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 "In the wild" meaning "not staged for a retailer." I just want to see these on feet, etc, minus the fancy lighting tricks.
Anyone here buy the natural CXL boots from Mr. Porter and wish to share a pic? I'd love to see these in the wild.
So this is weird: was walking through a parking garage to my car after shopping today and some 9 or 10 year old kid complimented me on my Vibergs. "I like your shoes," he said. Now I'm not the most approachable looking guy, and I wasn't smiling or anything. But he just caught my eye and made the comment as he walked past me with his family. Never been complimented by a stranger on what I'm wearing, and it turns out some kid recognizes the beauty of my 3Sixteen Stealths.
Owned two Mustangs back to back over the past 15+ years and decided to switch things up and embrace my 39 year old ass with a sporty but adult car.   So I bought a Lexus IS250 in Smokey Granite Mica color a couple of weeks ago. Fucking great car!  
 No need to explain. I'm sure you're not an ass, but your avatar combined with your TOJ struggle is just too perfect. It's become a "victim character" for me, as no doubt you've been fucked over.
 Let's be honest, it's a mismatched boot with no balance. What I mean is, normally at least two of the panels should match leathers while a third (or the tongue) can be used as a nice contrast. But this boot has too many different textures going on, I wonder what "non-styleminded" people would think if they saw it up close. It's like they ran out of leathers midway through production of each boot and used scraps to finish the patterns. I know they didn't... but it sure can...
I'll be honest, I read through all of OP's emails, then scrolled back up expecting/hoping to see Distorbiant's avatar. I love that dude's avatar as it mirrors exactly how I picture how stylishly grumpy (for good reason) Distorbiant must be in real life.
Not gonna lie. I've never posted in a Hirsh thread, found her weird like many here, but I noticed she hasn't been active in a few weeks. She alright? Just curious...
 Having a family offends me. How dare you?
 Mustaches offend me.
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