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Not gonna lie. I've never posted in a Hirsh thread, found her weird like many here, but I noticed she hasn't been active in a few weeks. She alright? Just curious...
 Having a family offends me. How dare you?
 Mustaches offend me.
 Are you a fucktard? Do you know a fucktard? What the fuck is a fucktard anyway?  Quit trying to be offended by something that doesn't even make sense in the first place. And yes, most certainly do I take people's opinions on here into account. No way in hell would I ever spend the money on a TOJ jacket buying blind online if not for the great reviews and pictures shared here. In fact, I bought two exactly because of what I read here. And fyi, I masturbated only after I...
Thinking about putting in an order for my future son. I don't have a girlfriend right now and no plans to get married anytime soon, but judging by the TOJ timeline, I figure a nice MA-1 would be a good graduation present for when he's about to go off to college and would be ready just in time for that. Hopefully I can still change the measurements closer to delivery time.    
 Ooh ... memes, ladies and gentlemen! Shit just got real. Ironic because you have yet to back up anything you've posted (i.e. what offends you, exactly?). Talk about jumping on the hivemind. I bet you feel really part of the team now that you used an unoriginal picture to make some obtuse point that, quite frankly, I bet you don't even know what it is you're trying to say. So I'll ask you again, what do you really feel, beyond blind allegiance and feigned...
 Mind showing exactly what's offensive in that post? Go ahead, gather your evidence. I swear, you people... How bout this: Censoring and trying to run off differing opinions is offensive to others and should be offensive to prospective buyers of Viberg if you're suppressing issues that have evidently arisen before, and may well arise again in the future. You offend me, good sir. See how easy that is to toss around bullshit?
 I agree with some of what Omert has been saying. I love my Vibergs, but I'm not a fanatic through and through so much as to disregard some quality issues have been creeping into their products more and more from what I've been reading here on this thread as well as — here it comes ... the "OMG, WHAT A LOSER!" cliche you all are about to rally behind when I mention it — on Reddit and other forums like Ironheart, etc. Get your heads out of your egotistical asses when you...
 No worries. No, I don't hate Viberg, not even close. I love them and think they are the best thing on the market, boot-wise. So it's frustration seeing a great product devolve here and there over the past year. Who wouldn't be mad about that? Call it hipster (I hate hipsters), but the glory days (MTO's and lower prices, to start with two examples) have passed.  But I still look forward to every new iteration they put out.
 You're fucking with me, right? Let's see: I've owned at least six pairs by now. But gave one MTO to my brother and kept the 3Sixteen Stealths for myself. I also mocked up all the photos for the recent GTMO thread (for fun, because I can).
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