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 ....(cough)... Walmart ... (cough) ... j/k
 Maybe it's just me, but that scratch across the entirety of the right boot toe just pisses me off.
^ While I've always wanted a natty CXL boot, I don't like the idea of waiting 4-5 months for delivery... That's the only thing keeping me from laying down my dinero.
 The aged bark has the generic brown tones reminiscent of a Wal-Mart or Sears boot. The color just isn't rich or deep enough to be interesting. Certainly not worth $700+ for such a bland color. There, I said it.
 Interesting. I could get behind this... What are 8 mini-eyelets? Like, blind eyelets?
Hey guys,    I've decided to throw my hat in the ring too. Together, partnering with some Mexicans I picked up outside Home Depot, we've reverse engineered some of the more popular TOJ designs and will be offering MTM soon. First 100 preorders will also get jalapeno pork tamales.   I think I've been reading enough of the forum these past years to spot all the problem areas a venture like this entails. No longer will wait times be 2 years or more. I can promise you...
I really dig the drape of this new jacket. The lapels are the perfect size, imho.     https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/thesislabs/high-performance-minimalist-motorcycle-safety-gear
 It's official: TOJ is teaming up with Lawless Denim. Let the wait-fest begin!
^ Let me guess: You've bought the TOJ designs and will be releasing a ready-to-wear collection in partnership with Target?
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