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That regina grain Alt Wein boot at FransBoone...
This is one of the best makeups out there period IMO.
AoM's site has been down for days now... *edit I see they put the old site back up in http format...
Getting on the lists for your shell grails: Knowing it means waiting for years when you are far from patient for such things:
Pretty hilarious to read thru this thread's history... as recently as 3 years ago how easily attainable many shell/other makeups were compared to now. Cigar and Ravello seemed to be not difficult at all to come by, Whiskey a little harder, Color 2/4 definitely still hard but out there.
This is my concern as well. I am planning on getting the Alden unlined LHS and new C&J wingtip soon... but I have a popular size so those will almost surely be gone during XMas sales. I am hoping the corporate event on Nov. 30th will let me grab these at 30% off, which is a hell of a deal...
My experience is JCrew's descriptions are somewhat often wrong- but, some retailers have been doing the Thomas heel recently on non-Indys (think Yenni did)
Wish I were a size 9, those Leffot natty captoes on Grailed would be mine. Love that makeup, good price too (not my listing)
Just remember Leffot has a no refund policy... exchange/store credit only. Some could care less about that, I do and prefer to work with more flexible businesses. Lot of variation in Alden finishing and fit IMO. I love many a model at Leffot and I probably would pull the trigger on the right model, just making sure you know and are ok with it.
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