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 Me. In. 
Count me in for the brown CXL.   Scratch that: Just saw that it's the darker leather in the 3rd pic of the preorder. I prefer a more "peanut" color similar to the first couple of pics.
 I wear an 8 on both. If anything, I feel like the Cordovans fit me ideally. But I can't get passed the shiny rounded appearance since I have pretty thin legs and I worry that they look like clown shoes on me with slim pants. Or maybe I'm just too picky. The only difference I can feel, honestly, is a slightly more roomy toebox vertically on the Cordovans, it being a partially structured toe. And to be honest, I love it feeling-wise. But it also looks a bit more bulbous. I...
 So ... just an update for anyone who was following my case here. I ended up winning and the boots are mine. Fully reimbursed my card, debited the transaction from Manufactum's side and I get to keep the boots they wouldn't accept. Manufactum's since emailed me playing nice asking me to please return them and they'd really try to get them, but I have no incentive to. Not when it's going to cost me near 100 bucks out of my own pocket just to return the boots. I don't...
I want!
It's Christmas, so I'm knocking $100 off this. Great deal for $700, folks!
 Me too!
Thanks for chiming in! I agree. It drapes in a very relaxed way. I love it too, but would prefer it to be all-black. Short of dying the leather, I'm holding out to see if one will pop up anywhere. Meanwhile, I'll let this one go while I wait.
 So I ended up deciding to keep the 3sixteen Stealth boots. At the end of the day, they are what I consider the perfect boot. Dressy if need be, great sheen, good, not-too-high toe box, nice little details on the brogue toe and the cap toe length is "just right" in proportion to the rest of the boot. And sturdy as hell. Their proneness to show wear has grown on me as well, revealing the "down and dirty" side these puppies are capable of taking. Now a new dilemma, since...
MTO black oil tan Service Boots arrived today. Black stitching, Cat's Paw heal and Vibram sole. Unstructured toe. Straight toe cap. No ankle band.   It's a very flexible leather with more sheen than I thought... Loving the smooth stepping/rolling the sole gives. With the Dainites, I can feel each little nub as it hits the ground unforgivingly.   Now to decide which to keep (3Sixteen's Stealth boot vs. MTO) and which to give to my brother. More than likely keeping the...
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