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This is asked every couple pages going back years. Sizing is thought to be US D width, which is narrower than C&J's standard UK E width.
Been going back and forth on these for months. I like the look of Alden's snuff suede loafer and I also really like that they are on the flex sole. But, I cannot get over the fact that the vamp seems too short. For comparison purposes, I have been leaning towards C&J's Harvard (thru Ben Silver), which looks great but I would really prefer the flex sole over single leather.I realize it's personal preference at the end of the day, but what do LHS owners think about the...
There is a lot about Alden to like and dislike IMO. If you can get a retailer who does makeups with them talking, it's pretty eye opening. it is what it is, we all enjoy the end products but they sure as hell don't make it easy.
TSM irregulars email rolling out... looks like the same stuff, for 10.5/11D at least.
Wondering if any reseller is planning on doing one of these makeups soon, and has a list you can get on 1) Whiskey PTB on Barrie, open to sole/edge/welt 2) Ravello short or LWB, open to last/the rest 3) Ravello cap toe boot, grant last 4) NST, reverse chamois w/commando sole Thanks
All personal preference, but color 8 LWB is the classic.
Couple of questions on the suede LHS: 1) Is there a consensus that the snuff suede looks better/is more versatile than the dark brown suede? 2) In some pics it seems the LHS vamp is too short to me. As a point of reference, C&J's Harvard/Sydney come up farther on the foot. I plan on wearing the shoe casually with and without socks and love the classic look of the LHS but this has held me back from buying. I don't have an Alden dealer close by that stocks the model or I'd...
If a short wing is acceptable, look at the Marlow model from C&J for Ralph Lauren. That is going to be a cigar-esque color, metal eyelets. Gorgeous, versatile, classic shoe. It's on the 325 last which is similar to the Barrie, definitely not exactly the same (I have the Pembroke, which is a country grain version of the Marlow). It's more expensive but Polo's semi annual sale should be happening soon.If you really really want Alden/cigar, Alden DC or Carmel is probably the...
Those cigar captoes are gorgeous. Lucky man.
Apologies if this has already been asked/answered recently... are we expecting a sale on RL in the coming weeks that would include shell? Also, has the question of whether or not the 325 E last that's typical for C&J is used by RL, or the more narrow D width?
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