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Common Projects - Black Leather Chelsea BootsSize 44 Crepe rubber solesElasticized goresDust bag includedMade in Italy Brand New. Have only been tried on briefly on carpet. Just got these as well as another pair of black boots and decided to pass these on. Sizing: Common Projects run large so the usual advice is to size down 1 from your regular size. I am a size US11.5D and wear a 44 in Common Projects (achilles & derby) and these fit as expected. $340 $320 Shipped CONUS...
Did the seller happen to be from PA? Although if it was the one I sold it probably would have still had the tag with it.Sorry, someone bought it almost immediately. It was pretty long for me at around 35" unstretched.
SS09 I think (03-9H-D4011)
Yeah the 100% is the long one. I got them both from Y!jp. Seems to be the same as the long red one from AW13. Oh yeah, also got this jacket that I remember seeing and liking when I saw someone post it here fairly recently.  Really like it but the only problem is my gf saw it and took off with it before I even had a chance to wear it out.
Someone just posted the same size/color fishtail parka I recently sold but is asking twice as much as I sold it for . Could just be a coincidence though since it's not the same user name that bought mine on that site.   Finally got another shorter mesh tank and never knew there were different variations out there with the same item #.    
Robert Geller - Grey Mesh Knit Tank - Sz 48   Selling this BNWT Geller wardrobe staple mesh tank. Perfect for layering.   100% Cotton Made In Japan Measurements (Open stretchy knit so tough to get an exact measurement): Back Length: ~34-35" P2P: ~18"   $74 Shipped CONUS
It's a fairly tightly woven and dense knit but still feels pretty smooth and soft. Does not have much give compared to more typical stretchy knits which is why I couldn't make the sizing work out. Not as hairy as most mohair but maybe a little more fuzzy than a lot of typical wool knits. Not a scratchy blend.
Was just about to post about it on the Geller thread when it sold. Would have let people there know first if I had known how fast it would go.
Yeah, that didn't take long...
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