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 Awesome! Thanks. Just put my order in....
Here's some fit pics. I haven't actually worn this jacket for longer than 5 minutes total. it's just been hanging in my closet since it's so hot in my area. So I haven't had the chance to break it in.   Bathroom mirror is dirty, fyi.    
Received a black selvedge Long Haul jacket today. I'm impressed. Don't really know what the heck I intend to pair it with, but it should be a nice option to work with. For the record, I'm 5'10" and 155lbs and the size small fits like a glove.
I need some natty CXL boots on the 2030, ideally with a Dainite sole. Where, oh where, can I find one??? Any stocklists out there I don't know about?   I might regret this, but I'm willing to pay retail/maybe more for a well-maintained boot in size 8.   Help a brutha out?
Anyone here into Santeria or voodoo stuff? Is it too much to ask to put a hex on Drew? Maybe make him go blind?
 Back when I owned a pair of natural CXL Vibergs, I bought a couple of these (black and natty). The color was a perfect match, and a great belt overall. https://www.etsy.com/listing/186563059/custom-sized-belt-15-width-horween?ref=shop_home_feat_2
 Just checking, but ... you don't actually have a jacket on order either, right? I know you own one, but where do you fit into all this?
So ... what ever happened to Distorbiant? He was funny.
Did I miss the party? When are these Club Monaco/Viberg boots going to be available? Anyone have any info as to last and type of leather?  
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