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Got any pics?
Anyone got any leads on some size 13 EG x Vans slip-ons? If so I'm very interested - would prefer blue but would consider other colours. Need to be able to ship to Australia.   Cheers!
 Thanks for the advice Mike and @accordion and sorry for the late reply. I've had a week or two away from SF as I've been crazy busy. Ended up passing on the HB bedford for now, I'm heading to Tokyo in September so figured I'd save my pennies for the promising AW14 collection plus or minus whatever is left on sale from the summer collections... Can't wait to stock up at Nepenthes and EG Tokyo!
Anybody got experience with both the olive ripstop bedford and the houndstooth bedford.. Any sizing difference between the two? I want to pick up the HT but inventory have no returns on sale items so need to be kind of sure.. Help much appreciated. @mbaum it seems as if we're the same EG size
 No worries, I probably should have left off the last two lines of the post, I can see how it came across that way. I'll edit it now. Cheers
 Thanks for that. I was mainly curious about the super invulner, given that on searching the thread, I couldn't see anyone had mentioned it in relation to cordovan. But as you say, most of the concern seems to be how the soles would fair..
Does anyone use Saphir Super Invulner to waterproof cordovan?   Alden products are pretty hard to get in Australia and I'd likely have to pay international shipping rates to get some Leather Defender.. 
Thanks for the tip!
 Indeed I did.
Just received my 975s from JCrew.. very pleased   
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