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Guys with the Italian calf Vibergs, how's the leather look like it's going to age in the long run? Get super wrinkley or what? Is it too pliable (basically, the opposite of CXL)? I'm now looking at the beige Italian calf service boots so I'm curious about the color and thickness of the calf.
 Not the Standard & Strange, but the Lost & Found nattys. Because of what you wrote, about the darkening and patina, is really what I'm after. So thanks for confirming that.
 What about the Stealths? I sold my size 8 a few months back and now I miss them.
 I wear Converse in 9s and 9.5. In Nike Flyknits, I wear a 9.5. Viberg themselves checked my foot tracing and said a size 8 in their 2030 last was my fit. I trusted them, and have owned about 3-4 pairs of Viberg Service Boots in that size. They all fit great, with maybe 1/2-3/4 of an inch to spare.
 Hey, thanks for posting these. Helps me to see just how "red" the coffee leans towards. Think I'll pass (as if I had a choice...)
^ Well, crap. I was under the impression they'd store away a certain amount for tomorrow's online offering. So tomorrow is just for leftovers? Damn.
So I'd like your opinions, fellas. Trying to decide between Lost & Found's natty cxl makeup and 3Sixteen's coffee chromepak. I tend to wear black and grey denim, with the occasional light grey khaki. So I guess I'm looking for versatility. Thoughts?  
Just checking in to say that I still hate Drew.   Carry on.
What? I'm comic relief, you goofs. You need people like me. This is a serious situation with a lot of angry people involved. I break the tension.
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