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These are insane.
I just got a pair a couple of weeks ago. They have a serrated tongue.Does the scotch grain stretch at all? I loooove them but, not unusual for me, the left is a little tight on my pinkie toe. If it will stretch a little I will keep them.
Those are indeed quite tried on- but they will crease anyway the first time you wear them. Whether it would be in a different spot or not, probably. That is why most guys want pristine pairs so the creases are specific to their feet. The pro of JCrew is the occasional discount, the con is that they are far less likely to care how someone tries on a shoe and what they do to it, and it's probably a way for them to get rid of shoes like this and still call them new... The...
I want to get the Pembroke in tan country grain from C&J. I am in the US... Ben Silver seems like the obvious choice as I am not near a C&J store/reseller, but they are out for 4-6 weeks. Any other online shops that are US based I could order from? I prefer US based as I haven't tried on the 325 last and I am assuming returns/return shipping will be easier if I keep everything state-side.
Wow. Very nice.
In a somewhat recent post that I can't locate now, someone said EPaulet's tan suede belt was not a good match for Alden's tan suede- anyone have any experience with it? Was going to order today...
Soliciting opinions on C&J dainite sole vs Alden commando for wet weather/normal conditions. Thinking about returning my double leather sole JCrew LWBs for something with one of these soles- I am concerned I'm buying too many leather soled shoes and might need to branch out.
Got one of those 40% off a single item cards in the mail from BB. It does say only select shoe styles apply. Anyone know from past offers if that would include Alden or C&J made shoes?
Anyone have this model? AoC from I guess a few years ago. Haven't seen anything like this in production in recent memory. I personally love it.
JCrew tobacco? Just got those too, haven't worn yet.
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