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As an FYI on those Winn Perry CXLs, I had a pair from the first batch and they ran HUGE (at least 1/2 size). I remember others saying the same thing. Great shoes, but I hope they got the lasting figured out.
Leather Soul did the exact same lady calf NST boot several years ago which I picked up along with a CXL version. A nice make-up, but it's amazing how little I reach for black casual shoes.
I see Winn Perry has a new pre-order for a ranger moc on a commando sole. This is a make-up I'd actually buy because it's unique and I could see getting a lot of wear out of it over the winter. However, the $575 price tag makes me cringe as you can grab cigar Marlows for around $500 on sale. It's going to be interesting to see at what price demand starts dropping, not that they couldn't use a drop already given the lead times.
I think it depends on what purpose you plan to wear them for. The crepe will give you more support and weather-proofness whereas you'll feel the pavement with the standard Leydon version. I wear 1/2 size up from my Barrie size (same width) in the Leydon, but many others stay with their Barrie size and go up a width. That's the only way Leffot stocks them, but the heel gets too wide for me if I change widths.
I popped into Leffot several years ago looking for something else. They didn't have it, but Steven produced a random pair of cigar Indys. I'm not much of a boot person, so I passed. That picture makes me regret my decision.
Ha, I had the same thought! I don't even have the self confidence to pull off those socks let alone the pants! The world would be a better place if people expressed their stylistic individuality more readily.I really like wearing my pair with jeans, but I think they work with anything other than a suit.
I wear a 10D in both the Barrie and Hampton, but I'm the exception compared to most guys. Most everyone seems to go up 1/2 size. The 10D Barrie is a solid fit for me, and I feel the Hampton is more form fitting yet still comfortable. I'm just shy of a TTS 10.5D.I can only comment based on my personal experience. The two pairs they sent me are most definitely Hampton based on fit and appearance as compared to the other pairs I own.The 1st pair should've been classified...
They are indeed on the Hampton. I speak from experience because I own a pair. They're a great casual make-up, so I'm slightly surprised they haven't sold faster.
Just doing what I can to make it easier for guys to buy a decent pair of shoes instead of the black, square-toed monstrosities I see everywhere.Like others, I found this boot to fit tight. It's the Barrie, but I would have had to go up 1/2 to make them work.
I saw this coming which is why I posted a review on the J Crew website. Call J Crew. They're generally pretty good about offering discounts, etc. if they're in error.I'm absolutely floored at how everyone grasped onto my rinky dink last chart (especially if Alden uses it too!). Maybe they'll make me honorary Last Master.
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