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So I made the mistake of selling an older pair of Icy Mocha service boots way back when. And I've noticed the new Viberg makeups are only offered in Brown CXL everywhere.   Is there a difference in hue between older Icy Mocha CXLs and current Brown CXLs? Anyone know?   I'm guessing the Brown CXL has more reddish, richer tints on it...based purely on what I've seen in pics. If that's so, then I prefer the Icy Mocha.
 Regarding the next makeup options, why not spring for an all-black sole like these Vibergs from Lost & Found. Maybe many of us who already own a pair or two of other Vibergs would like the variety in this regard as well. Last thing I need is another natural stacked heel boot. Hell, copy this exact makeup (gunmetal cxl) and I'd be all over it. Or maybe a brown calf with black sole?
Got an email today as well. Sending my size 28 return back tomorrow.   I'd been out of town the past two days but came back to my sized-up 29s. After trying them on, I gotta say: maybe Rogue Territory is not for me. I love the fabric, love the details, but with the still-tight waist and saggy ass and hip flair going on. They're just not a flattering fit on me.   And I'm not being picky. I bought some Somet 018s about a month ago and I've never had a more perfect...
 Two or three days =/= a week.
Okay, seriously. It's been a week now. I've sent 3 requests for a return authorization number. In the meantime, I've ordered a size up and they've been delivered and I still haven't heard back from returning the original pair. It's not like Rogue Territory has a phone number to contact anyone, so if they just choose to ignore emails aren't we screwed? I don't want to be on the hook for two pairs of the same jeans with a one size difference.   Karl, you out there? I see...
 Thanks, man. At this point, I'm resigned to just having to accept that I need to size up. Still waiting on a return authorization number from RT. Emailed them a few days ago and haven't heard squat.
 For a good hour there I just thought you were fucking with me. But according to the post above, you're not. So thanks for sharing this with us!
According to the site, the grey denim is washed so minimal stretching is expected. Bummer.   Anyway, remeasured my jeans the correct way and gained a quarter inch. Still short of the 15.25" listed on the site.   Any ideas for manually stretching the jeans? If I showered in warm water with them on, would they loosen up at the waist?
 Well, shit. Thanks for letting me know. I'll double check them... Man, I really want to keep these. Wish they'd stretch out an inch. But I doubt it...
Just received my first RT Stantons in the Graywash. Love the legs, but the waist isn't quite cutting it. According to the site, the 28 waist measures 15.25" across and mine measure at 14.5". Damn shame, as I love the fit of the legs but really need that waist to fit more. Right now, it hurts my fingers just to try and even close the top button. I'd hate to have to size up and lose the great fit on the legs (not to mention they don't have any 29s in stock right now anyway)....
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