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 A 2-year update on these MTO black oil tans and my 3Sixteen Andrew Specials. The MTOs have been around the world, hiked through snow and are mostly a daily wear walking around Tokyo, Seattle and San Francisco (gave them to my brother), and they've been resoled with some generic crap on the heel. The 3Sixteens have been my almost-everyday wearers while I sit around and do nothing much.     
  Look, I get the whole workwear thing is trendy right now, but damn son, could you have picked a more generic company name? What do you produce, tools? Park benches? Or clothing? Maybe you manage the guys standing around outside Home Depot. I dunno. But c'mon man, try for a little bit more of a personal and inspired name.
lol, came across this and had to share. Mighty interesting, and funny.   Made-to-measure, MTM, bespoke ... are we overusing — and more importantly, misusing — these words?   http://observer.com/2015/11/humanity-can-we-all-please-stop-abusing-the-word-bespoke/
Question: I don't like the brass/goldish eyelets on my natty CXL boots. Is this something a local jobber can replace/redo?
Is Drew Keith dead or charged with a felony yet? Either one is a reasonable result.
Finally got my daypack! Thanks, Drew!  
 So basically you're this guy:   And your dad is this guy: 
 My problem with the zipper dangle is the fact that it falls right by your crotch. No one wants to stare at your crotch, yet the dangle forces us to notice it.
 Wow. Now THIS is awesome. It'd look better slightly dirty.
So I got my Brooklyn Clothing Co. natty cxl boots a few days ago. Love em! One thing I was concerned about was that on some Vibergs I've seen the unsightly ridge of the toe support when they don't have cap toes, and I was worried that mine would show. But they don't, so that's great.   Weird thing is —and I've owned about 5 or 6 pairs by now — the tongue on these boots are literally the exact same leather used on the construction, not a thinner more pliable softer piece....
New Posts  All Forums: