking for some new summer clothes and found deals that I couldn't pass up. Turns out I really like them both although the jacket definitely leans more towards Engineered Garments/Surplus compared to the typical "Geller" look. Also finally got around to performing surgery to shorten these tencel flight pants. Really liking the Rx Tortoise/Gold Oskar sunglasses and Walter glasses as well.
I already got mine via proxy directly from the Y! shopping page: http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/blowz/search.html?p=geller 
I hope they fit because at those prices I'm about to have multiple pairs on the way. Always forgetting my sunglasses so finally no excuse not to have some extra Rx pairs available for the car, backpack, etc. Wanted the sole pair with the gold arms but if you click on the auction page link to the Y shopping page it looks like they are already gone.
New Posts  All Forums: