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^ Very cool!
This is changing, manufacturers seem to be pulling back on sizing.36-40 is the best range for all but the smallest/largest wrists.36mm DJ
http://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/02/fashion/watches-brexit-sales.html Apparently watch sales are booming in Britain the last couple months. How's that, since they have a VAT? Would that not 'wash out' any potential savings?
I realize this was probably discussed here when the show first aired, but I am just now watching Mr. Robot and a Royal Oak gets some nice airtime in Episode 2. It has take me a long while but I've come around to that piece. Will have to check it out on the wrist sometime soon.
I've handled this exact watch and found it stunning, major congrats to you. Consider yourself lucky, many folks that have spent big $ with their AD and got on lists early won't see this for years. Rolex's insistence on games with allocation pieces is highly annoying.Even if it takes me years this is almost surely my next watch as well. This/my no-date Sub/silver dial DJ is quite a trifecta IMO.
I have to agree. I highly suggest buying something you absolutely love, that you want to wear. If that is one of these, by all means go for it!
In all seriousness, I've been reading this thread for years and fashion watches just do not get discussed. If you want opinions just based on looks, the first looks better to me. It's your money, you should buy what you like, but I highly encourage you to look at the brands oft-discussed in this thread...
The older models look good on some straps, no doubt. The newer models (circa 2004>newer), no IMO.
Obviously not Dino, but even as a Reverso fan I admit they aren't for every wrist, mine included unfortunately. I have found them to be too long lug to lug and flat for my wrist. I am aware they have multiple sizes/styles and there's a few I haven't been able to try on that could work. The 'standard' size Reverso, if you've never seen one in person, is actually pretty big IMO.This Cartier is IMO much more elegant... and that guilloche dial is absolutely insane. The thin...
New Posts  All Forums: