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I wear a 10D in both the Barrie and Hampton, but I'm the exception compared to most guys. Most everyone seems to go up 1/2 size. The 10D Barrie is a solid fit for me, and I feel the Hampton is more form fitting yet still comfortable. I'm just shy of a TTS 10.5D.I can only comment based on my personal experience. The two pairs they sent me are most definitely Hampton based on fit and appearance as compared to the other pairs I own.The 1st pair should've been classified...
They are indeed on the Hampton. I speak from experience because I own a pair. They're a great casual make-up, so I'm slightly surprised they haven't sold faster.
Just doing what I can to make it easier for guys to buy a decent pair of shoes instead of the black, square-toed monstrosities I see everywhere.Like others, I found this boot to fit tight. It's the Barrie, but I would have had to go up 1/2 to make them work.
I saw this coming which is why I posted a review on the J Crew website. Call J Crew. They're generally pretty good about offering discounts, etc. if they're in error.I'm absolutely floored at how everyone grasped onto my rinky dink last chart (especially if Alden uses it too!). Maybe they'll make me honorary Last Master.
I wear a D width across all Alden lasts and find the heel widths to be basically identical. That said, the way the shoes cup my heel differs a bit. The Copley and Barrie tend to have a lower collar, for example, compared to the Hampton and Modified which are higher on the inside of your foot.I think some of how the heel fits also depends on how the shoes are lasted. I've had some pairs where the collars come up so high that they've dug into my ankles, whereas other...
My money would be on the Copley last for the J Crew tassels. The toe looks too round to be the Aberdeen.
The sadist in me loves watching people order from these clowns during their sales, but I'd strongly recommend never doing business with them. They're bad enough in person, and there are a number of horror stories from those who placed online orders. Whenever I take a stroll down Charles Street, I shake my head at the idiocy that lurks behind the quaint storefront. However, I will say the last time I dropped in NRO, they had a pleasant young woman working who actually...
This for the win.90% of guys think owning more than a couple pairs of shoes or paying more than $100 is outrageous. Here we are, a bunch of guys who have shoe collections worth thousands of dollars arguing about who has better taste. First world problems to be sure.Buy what you like and enjoy!
The modified is a real chameleon. I've passed on some models because of the Bozo look, while others almost look more sleek. I think saddles and Indys look particularly nice on the modified.
I think some of it is your low instep, but a lot of it is the Marlow/Pembroke pattern. Although, the PTB on the 325 is the same. I have a normal to high instep and am on the verge of needing tongue pads. If you pay attention to everyone's pictures, almost all have the facings very close to touching when the shoes are laced up. I love the shoe, but I wish C&J would modify this a bit.
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