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Hey clapeyron,   these are the regular buttons if I am not mistaken. And yes, they are awesome. :D   Cheers,   Erik
Hey,   received my shirt and the collar is great.    Only thing... the button hole on the left placket is missing. :D  I am wondering if I missed that one when I received it the first time (although I am pretty sure... but I received more then one shirt) or if the remade thee hole shirt. The price for the small gingham fabric went up 10$, so maybe they didn't had the original fabric any more and had to remake the entire shirt. Although it looks very similar to me...
@ Luxire Is there a chance that you will be able to offer Viyella tattersall like they sell at cordings? Cheers, Erik
BTW an update on my shirt that had to be fixed (collar issue). After Theresa told me on the 21st October (Monday) that my shirt will be ready and sent that week, I still did not receive the shirt nor a shipping mail (nearly 2 weeks later). This now is the second time that there is a discrepancy between what I've been told by Luxire and what actually happened. Does anyone had the same issues atm? I'm getting worried a bit. Cheers, Erik
Well, the idea is more that the grey is a bit darker then white, thus closer to your skin tone and therefore not distinguishable from it. At least that is the theory and kind of works for me. Although I do not own a shirt that see through.Cheers,Erik
Hello Kayhill,Nice trousers, great color. A bit too short for me, but that's individual taste.One thing though, not related to the trouser but the t-shirt. You might consider wearing a light grey t-shirt under this particular white shirt to avoid it showing through the fabric.Cheers,Erik
Hey joewmoss,   thanks a lot. Very appreciated!   Cheers,   Erik
I used CW also once in the past. There were some issues to be resolved on the shirt (mainly some "dirty" work around the button holes and buttons), so I sent it back and advised them to also enhance the cuff by 1 cm (1 button cuff). When the shirt was returned the stitches were cleaner but my cuffs had 2 buttons now. Without ever telling or asking me they just changed the design (and I do not like 2 button cuffs). On complaining about this I received the answer "By...
Hey joewmoss,   jepp, that might explain how sometimes in general turnover times are longer . However, I don't think it explains entirely the very different time frames some member experience while ordering more or less at the same date, or even the much longer completion by member ordering even earlier (for example MattR and Amontillado). Or did you mean that re-work/adjustments in general take longer (I never worked in production, so not too much experience here on...
Well, they put priority (and thus money) in getting better constructionwise. And to be honest, I do appreciate that. The website has everything you need to make an order. It is not terribly userfriendly, but it is sufficient. Better invest in future business (jackets, suits) than fancy websites. Once they are where they want to be, they can update the website.
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