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Hi Guys - I am attending a wedding as a guest in December in St. Louis. It is a formal wedding, with the reception at one of the nicest hotels in the city. I will wear a dark grey suit from the Dormeuil Amadeus line, white shirt, black shoes and black belt. My question is about the tie and PS. I know that it shouldn't be too flashy, but I have no experience here, and I think the silver/black plaid doesnt' really look that great on me. Would this be an acceptable...
Hi Guys -   So, I've decided to take the plunge and order a suit from Mahiras made from Dormeuil Charcoal Gray. It was quite pricey to me, but hopefully well worth it. I'll let you know how it goes. :)
Hi All -   I have am hunting for a travel size cashmere brush. I have the standard size Kent cashmere brush, but am wondering if anyone knows of a travel size brush suitable for cashmere? I have the travel size brush for wool and suits from Kent, but am concerned it may be too stiff for the delicate cashmere. Any thoughts?
Anyone have any experience with Andre? This will be my first suit - I decided to go for a custom-fit suit rather than off the rack. Why pay something that is fused off the rack if you can pay slightly more for something that is a much better fit and higher quality? Anyway, I'm hoping it works out well.
I don't know that Manu Mahira has retired. I've been corresponding with his company to make arrangements for a measuring at the Sheraton this week. Perhaps he is only semi-retired?
I just placed my first order for three belts with Equus this week - Baker's Scott, Baker's Oak Brown, and Baker's Au Nut. I cannot wait. I'm contemplating the hunter green but will hold off until I see a sample with my first order - I have an old pair of Dsquared loafers in patent emerald leather that might pair well with the hunter green. Dawn and Charlie are the best to deal with - I've enjoyed every exchange we've had. And Charlie is extremely knowledgeable about the...
Anyone know where I can find a high quality, well-made full-grain leather belt in a gray? I've been looking, and looking. Ideally something in line with the quality of Equus.
Oh, and welcome to the other "new" folks.
Hi all -   I'm Tyler from Seattle (male, 30, single). Just joined the forum, and have been reading information as I go along. I spent much of my youth collecting fashion labels that I later came to find out were mostly made in China, and only sometimes from quality materials. I love over-constructed (I'm almost sure that's not a word) stuff made to outlast me, especially clothing and accessories, that bring high value for the money. I try to balance spending what I feel...
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