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Anyone in here lucky enough to pick up one of the Schott/3Sixteen Perfecto jackets? Share pics, please!
So I addressed my brass eyelet issue.   The problem: I hate my shiny yellow brass eyelets on my natty CXL boots. Most accessories I wear are silver or stainless steel and they just don't work for me.   The solution: Sharpie   I went at all of them with a black Sharpie, but admittedly did a sloppy job and it didn't turn out very clean. I do like the brownish tinge it gives the brass though. Had I done a better job I would have been done with it.     You can see...
 Wonder why they named them after Mr. Roper?  "Come and knock on my door..."
Question: what size are Viberg service boot eyelets? Looking to possibly replace myself rather than deal with the hassle of shipping boots here and there and risk losing them in the shitty mail service I've been experiencing lately. Eyeballing what I've seen at craft stores seems to me like they're 6mm or quarter-inch eyelets.   Also, any examples of gunmetal or silver eyelets on natural cxl boots? I hate my polished yellow brass eyelets and want something less flashy.
 Or one could always just wait for the inevitable Truman Boots copy in a few months. I hear they're coming out with a new last, too, the 3020.
That, my friend, is vintage ballsack leather. The rarest of rarest.Seriously, looks like a veiny ballsack.
So this is a tricky one.   I recently ordered a tan suede Matchless jacket in their "Craig" style. It's a badass jacket and I've no regrets so far. I paid $1440 USD for it to be sent to me from Matchless in Italy. Import fees came out to $95.40 with a tariff rate of 6.00% when I saw a bill from UPS a week later. The Duty Class marked on the shipment detail was 4203.10.4095 (this is important later).       So yeah, I liked it enough, I ordered another a few days...
 Because why bother? It doesn't concern me.
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