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 No worries, I probably should have left off the last two lines of the post, I can see how it came across that way. I'll edit it now. Cheers
 Thanks for that. I was mainly curious about the super invulner, given that on searching the thread, I couldn't see anyone had mentioned it in relation to cordovan. But as you say, most of the concern seems to be how the soles would fair..
Does anyone use Saphir Super Invulner to waterproof cordovan?   Alden products are pretty hard to get in Australia and I'd likely have to pay international shipping rates to get some Leather Defender.. 
Thanks for the tip!
 Indeed I did.
Just received my 975s from JCrew.. very pleased   
If anyone spots a pair of cigar LWBs in a 12D, be a sport and PM me please
How does one get on the TSM seconds list? I'm 12D.
Just the 975s and captoes I think
New Posts  All Forums: