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 Or one could always just wait for the inevitable Truman Boots copy in a few months. I hear they're coming out with a new last, too, the 3020.
That, my friend, is vintage ballsack leather. The rarest of rarest.Seriously, looks like a veiny ballsack.
So this is a tricky one.   I recently ordered a tan suede Matchless jacket in their "Craig" style. It's a badass jacket and I've no regrets so far. I paid $1440 USD for it to be sent to me from Matchless in Italy. Import fees came out to $95.40 with a tariff rate of 6.00% when I saw a bill from UPS a week later. The Duty Class marked on the shipment detail was 4203.10.4095 (this is important later).       So yeah, I liked it enough, I ordered another a few days...
 Because why bother? It doesn't concern me.
 They've cancelled the Styleforum GTMO program? Wat?
Recently bought this "Craig Blouson" from Matchless. Softest suede I've ever owned. Cost a pretty penny but, imho, it was worth it as a versatile, everyday layering piece. I love it!       And me, in da flesh:       In fact, love it so much I went ahead and ordered this over the weekend. While the beige one was suede, this one is "nabuk wet" which I figure is their way of spelling nubuck. Whatever. Looking forward to it.  
 Ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/Viberg-Service-Boots-Natural-CXL-Chomexcel-Size-8-GREAT-CONDITION-/111951166349?hash=item1a10cf3b8d:g:R10AAOSwDuJWyv4n Mr. Porter http://www.mrporter.com/en-us/mens/viberg/leather-service-boots/722229?ppv=2
Guys, I've owned a pair of natty cxl service boots for a while now but I've never been fond of the bright brass eyelets. Is there a way to change them out for gunmetal or silver? Possible to go blind on them, even?   Is this something a local cobbler can do?  
 He's deaf. He wouldn't hear anybody knocking. Hence, he doesn't give a shit.
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