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 So soaking them wouldn't loosen up the waist?
Question for the RT enthusiasts. So I received a pair of 14.5oz black warp tonal Stantons today. The legs are a really good fit, but the waist... It hurts my fingers to even button the second-from-the-top one. No chance of buttoning the top one. Can I honestly expect these to stretch out in time to be able to do so? I don't wanna put too much wear on them so I can return if need be. And I'm hesitant to size up because I love the fit of the legs on them.   What would you...
EDIT: Nevermind. 
Alright, I'm chill. Just trying to help the lurkers who don't have the fundage, buhd-dy. Signing out...  
 No fuckin' shit, moron. Did I compare materials, construction, etc.? No. I said they share the same look for the average joe. You're clearly reading what you wanna read... Stick to the facts.
 I am being serious. They look pretty good. But hey, be elitist if it gets you off... Different strokes, yadda yadda..
Well boys, as someone who's owned (and recently sold) the Viberg X Styleforum CXL Derbys, I call you to gather 'round. Bumming around the mall lately I was surprised to see these and had to share. If you like the look of the Viberg Derby, color and shape ... these should be looked into. The Clarks Exton Walk derby. Now, I'll admit the leather isn't as thick as the Viberg CXL but the color is a 1:1 match, shape as well. Save yourself some-600 bucks and give these a go. This...
 Those jeans... What are they??
^ I wouldn't say more saturated. I mean, the black on mine is rubbing away to reveal the untanned leather underneath. I'm thinking of buying a second pair of the Stealths to keep for "special occasions" and whatnot. My current are far from classy and expensive looking now; they're just utilitarian. And I'm ok with that, but still...
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