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How does one get on the TSM seconds list? I'm 12D.
Just the 975s and captoes I think
 Thanks TO, so you use XL trees in your 12Ds?  Thanks tjones.. just picked me up a pair of 975s 
I was just wondering what size shoe trees people use in their 12D barries? not many retailers seem to stock the XL size trees..
 Anyone know what the fit is like on that grey houndstooth bedford? the olive ripstop looks pretty short in Phil's pics above.. Wondering whether or not to go for L or XL.. I'm 6'3 with 42" chest and usually large in EG shirts, large in last seasons LDT was perfect, have got an XL bedford from FW12 too though.. Measurements at Inventory and Gentry seem to be similar to LDT, but Phil's picks above are making me think XL...
 Anyone seen the charcoal black plaid bedford anywhere yet?
Irving runs tts imo
 I'm with you. that grey/brown bedford looks amazing. Cant wait for FW14!
Price Drop to $300AUD
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