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Mike, not sure I understand what you mean by this?
Dammit, 1/2 size bigger and they would be gone. Gorgeous boot and great price.
sounds weird and gross
Context has been at the forefront of pushing price for a long time. Don't care what models they have, the hell if I am going to support that.
^ looks like plaza to me
Whoever is a size 13 in the 379 last, go to Grailed now and buy those 14 oz whiskey beauts...
You are a lucky SOB, they are gorgeous. Nice score
No size listed
That sucks, but you would take a much larger loss selling them here/Ebay/Grailed. For folks like me who don't have a store that sells C&J close by, when you factor in return costs, the NYC store's higher costs almost make it a wash ordering abroad IF you may have to return.Now that I know my sizing a bit better I will consider ordering from the UK in the future...
I recently picked up my 2nd pair of C&Js, the Connaught... simple straight tip oxford in dark brown calfskin (I also have the Pembroke). It's on the 236 last I believe... I took the same size as the 325 Pembroke last. Fit is as good as I can probably expect for my tough-to-fit feet. While this is a wide last, it does look pretty elegant to me, and the materials/finishing are excellent. I am a big Alden guy but the C&Js are a notch up in quality to my eye. As Watchman said,...
New Posts  All Forums: