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To see that, and not be able to own it, is just so disappointing
^ damn dude, insanely beautiful.
Wow, bizarre, I am in the exact same boat- own a SubC and am so very close to pulling the BLNR trigger, mostly because it's in my top 2 alongside the basically unattainable DaytonaC. I am personally waiting for Basel, in case anything looks incredible, but also in the hopes that they come out with a new GMT that will push down BLNR prices a bit.3rd on the list, assuming that is not AD bullshit, is pretty good- you could very well get one this year. As Belligero said, if...
Well, they are quite different watches. Speedmaster has the edge in versatility (you can throw 25 different straps on it and it will look good) and value (hard to find another iconic watch for 3-4k used), but it is has a decidedly vintage feel, and don't get it wet. I also personally don't like the new bracelet, vastly prefer the look of the older racing bracelet.BB is a very nice modern diver- probably the best on the market in its price range, and for me the watch that...
White... thanks for checking
Happily volunteers
Yeah for a minimum of 3k over MSRP. To each their own, that's a boatload of $ for a SS Rolex.I love seeing guys selling LNIB for more than NIB market average
Highly likely that was AD bullshit. Doesn't matter how much I make it apparent that I'm aware of what is/is not hard to get with my local AD, the mind games persist.
Congrats, excellent choice. PCLs take getting used to but you will love the watch.
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