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JCrew tobacco? Just got those too, haven't worn yet.
Hoping Leffot do this makeup again this year, all over it if they do. Love that boot.
Anyone seen shipping confirmations for the JCrew orders earlier this week? My email receipt explicitly says 'style not eligible for promotion', even though it did apply it to the order. Pending charge on the credit card. I wonder if they will cancel it...
Another thanks for posting that JCrew code, they are few and far between that work on ALL Aldens. Grabbed a 975 and the tobacco LWB, very happy.
Nothing I want but bumping this, I love seeing everyone share this kind of thing.
I have the same dilemma. Snuff better year round, but tan better for spring/summer IMO. I am trying to acquire a pair of tan LWB's right now, hoping it works out.
Ah, ok. If that is the case forgive the insinuation.
Are you seriously trying to sell a pre-order spot on a list for $200?
Which color are the JCrew LWB's? I am having a hard time finding pics of tobacco, I keep hearing the newer batches are a bit darker, which I wanted...
What would be your favorite LWB's? They stand out for me as well, the trouble is Alden makes at least 5 makeups I'd love to own. Feel like could swing 2 at the most.For versatility I am leaning towards a lighter brown like the JCrew Tobacco and a tan suede...
New Posts  All Forums: