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^ I wouldn't say more saturated. I mean, the black on mine is rubbing away to reveal the untanned leather underneath. I'm thinking of buying a second pair of the Stealths to keep for "special occasions" and whatnot. My current are far from classy and expensive looking now; they're just utilitarian. And I'm ok with that, but still...
 They are really, really similar. Basically the same. My boots are a partially structured toe, and these are non-structured so they appear more sleek. Yet you won't feel it in the toe box. So that's awesome. Great fit especially around the top of the foot. Now, I don't own any other non-tennis shoes other than the Stealths so it's been a while since I had something non-padded come up right to and under my ankle bones like the Derby does. But it wasn't uncomfortable or...
 What can I say, I live life in the fast lane.  You know, this Derby silhouette is awesome. I wouldn't mind snagging a pair down the road in a non-CXL black option. Maybe a black oil tan.
 Those are the 3Sixteen Stealth boots. Awesome, awesome boots. Black CXL with dyed edging.
 Eh, nevermind. I just have to accept I'm not a brown shoe kinda guy. To da 'bay these go... Gorgeous leather though. To those of you who rock these, I salute you.
 It's tight in the midsection but like all loose on the arms. Weird.
Aww yissssss, my life is complete. Thank you to whoever sold me these brand new Styleforum derbys on Grailed. Just got them today!  
 It was said in jest.
 Speaking of cool watches, what's everyone's thoughts on this one? 
... and to think, the Gentleman's Shit-Kicker from last round started this shit-kicking gravy train ...   Too bad the dream was never realized. You sicken me.  
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