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Wow. Very nice.
In a somewhat recent post that I can't locate now, someone said EPaulet's tan suede belt was not a good match for Alden's tan suede- anyone have any experience with it? Was going to order today...
Soliciting opinions on C&J dainite sole vs Alden commando for wet weather/normal conditions. Thinking about returning my double leather sole JCrew LWBs for something with one of these soles- I am concerned I'm buying too many leather soled shoes and might need to branch out.
Got one of those 40% off a single item cards in the mail from BB. It does say only select shoe styles apply. Anyone know from past offers if that would include Alden or C&J made shoes?
Anyone have this model? AoC from I guess a few years ago. Haven't seen anything like this in production in recent memory. I personally love it.
JCrew tobacco? Just got those too, haven't worn yet.
Hoping Leffot do this makeup again this year, all over it if they do. Love that boot.
Anyone seen shipping confirmations for the JCrew orders earlier this week? My email receipt explicitly says 'style not eligible for promotion', even though it did apply it to the order. Pending charge on the credit card. I wonder if they will cancel it...
Another thanks for posting that JCrew code, they are few and far between that work on ALL Aldens. Grabbed a 975 and the tobacco LWB, very happy.
Nothing I want but bumping this, I love seeing everyone share this kind of thing.
New Posts  All Forums: