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So the zipper monks finally arrived aaaand...... sorry but I think I'm going to have to keep em. I was worried that they might have too much of a resemblance to the punk/rockabilly/goth creeper but they are nice enough that they barely give me that vibe at all. Not sure how the shiny leather is going to look after they break in and crease though. Also happy with my other recent pick ups, the CP track shoes in black (were way overpriced at retail but really nice unbranded...
They just recently shipped them. Won't get here for another week...
Yep, they only ship to Japan.
Yep, the 44s. Will do.
Thanks. Picked up the grey stripe shirt and a pair of glasses. Was going to get the bomber instead of the shirt and glasses but I didn't think yellow would get enough wear and I'm still trying to find a Khaki in 48. Would have bought the Khaki flight pants as well but they sold out in 46 by the time I checked.Also just made another expensive impulse buy on the zipper monks at Nomad for US$250 shipped. Not sure they're gonna work out but jumped on them once I saw the extra...
Price drop on sz 46 yellow tencel bomber at Acrimony.
FYI Ssense has the Conrad hat back in stock at 50% off in 57. If it was a 59 I would've tried it out. Also seem to have some Marcello glasses but the pic isnt loading for me.
Anyone getting the Anture version of the CP trench? Really want the Navy. Based on the Engrish translation it sounds like you need to preorder? Can any Japanese readers clarify how you order. http://www.anture.jp/NEWS
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