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I have several Cucinelli half-zip sweaters that have literally been worn just a couple of times. These were made for Bergdorf Goodman and retailed for $800. 100% cashmere. Ribbed cuffs, collars, and hems. I have a... GRAY (One of the attachment points of the tag on the gray one is broken.) NAVY SOLD OATMEAL CHOCOLATE SOLD All are in excellent condition except as indicated Cucinelli Size: 52 (equivalent to US suit size 42 or roughly US medium) Approximate...
New in box pair of Carmina hatch grain cap toes. These were made for Epaulet, and they didn't quite fit me. Color: Dark brown hatch grain calf Size: 9 UK (equivalent to ~10D US) Last: Forest (medium width with a somewhat tapered toe box) Sole: Commando Free shipping via USPS Priority Mail to CONUS. International shipping costs will be quoted based on location. Please be certain of your size as I don't accept returns. Paypal only. PM with any questions.
I have the shoe version. I've put them through hell, and they clean up really well. The only problem with the chamois is that you can't eliminate scuffs. Some idiot caught a door on one of mine and left me with a permanant scrape
It works on all sale items. I grabbed a pair of Vass for $418. Pretty amazing deal.
For anyone with a taste for blue suede semi-brogues, Epaulet is blowing out pairs on the Hampton for $281.25. Use discount code: Summer-Sale-Extra-Discount
As an FYI on those Winn Perry CXLs, I had a pair from the first batch and they ran HUGE (at least 1/2 size). I remember others saying the same thing. Great shoes, but I hope they got the lasting figured out.
Leather Soul did the exact same lady calf NST boot several years ago which I picked up along with a CXL version. A nice make-up, but it's amazing how little I reach for black casual shoes.
I see Winn Perry has a new pre-order for a ranger moc on a commando sole. This is a make-up I'd actually buy because it's unique and I could see getting a lot of wear out of it over the winter. However, the $575 price tag makes me cringe as you can grab cigar Marlows for around $500 on sale. It's going to be interesting to see at what price demand starts dropping, not that they couldn't use a drop already given the lead times.
I think it depends on what purpose you plan to wear them for. The crepe will give you more support and weather-proofness whereas you'll feel the pavement with the standard Leydon version. I wear 1/2 size up from my Barrie size (same width) in the Leydon, but many others stay with their Barrie size and go up a width. That's the only way Leffot stocks them, but the heel gets too wide for me if I change widths.
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