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^ Your gamble should pay off. I personally have to size down 1/2 going from the Hiro to Rui.
^ exact same experience with Wingtip. 2 pairs of Sargent shoes, wrong sizing due to their description, and basically treated like it was my problem.
Just out of morbid curiosity, what styles (other than the natty's and navy shortwings) were available in the Alden/Carmina seconds thread?
StyleForum does that automatically.
This has made all my Marlows comfortable right out of the box. I take shoes with really stiff soles and give them a good "pre-flexing" before wearing regularly. Grab the toe in one hand and the heel in the other with the sole up and basically bend the shoe to a 90 degree angle a few times. Don't worry, you won't ruin the shoe even though it feels like you shouldn't bend it that much. For shoes that are too stiff to bend in your hands, stand the shoe vertically with the toe...
Maiden voyage for my brown crust shortwing bluchers with the dainite sole. Fantastic shoes for the price! Remember to size way down on the Rui. I'm a 10D Alden Barrie but went with a 9 Rui. The fits are similar.
New with original packaging Rustic American Brogues from Alfred Sargent. Style name "Stepney." These are from their Exclusive Line and are 1st quality. Uppers: Medium brown pebble grain calf Sole: Dainite Size: 9.5F UK (roughly equivalent to 10.5D US) Last: 87 (generous with a softly squared toe box) Free shipping to CONUS. International shipping will be quoted based on location. PayPal only. Shipping via USPS Priority Mail. Please PM with any questions. No...
New pair of Allen Edmonds Van Ness cap toes. 1st quality, not 2nds. I took a walk around the living room in them and put them in the closet. Nice foul weather shoes, but I'm trying to thin the herd. Shoes come in original box with flannel bags. Size: 10.5D Color: Black Material: Calf Sole: Rubber. Goodyear welted Please PM with any questions. Free shipping to US addresses via USPS Priority Mail. PayPal only. I don't accept returns, so please know your AE sizing.
Doing a little closet cleaning. I bought these new from J. Crew and only wore them twice. They come in the original box just as I got them from J. Crew with flannel bags and tissue. There were no plastic bags. The pictures are a pretty accurate representation of the shoes. There are really no condition issues, but I will point out there are some of the typical Alden over-dye "blotches" at the base of the tongues. I tried my best to capture them in the one photo. ...
Doing some closet cleaning. Here's a lovingly worn and cared for pair of Polo Marlow PTBs made by Crockett & Jones. You guys know the details. No unusual cuts, tears, etc. other than normal wear and tear. The soles still have a lot of life, and the uppers have a nice patina to them. Size: 10.5D Last: 325 Material: Brown shell cordovan Soles: Double leather Shoes come in original box with bags. Please PM with any questions. Shipping to CONUS only via Priority Mail....
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