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 The ugly truth. I saw a picture of me walking down the street. They look obnoxiously big on my skinny-ass legs. Anyway, went ahead and listed them. They cleaned up nicely. 
Calm down, Vi-bros, here's some quick pics. Didn't clean them up, obviously.   But there are no deep (or even semi-deep) scratches in the leather whatsoever. Just rubbing away of the black coat to reveal the untanned leather underneath in various areas. It's a sturdy leather, so no folds either. I'll admit, they look pretty bad-ass. But I just can't pull them off now that I know what I look like wearing them.        
lol, later guys. I've got a date tonight so I'll post pics a bit later. Or tomorrow.
^ Viberg size 8, sir. I guess I might try listing on the ol' Ebay down the road and let the bidding run its course. Got to them them all dolled up for some photos first.
So I've recently come to a sad conclusion about Viberg boots: They just don't work for me. I've bought and sold at least 5 or 6 pairs by this point, only holding onto the 3Sixteen Stealths because I convinced myself they were my holy grail. But looking back through pictures of myself, I'm just too thin to pull them off. They look clunky on me. I need a slimmer profile, maybe not even boots.   My question is: What do I do with a pair of beaten-in Vibergs? The Dainite...
 So soaking them wouldn't loosen up the waist?
Question for the RT enthusiasts. So I received a pair of 14.5oz black warp tonal Stantons today. The legs are a really good fit, but the waist... It hurts my fingers to even button the second-from-the-top one. No chance of buttoning the top one. Can I honestly expect these to stretch out in time to be able to do so? I don't wanna put too much wear on them so I can return if need be. And I'm hesitant to size up because I love the fit of the legs on them.   What would you...
EDIT: Nevermind. 
Alright, I'm chill. Just trying to help the lurkers who don't have the fundage, buhd-dy. Signing out...  
New Posts  All Forums: