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It's in no man's land right now. Earnings will run it back into the 500s or drop it into the mid 400s IMO. Worst mistake of my investing life was buying a ton (for me) of AAPL at $110 and selling a few months later for a completely unspectacular gain. Who knew. The value of patience and going long was learned the hard way.
I've got a list of surface questions going, might as well share to get this conversation going. Some of this you can find by Googling potential advisors. What are you financial planning credentials/designations/affiliations (CFP?) Are you personally licensed or registered as an investment advisor with the state. How about the firm. What is your area of speciality, what services do you offer Type of client/situation you routinely deal with/target Are you a registered...
Plenty of stuff out there on this topic but wanted to get some real world advice here. I will be meeting with 5-6 people in the coming weeks with the hopes of finding one to serve in what I would term a broad advisory role; investment and tax advice being first and foremost. The person will manage assets. I'm specifically interested in asking the right questions to see what kind of track record the person has. Being in business for a long time, alphabet soup acronyms,...
I thought this was the 1st episode in a series when I sat down to watch, turns out it is a 30 minute film. Watch it, it's got maybe the best ending of a movie all year.
Nice write up in a local daily email. I would assume a bigger selection and size choices are coming. http://www.richmondbizsense.com/2012/10/04/ledbury-adds-more-green-to-its-collection/
I've got a pretty damn good deal available on a 116200 smooth bezel/oyster band/silver stick DJ at the moment. I had planned on getting a daily beater SpeedMaster first, but might have to rethink that order.
Any thoughts on the newer 36mm Datejusts? I prefer the all-brushed past iterations, but they are no where near as comfortable as the newer ones. I initially hated the PCLs but I think I'm coming to terms with them. It errs to the side of dressy but is completely capable of looking good with jeans and a tshirt as well in my mind... especially on oyster. A tad small for my wrist but I simply don't like big watches so that is fine. The Omega AT is its closest competitor in...
I get that this is just a take off on what we do here every day, but this is one of the most hilarious threads I've ever seen https://www.rolexforums.com/showthread.php?t=215077 Jesus, the absolutely horrifying outfits, watches, the nonstop blowing of each other, the completely over the top, staged, 'let me fit every ounce of materialism I can in this pic'... it's unreal.
I've gotten a couple of shirts from them, getting fitted in the store both times. The prices are good for what you get IMO. I really like the fabrics and designs- I would agree with whoever in this thread said they wished the 2nd button was a little higher. IMO offering more collar options and a slimmer fit ala ESF at Brooks Brothers is a good direction to explore. The slim fit isn't all that slim, like BB. It's great to see them listening to suggestions and reaching out...
Speedmaster and Datejust are extremely easy to find used- the Longines, not so much. Anyone have good leads on sites that seem to have a decently consistent Longines inventory? I currently peruse TimeZone/Rolex Forums/WatchUSeek.
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