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They are the very first Alden Fan shoe from Alden of Carmel and made in 1996. Aberdeen last. Whiskey shell body with mahogany shell saddle.
That's an Alden of Carmel make-up from way back when.
Good to know. Thanks.
I've been working out and trying to eat right for a long time without seeing a ton of progress. Obviously, I'm doing something wrong. In looking for a reasonable program, I came across Kinobody. What the guy is saying seems to make sense to me and it doesn't seem as scammy as some of the other online fitness stuff. Anyone have experience with either of his programs, and am I tossing away $47 if I try it? http://www.kinobody.com/
Those shoes have been on Leffot's website for almost a week.
Scruvy, what size did you get based on other shoes you own(Alden or EG would be helpful)?
You'll only find a #8 commando at Alden of Carmel. I hope you're patient if you choose ravello, and I've never seen one with a commando sole.
I do the same thing with unlined PTBs and CXL balmorals. Gotta love the quirks of Alden sizing.
Blackbird had those on their site for the longest time. I waffled on them for months, but in the end I thought they'd fill a hole and wound up buying the pair of 10s. Mike, I'm surprised that pair of 9.5s that popped up on the Bay fits you. I thought you were a 10.
Your options are NRO, Brooks, the Copley J Crew, Barney's, and both Tannerys. I've never seen any at J Press and have never been in Ball & Buck. None of them have anything out of the ordinary. If you want to branch out from shoe shopping, check out Drinkwaters and the Andover Shop in Cambridge. I don't make it into the Andover Shop as much as when I lived down the street from it, but those guys are a trip. Please, please go in there, ask a doltish question, and report back.
New Posts  All Forums: