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Gentleman, BEHOLD!   The Player Hater Converse Collab Boot   2030 last Black CXL white rubberized toe cap Leather All-Star patch Dyed white leather midsole Dainite sole  
"The Backwoods Hipster Boot"   310 last Virgin elk fur Vegetarian leather midsole Dainite sole sourced from recycled Goodyear tires Partially structured toe  
Peeps holding out for natural CXL service boots to show up on Mr. Porter or elsewhere, you better jump on this. I just did.   https://instagram.com/p/zQRMekLprL/   Best part is that price-wise it comes out to cheaper than buying direct from Viberg (and with free shipping) -- not that they even offer nattys, but still.
LOL, good god. Had a look around since I never heard of that place. She's up to the same thing, and still so weird...
 May I propose... 
So was the olive chromepak-a-like boot ever nailed down? Figure out the leather yet?
Question: Are these boots in Snuff Kudu ...   http://www.mohawkgeneralstore.com/products/viberg-service-boot-in-snuff-kudu     The same color as these Snuff Kudu's from Viberg's site?   http://viberg.com/products/service-boot-snuff-reverse-kudu     Is it simply a trick of the way they were photographed or are they actually different tones?
Looking for some opinions, guys. Which do you think is the more versatile boot color? Versatile, as in, wearable in casual environments, workplace with dressier slacks and chinos, night out with jeans... I wear dark jeans a lot, mostly blacks and dark grey. And I'm looking for a boot to compliment my black 3Sixteen/Viberg Stealth boots when I want to change things up.   So, natural CXL or brown CXL? Will the natties darken up with deeper undertones?  
 "In the wild" meaning "not staged for a retailer." I just want to see these on feet, etc, minus the fancy lighting tricks.
Anyone here buy the natural CXL boots from Mr. Porter and wish to share a pic? I'd love to see these in the wild.
New Posts  All Forums: