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I have the shoe version. I've put them through hell, and they clean up really well. The only problem with the chamois is that you can't eliminate scuffs. Some idiot caught a door on one of mine and left me with a permanant scrape
It works on all sale items. I grabbed a pair of Vass for $418. Pretty amazing deal.
For anyone with a taste for blue suede semi-brogues, Epaulet is blowing out pairs on the Hampton for $281.25. Use discount code: Summer-Sale-Extra-Discount
As an FYI on those Winn Perry CXLs, I had a pair from the first batch and they ran HUGE (at least 1/2 size). I remember others saying the same thing. Great shoes, but I hope they got the lasting figured out.
Leather Soul did the exact same lady calf NST boot several years ago which I picked up along with a CXL version. A nice make-up, but it's amazing how little I reach for black casual shoes.
I see Winn Perry has a new pre-order for a ranger moc on a commando sole. This is a make-up I'd actually buy because it's unique and I could see getting a lot of wear out of it over the winter. However, the $575 price tag makes me cringe as you can grab cigar Marlows for around $500 on sale. It's going to be interesting to see at what price demand starts dropping, not that they couldn't use a drop already given the lead times.
I think it depends on what purpose you plan to wear them for. The crepe will give you more support and weather-proofness whereas you'll feel the pavement with the standard Leydon version. I wear 1/2 size up from my Barrie size (same width) in the Leydon, but many others stay with their Barrie size and go up a width. That's the only way Leffot stocks them, but the heel gets too wide for me if I change widths.
I popped into Leffot several years ago looking for something else. They didn't have it, but Steven produced a random pair of cigar Indys. I'm not much of a boot person, so I passed. That picture makes me regret my decision.
Ha, I had the same thought! I don't even have the self confidence to pull off those socks let alone the pants! The world would be a better place if people expressed their stylistic individuality more readily.I really like wearing my pair with jeans, but I think they work with anything other than a suit.
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