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^ agreed. Almost impossible to beat in the sub-5k range depending on your criteria. I like a few of the designs, love none, and would rather spend more to get the pieces I love personally
It's a prototype so we'll see, but the date window period, much less its placement, and it being 42mm are deal killers to a watch I was otherwise quite excited for.
The grey dial is very nice in those pics IMO
Modern sports watch perfection IMO. Absolutely love how this looks and wears.
Agree completely. I have a very similar watch (silver dial smooth bezel oyster bracelet DJ), and putting it side by side with my 114060 Sub, I was surprised how 'big' the DJ is in comparison, I assumed it would appear much smaller. 36mm is a perfect size for that type of watch.
Details here https://leffot.com/alden-x-leffot-naval-boot-color-8-cordovan/ These are from last November's pre-order. They have arrived, but I've decided to not go thru with the purchase, too many shoe buys in recent months and my interests are shifting. The total is $725, you would be paying me the 20% deposit ($145) and the remainder to Leffot ($580). I will call Leffot and have your name linked to the purchase. This is a great opportunity to get some brand new boots...
Anyone interested in getting the Leffot color 8 Naval boot in a 10.5D Barrie? Last year's order just came in and I've decided to not purchase. You would be paying me $140 to take over my spot at Leffot. Full cost is $725, so you'd pay Leffot the balance. To be clear, the boots are in, you would get them quickly, and they only come around 1-2 times a year. PM me if interested...
Bought the 114060 Sub this weekend. It was between that and the BLNR GMT- I'm 99% sure I'll simply buy both so it was just a matter of which one first... the Sub made sense. I spent a lot of time with it on my wrist this weekend, stickers still on, to make 100% sure I could get a good, comfortable fit- turned out to be a complete non-event. As someone mentioned a few weeks back, the clasp IS big, you do notice it, but it's not in any way uncomfortable. I also thought the...
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